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Globalize Your Engineering Education at Penn State Kimberly Baran July 10, 2014

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1 Globalize Your Engineering Education at Penn State Kimberly Baran July 10, 2014

2 Global Engineering Education

3 Can Engineers Study Abroad? YES! And here’s why you should…

4 Professional Broaden your understanding of the world Gain a global perspective of engineering Take one more step to becoming a World-Class Engineer What did you like best about your experience? “The people. I got to live and work with some of the most diverse, fun, and interesting students and professors I’ve ever known. The course was fantastic, but the people made the experience.” -S.M., Study Abroad, Singapore “During my trip, I got a chance to make great friends from both Turkey and the US, which we are still in touch.” -K.S., Study Abroad, Turkey “I really enjoyed not knowing anyone going to Australia, but leaving with 27 very close friends.” -C.W., Study Abroad, Australia What was the most important thing you learned? “Being in a country that is so different culturally, with a remarkably difficult language for strangers was a truly great experience. I learned Chinese, ate Chinese food, and saw a cultural and historical aspect of China and Chinese society that I can never learn from books or through friends.” -S.B., Study Abroad, China “I learned a great deal about myself from all of the new experiences, people, and places that I visited.” -Z.K., Study Abroad, Ireland What did you like best about your experience? “The way each country has its own identity, history, and style is unlike anything I have experienced in the United States. All of the buildings and culture are unique in each country I visited. Italy is full of breathtaking cathedrals and sculptures created by brilliant engineers, Prague is possibly the most beautiful city I have ever visited in my life. It has amazing architecture, an incredible night life, and tons of things to see during the daytime as well as watching the sunset over the St. Charles Bridge.” -G.H., Study Abroad, Italy Why Participate in an International Experience? Personal Make friends from around the world Learn more about yourself and another culture See a foreign country Why would you recommend this experience? “You see differences among group members as a really beneficial tool when working on any kind of project. It gives everyone the opportunity to teach, learn, and create something innovative by pulling together everyone’s diverse experiences, talents, and knowledge.” -H.S., Study Abroad, Singapore “It really prepares you for a future in a global industry and to work with people from all over the world.” -Z.K., Study Abroad, Ireland “You gain experience working with people with different cultural backgrounds.” -K.S., Study Abroad, Turkey What was the most important thing you learned? “Knowing about different cultures is something that comes in handy in all parts of life. The only way to achieve that is to live with that culture and this is one of the great things that can be gained from studying abroad.” -G.H., Study Abroad, Italy “…to be accepting of a different county’s lifestyle. There are many things that countries do differently than the U.S. but you just have to learn to accept it and learn from it. A slogan we were taught while in Australia was ‘It’s not wrong, it’s just different’.” -C.W., Study Abroad, Australia What was the most important thing you learned? “Both our similarities and our differences are huge benefits to engineering, learning, and life in general.” -S.M., Study Abroad, Singapore “I got to live near and study where all of the ideas and influence came from that shaped what engineering in America is today.” -G.H., Study Abroad, Italy “Having an engineering experience abroad gives you opportunities that simply cannot be found in a typical classroom. …It’s amazing to see how engineering connects people all over the world.” -H.S., Study Abroad, Singapore

5 Global Engineering Education Global Opportunities for Engineering Students Opportunities to Travel Abroad – Study Abroad Semester Programs Summer and Short-Term Programs Courses with an International Travel Component Service Learning – Work/Research Abroad On-Campus Opportunities – Academic and Extra-curricular

6 Global Engineering Education Where Do I Start? Do you wish to travel? What type of experience do you want? Study, work/research, volunteer/service? When do you want to go abroad? First year through senior year options available How long do you want to be abroad? One week, a few weeks, a semester, a year? What is your major/intended major or minor? Will you fulfill major or minor requirements abroad, or take general education courses? Do you possess any skills in a foreign language? Would you like to improve or learn a language? What budget do you have for your travel abroad? Do you prefer living with a host family, in an apartment, in a hotel, or in a dorm? Where do you want to go? Do you have a specific country in mind? Would you prefer living in a busy city or quiet town?

