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P REPARING TO A PPLY : E VERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE DAT S The Dental School Application Timeline, Part 1 Cornell Pre-Dental Society October 28,

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1 P REPARING TO A PPLY : E VERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE DAT S The Dental School Application Timeline, Part 1 Cornell Pre-Dental Society October 28, 2010 Lindsey Atiyeh


3 D ENTAL A DMISSION T EST (DAT): What is it? An exam taken by ALL students who are planning to apply to dental school. It is: 280 Questions Entirely Multiple Choice (ALL are A-E) Computerized Exam Fee: $285 (non-refundable) Fee includes sending score reports to any schools listed on your DAT application, regardless of the number of schools. However, to send an official score report to additional institutions after you have submitted your DAT application, a $25 fee will be incurred per school.

4 D ENTAL A DMISSION T EST (DAT): Maximum Score: 30 National Average: 17 Usually, Cornell students aim for a 19 or above. NOTE: You must wait 90 days before retaking the exam. The best advice is to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!


6 S TEP 1: R EAD THE DAT G UIDE Info about eligibility requirements, rules of conduct, test regulations, testing procedures, testing checklist, and FAQs The 2010 DAT Guide can be found HERE, or you can access it at HERE

7 S TEP 2: O BTAIN A DENTPIN AND A PPLY TO TAKE THE T EST You must have a DENTPIN (DENTal Personal Identifier Number) in order to proceed with your application to test your score report request your application to a dental program or application service

8 S TEP 3: S CHEDULE A T IME TO T AKE THE T EST Must apply to take the test with the ADA and receive your eligibility letter before scheduling your testing appointment with Prometric. Tests are administered year-round at Prometric Test Centers, so you may take the test almost any day of the year.

9 I MPORTANT ! To make sure you get your first choice of date, time, and location, you should schedule at least 60 days before the desired test date. You can change your test date up to two days before your scheduled exam date for a fee ($25).


11 B REAKDOWN The exam takes 4 hours and 15 minutes (or 5 hours including the tutorial, break, and survey): SECTIONTIME Tutorial15 minutes Natural Sciences90 minutes Perceptual Ability Test (PAT)60 minutes Break15 minutes Reading Comprehension Test60 minutes Quantitative Reasoning Test45 minutes Survey15 minutes

12 N ATURAL S CIENCES Time: 90 minutes Format: 100 multiple-choice questions from 3 science areas Time per question: 54 seconds Biology 40 questions General Chemistry30 questions Organic Chemistry 30 questions

13 P ERCEPTUAL A BILITY T EST (PAT) Time: 60 minutes Format: 90 multiple-choice questions divided into 6 parts (15 questions in each area) Time per question: 40 seconds Apertures (aka. Keyholes) View Recognition (aka. Top-Front-End, Orthographic Projections) Angle Ranking Paper Folding Cube Counting 3D Form Development (aka. Pattern Folding)

14 R EADING C OMPREHENSION Time: 60 minutes Format: 50 multiple-choice questions: 3 passages with about 16-17 questions each Time per question: 1 minute and 12 seconds Passages tend to be scientific and technical “Tone” questions do appear!

15 Q UANTITATIVE R EASONING Time: 45 minutes Format: 40 multiple-choice questions Time per question: 1 minute and 8 seconds Fractions, decimals, and percentages Algebra Word Problems Geometry Trigonometry Effective March 2010: Calculator available on screen!

16 I MPORTANT ! There is NO penalty for wrong answers! NEVER EVER leave any question blank!


18 NOTE: The sample questions that were discussed during the meeting can all be found online. Please go to “Resources” on our website to find additional sample problems, helpful websites, and DAT supplies.

19 A FTER THE T EST You will receive an unofficial score report right after you finish the test! You will not be sent any other score report. The official scores are sent to the dental schools you requested on your DAT application.

20 S TUDY R ESOURCES DAT DESTROYER!! html html Kaplan Crack the DAT PAT TopScore 3 practice tests DAT Achiever 3 practice tests Barrons and Cliffs have a lot of mistakes Cliffs AP Biology Great review for the Biology section Campell’s biology textbook (for reference) Pay for practice exams from ADA, website has one free practice exam.

21 W HEN TO TAKE THE DAT S The DAT exam should be taken after completing General Chemistry, Biology, Organic Chemistry, and college level math courses. Taking upper level biology courses (eg. Microbioly, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics) will give you an added advantage for the Biology portion. For students who are not planning on taking a gap year, common times to test are: Summer after Sophomore Year – IF all required courses have been completed and you feel comfortable with all material Summer after Junior Year – the earlier the better, as it can be hard to get a test date as the summer progresses. Winter Break of Junior Year

22 W HAT TO EXPECT ON THE EXAM DAY Dress in layers! The room may be warm or cool and you would want to be comfortable. Ear plugs are available to keep out the noise from other test-takers. Lockers with locks provided for your belongings. You are not allowed to have anything in your pockets. You are NOT allowed to bring: calculators, paper, iPods, cell phones, bags, highlighters, food, beverages (including water), or watches.

23 P ERSONAL S TUDY T IPS The level of difficulty of the exam for the science portion is most comparable to Kaplan and Topscore. The digital quality of the exam is comparable to Topscore, and the PAT portion is most comparable to CRACK DAT PAT. DAT Destroyer is a great resource but is generally much more difficult for the science portions. Practice the math questions out of the Destroyer and time yourself! 45 minutes to complete 40 questions is not a lot of time.

24 R EFERENCES ages/DAT_test.jpg sp _sampleitems.pdf Home/DN_home.html

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