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COUNSELING CORNER Nicole Judd, Assistant Principal of Instruction COUNSELORS Susan WilsonSusan Wilson: A-Dd John LisowskiJohn Lisowski: De-Ja Melissa.

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2 COUNSELING CORNER Nicole Judd, Assistant Principal of Instruction COUNSELORS Susan WilsonSusan Wilson: A-Dd John LisowskiJohn Lisowski: De-Ja Melissa KuktaMelissa Kukta: Jb-Na Martha AggazzottiMartha Aggazzotti: Nb-So Moira Fagan-Simpson: Sp-Z & ELL Counseling Office Phone: (805) 497-6711 ext. 1020

3 High School Graduation Requirements SUBJECTSEMESTERSCREDITS English8 (4 years)40 Health1 (1/2 year)5 Mathematics (must include Algebra 1) 6 (3 years)30 Physical Education4 (2 years)20 Phys. Science (Geosci or Chemistry) 2 (1 year)10 Biology2 (1 year)10 World Hist/Geography2 (1 year)10 US History2 (1 year)10 United States Government 1 (1/2 year)5 Economics1 (1/2 year)5 Visual/Perf. Arts OR Foreign Lang. 2 (1 year) 10 Electives 75 CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) PASSING SCORE ON ENGLISH AND MATH230 Classes are worth 5 credits per semester. You must earn a D or better to receive high school credits for a class. You must earn a C or better for 4- year university admissions.

4 “A-G” SUBJECT REQUIREMENTS California State University (CSU)University of California (UC) Subject1 yr a History-2 years Two years of History/Social Science, including: one year of U.S. History or one semester of U.S. History and one semester of American Government, AND…for CSU, two semesters of History/Social Science from either “a” or “g” subject areas AND…for UC, two semesters of World History, Cultures and Geography from the “a” subject area. b English-4 years Four years English, which can include not more than one year of ESL/ELD courses c Mathematics-3 years Algebra I and II, Geometry Three (3) years Math (Algebra I and II, Geometry); four years recommended d Laboratory Science-2 years Biology, Chemistry Two years laboratory Science including: For CSU, one year of Physical (e.g. Chemistry) and one year of Biological Science (one of which must be from the “d” subject area with the other from either “d” or “g”) and…for UC, at least two of the three core disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics (both from the “d” subject area and three years recommended). e Foreign Language-2 years Two years of language other than English. Must be the same language. Three years recommended. f Visual or Performing Arts-1 year One year Visual or Performing Arts. Students must complete a single year-long course selected from the disciplines of dance, drama/theater, music or visual arts. g College Preparatory Elective-1 year One year elective chosen from any of the areas on the approved “a-g” course list, excluding those designated as non-elective (lower-level mathematics, language other than English, and visual and performing arts). A unit is equal to one year or two semesters. Freshman applicants must complete the same pattern of 15 units of required courses.

5 ENGLISH REQUIREMENT High School Graduation Four years of English A-G Reqt: Four years of college prep (CP) level or higher. Must pass with grade of “C” or better.

6 MATH REQUIREMENT High School Graduation Must complete total of 30 credits on the high school site, including Algebra 1 A-G Reqt: Three years of CP level or higher. Must pass with a grade of “C” or better.REQUIRED Algebra 1 CP / H Geometry CP / H Algebra 2 CP / HRECOMMENDED AP Calculus AP Computer Science Discrete Math Math Analysis CP/Honors Multimedia Information Technology AP Statistics

7 High School Graduation Any level of: World History or AP European History US History U.S. Government & Politics Economics Applying to 4 Year Colleges ( a.k.a “A-G” Reqt): Must pass with “C” or better World History CP or AP European History US History CP or AP (U.S. Government & Politics CP or AP) (Economics CP or H) Social Science Requirement

8 Science Requirement High School Graduation Biological Science (1 yr) Physical Science (1 yr) A-G Reqt: Two years of laboratory science. Must pass with “C” or better. 2 Years Required Biology CP / H Chemistry CP / H 3 rd Year Recommended Advanced Anatomy H ( Teacher approval required ) AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Environmental Science Marine Science CP Physics CP/AP Physiology/Anatomy CP/H Forensic Science CP

9 Physical Education and Health Requirements For High School Graduation Only: Physical Education (two years) Health (one semester)

10 High School Graduation 1 year of Visual & Performing ArtOR 1 year of a World Language A-G Reqt: Must pass with “C” or better. 1 year of Visual & Performing ArtAND 2 years of the same world language (3 years recommended) Visual & Performing Arts and World Language Requirements

11 Elective Requirement High School Graduation Every class taken above and beyond the previously listed graduation requirements will count towards the 75 credit elective requirement A-G Reqt: Must pass with “C” or better. 1 full year of a CP/H/AP level elective is required (above and beyond previously mentioned requirements) Sample elective classes include: Choir Band Foods Photography Theater Journalism and more! See the back of the registration sheet for a full listing of available sophomore options

12 Zangle Registration Must log in with student id and password! After logging in, students will begin adding requests to their Zangle account. These requests will be discussed during the individual student meetings Online tonight!

13 Open window for online registration is: March 2 nd Students will meet individually with counselors through English classes: March 2 nd through 16 th During this meeting, students may pre- register for summer school for classes in which they earned a D or F. Zangle Registration Dates:

14 Westlake Information Technology Academy (WIT) Coordinator: Dr. Laurie Looker, ext.1036 For students in grades 10-12 Focuses on college and career preparation in specific occupational fields involving technology A “school within a school” program Academy students take classes together as a cohort Academy classes connect technology to the subject matter

15 MAJORS PROGRAM Coordinator: Dr. Laurie Looker For students in grades 10-12 Health Science, Business, Teaching & Education, Public and Human Services Students complete work based learning activities such as informational interviews, field trips, and community service Can be completed through a standard college preparation course schedule

16 Testing Get Help When You Need It Participate in College Rep Meetings & College Fairs Look For Ways To Be Involved Develop A Resume Read, Read, Read Become familiar w/ Naviance Research and Visit Colleges Summer Activities Choose Your Classes Carefully Study, Study, Study!

17 SAT Reasoning exam Required by: UC CSU Most private colleges 3 sections Each section worth 800 points NOT required for Community College ACT w Writing Accepted by colleges in place of the SAT Content based: English Writing Mathematics Science reasoning If you take both the ACT and the SAT, colleges will use whichever score is higher! PSAT/NMSQT Preview of the types of questions found on the SAT Can be taken by sophomores or juniors Junior year scores are used to determine candidates for the National Merit Scholarships Given in October at Westlake High School

18 What is it?  A web-based resource that supports career and college planning  Linked with Counselor’s Office, a service that we use in the counseling office What can you do on Family Connection? Resume builder Career Inventories Compare colleges Track Deadlines View schedule of college visits Search for Scholarships Receive email communications from Counseling Department Naviance

19 How to sign-in: Students were trained and registered through their Biology classes – Click on Naviance User name = email address Password = student ID # Don’t change password! Students should use their own email address See your counselor or go to the CCC if you have log-in problems Once you’re logged in… Explore the various tabs:  Colleges  Careers  About Me  My Planner Make sure to refer back to the Naviance homepage for bulletins, updates, document library, links & more. NAVIANCE




23 College and Career Center: Mrs. Sandra Dewitt, Sub for Mrs. Cassie Sandifer, Naviance: WHS Counseling:  High School Course Directory  High School/College Requirements  Power Point Presentations  Links to helpful resources  Counseling Documents and more SAT/AP: ACT: www.act.orgwww.act.orgRESOURCES


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