7 Global Engineering Education Application Deadlines (Study Abroad) Academic Year – March 1 Fall – March 1 Spring – May 1 – Some programs re-open with a later deadline of September 15 – Apply by the May 1 deadline to be sure to get your first choice Summer – February 1 – Other summer program deadlines may vary for non-Penn State programs, and may be earlier or later

8 Global Engineering Education Selecting a University Yes, you can graduate on time if you plan ahead and work with your academic advisor Based on your priorities and interests, decide where to go We hope that you will take a few engineering courses, as well as a few general education courses while you are abroad Many universities and programs to choose from – 10 College of Engineering partner schools – Other schools offer engineering courses – Many other options through Education Abroad to take courses towards a second major, minor, or general education requirements

9 Global Engineering Education Semester Study Abroad Locations College of Engineering Partners Other Schools offering Engineering Courses All Penn State Education Abroad Programs

10 Global Engineering Education Engineering Partners: Europe University of Southampton – Southampton, United Kingdom – AERSP, BIO E, C E, CMPEN, CMPSC, E E, E SC, M E University of Navarra – San Sebastian, Spain – BIO E, E E, I E, M E

11 Global Engineering Education Engineering Partners: Europe École Centrale Paris – Paris, France – CH E, C E, CMPEN, CMPSC, E E, I E, M E Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – Karlsruhe, Germany – BIO E, CH E, C E, E E, I E, M E

12 Global Engineering Education Engineering Partners: Asia and Pacific University of Auckland – Auckland, New Zealand – BIO E, CH E, C E, CMPEN, CMPSC, E E, E SC, I E, M E Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Shanghai, China – M E, I E Tohoku University – Sendai, Japan – AERSP, BIO E, CH E, C E, CMPEN, CMPSC, E E, E SC, M E

13 Global Engineering Education Engineering Partners: Middle East Middle East Technical University – Ankara, Turkey – AERSP, B E, CH E, C E, CMPEN, E E, E SC, I E, M E Technion Institute of Technology – Haifa, Israel – AERSP, BIO E, B E, CH E, C E, E E, I E, M E

14 Global Engineering Education EuroScholars Program The EuroScholars program is designed for advanced undergraduate students, looking for an international research experience. The objectives of this program are to give students the challenge of conducting original research at the cutting edge of human knowledge and promote interactions with scholars through an immersion in the research environment. The following are participating institutions: – University of Geneva, Switzerland – Ruprecht Karls Universität, Heidelberg, Germany – Leiden University, The Netherlands – Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy – University of Leuven, Belgium – University of Zurich, Switzerland – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany – Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden – Utrecht University, The Netherlands – Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands Courses or Areas of Study: Students learn about scientific reasoning, research methods, theoretical principles related to the research area, and scholarly communication. You will be part of an international research group and conduct research under supervision of a professor. Projects are available in Arts and Humanities, Performing Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Computer Science, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Law, Economics, Management, Politics and Social Studies. By finalizing the results of your research project in an independent study paper of publishable quality, you will also have improved their writing and presentation skills. You will also take a course in language and culture during a European orientation program.

15 Global Engineering Education Language Requirements Many study abroad programs offer courses taught in English, even in non-English speaking countries Other programs offer language courses and/or engineering courses taught in a language other than English Language requirements for each program are listed on the Education Abroad Program page Even if your courses will be taught in English, you may want to take some language courses to prepare for life outside the classroom

16 Global Engineering Education When / Where for Semester Study Abroad Semester abroad generally 4 th, 6 th, or 7 th semester, depending on major – semester plans in programs guide Search Program Matrix for semester study abroad programs that offer engineering courses

17 Global Engineering Education Program Matrix Country University – Linked to university’s website Department – Linked to department’s website Program – Linked to Global Programs page for the university – This site contains: APPLICATION Housing info Costs Other details City Program Type – Direct Enrollment – Exchange – Departmental – Third Party Language of Instruction Semester(s) Available – FA (fall) – SP (spring) – AY (academic year) – CY (calendar year) Course Catalogue – Linked to university’s list of courses Course Evaluations – Linked to list of courses which have already been evaluated for Penn State students at this university Notes – Includes any additional notes or special information about this program If a semester plan has been created specifically for this university by a department, it is linked from here

18 Global Engineering Education Education Abroad Program Page Walk through program page for an education abroad program Housing Options: Apartment Dormitory Homestay Hotel Private House Rental Housing This Section Varies by Program, and Includes Additional Information, such as: Information about the program or university Prerequisites Other Eligibility Requirements Academic Information Housing and Meals Program Costs Financial Aid & Scholarships Where to go for more information Dates and Deadlines

