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Circular interpolation

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1 Circular interpolation
Circular profiles

2 Circular interpolation is carried out with Go2 or G03 code
Circular cutting motion Arc or Radius Cutting is known as Circular interpolation Milling machine operations involve circular motion for determining tool movement in the clockwise direction as well as the counterclockwise direction. Circular interpolation is carried out with Go2 or G03 code Circular interpolation can be programed using radius (R ) value or (I J K) value

3 Circular interpolation using Radius
General format for G02 or G03 X Y R G02 X Y R 1.5 Go2 means that it will be clockwise circular cut X value Y value is 4.25 R value is 1.5 is the length of radius

4 Tool Motion Plane Selection: G17 XY plane G 18 XZ plane G19 YZ plane

5 Programing Circular move
The general format is: G02 X8.25 Y R 1.5

6 Example G17 G90 G2 X Y R5 F2

7 Profiling at constant Feed Rate
To maintain constant feed rate while profiling a contour: Distance traveled at the center of the tool Feed rate of the tool center: linear motion In circular motion Page:199

8 Example G17 G91 G2 X Y R - 5 F2

9 Program Heading of Program Plane Selection Tool Selection
The system in in proper motion mode(G90, G91) The control in linear interpolation mode (G0 G1) Feed rate and speed has been specified (F,S) Circular Interpolation Direction ( G02 , G03)

10 Circular Interpolation

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