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60% Tests & Quizzes 30% Homework 10% Participation & Preparation.

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2 60% Tests & Quizzes 30% Homework 10% Participation & Preparation

3 Your child IS supposed to be writing in his/her book! Books can be accessed online (and you can even print a homework page) at Make sure you only print the page(s) you want! Your child received a username and password already. Email me at if they lost it and you want to access the

4 Random homework assignments count for points. Each homework that counts is worth 2 points. Work must be shown to receive credit. Half credit is possible on incomplete assignments if work is shown and at least half of the assignment is complete.

5 Each student received a homework pass already. Students can sign it, date it, and indicate the assignment to receive full credit. It may be used as 5 points bonus on a test at the end of the 9-weeks IF there are no zeroes in the homework column. If it is not used during the first 9-weeks, it may carry over to another 9-weeks.

6 A new bonus problem is put up every Monday. Students must copy the entire problem and show work in an attempt to receive 1 bonus point. Correct solutions will receive an additional bonus point. Problems must be submitted by Friday to receive any bonus.

7 Class is held in the MS Computer Lab every Day 6 to work on Study Island Each assignment (sometimes 2 in a day) will receive a 3 point test grade. Full credit will be received for 20 questions done with a ribbon. A grade will be entered on Day 6. If it is not a 3, students will be permitted to continue to work on it at home throughout the week to have the grade adjusted by the next Day 6. Arrangements can be made to use a school computer before or after school for students who do not have internet access at home.

8 Best method of communication is email which can be reached through Edustar or the school website at If email is impossible, a message can be left at 724-658-4501 x4303.

9 Miss White

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