19 Global Engineering Education Costs for Study Abroad For ALL programs, you pay Penn State tuition, technology fee, and Education Abroad fee (includes mandatory health insurance) Other costs depend on program type, location, etc. Exchange programs tend to be less expensive than Direct Enrollment or Third Party programs – Direct Enrollment and Third Party usually have a Program Fee – May differ for out of state students Airfare, housing, meals, visa, other fees, personal expenses, etc. will vary by location See Budget Sheet for details about specific programs

20 Global Engineering Education Education Abroad Resources: “Finances” Education Abroad Scholarships, Funding Databases, and Community Based Funding Student Aid Ways to Keep it Affordable Other Things to Consider that Affect Costs: – Certain Programs have significant Program Fees – Consider Cost of Living (Meals, Housing, Airfare) – Look at Exchange Rates and make sure you are aware of the value of the US dollar compared to local currency

21 Global Engineering Education College of Engineering International Travel Grant Priorities for Funding; Financial Need also considered – Students planning to study abroad for a semester at one of the College of Engineering partners – Students who plan to study abroad for a semester through the Office of Education Abroad and to take engineering courses while abroad. – Students planning to participate in a College of Engineering summer program, short- term program, or course with an international travel component. – Students planning to study abroad for a semester through the Office of Education Abroad, but who will not take engineering courses while abroad. – Students who plan to participate in a summer program, short-term program, or course with an international travel component offered through the Office of Education Abroad but will not take engineering courses. – Students who plan to participate in other programs abroad that are not offered through Penn State, or who will not register for Penn State credits during their experience. Application online

22 Global Engineering Education Program Application Acceptance Criteria Theses criteria are considered in evaluating each student's Education Abroad application: – Meets minimum GPA for program – Satisfies prerequisites (if applicable) – Satisfies language requirements (if applicable) – Meets minimum semester standing, according to credit hours earned (ex. 2 nd semester sophomore) – Education Abroad application responses – Academic recommendation(s) – Program capacity You will not be accepted if you are on probation through the Office of Student Conduct You are evaluated as an individual. Requests to study with a friend(s) are not considered.

23 Global Engineering Education Requirements to Apply All applications require AT LEAST: – PSU Education Abroad application – Electronically signed Academic Release – 1 Academic Recommendation Some programs have additional requirements – May require additional recommendations, personal statement, passport photos, language evaluations, and course selection forms Submit ALL materials by the deadline! All applications are online through the Office of Global Programs

24 Global Engineering Education How to Apply On EA website, click “Apply Now” for your chosen program – You can only apply to ONE program at a time for each term/semester Log-in with your Penn State account user ID and password Select the appropriate term/semester (Fall/Academic Year/Summer/Spring). Complete the Education Abroad Application Questionnaire. Read, follow instructions, and provide your digital signature on any other application documents that appear under the heading "Signature Documents." Request the appropriate number of academic recommendations as listed within your application (most programs require one; some require two). Students applying to an IES, CIEE, Arcadia, Temple, or SFS program must apply through the corresponding website in addition to the Penn State application by the same deadline. Instructions can be found in the "Signature Documents" section. Read and mark read any items listed under Learning Content. Apply for relevant Education Abroad scholarships available within your program application. Be sure to carefully read the eligibility requirements for each scholarship.

25 Global Engineering Education What to Expect on the Application Alternate Program Choices – List up to 2 alternate programs Prerequisites and GPA – Find this information on the EA program page Course Information – Work with academic adviser to determine which courses are right for you Find course listings on homepage for the program and university Refer to list of previously accredited courses on PSU program page – List courses interested in taking at host institution; NOT BINDING, as you will finalize course registration after accepted to program – These are POTENTIAL courses for you to take while abroad

26 Global Engineering Education What to Expect on the Application Additional questions, which focus on: – Why you plan to study abroad – Why this program is right for you – Why you are a good candidate – Future academic and career goals – 1-2 paragraph responses are acceptable Letter(s) of Recommendation Make sure you read all of the materials carefully and complete all parts of the application

27 Global Engineering Education Recommendations Must be academic; can be from a professor or academic advisor Allow your recommender enough time to read and complete your recommendation before deadline Most programs require one recommendation, but some require 2 – online account will indicate number required How to request: – Log in to your Education Abroad account/application – Click the “request electronic recommendation” link – Insert recommender’s PSU ID – Select the correct recommender and click “next” – Include a message in the first section of the request

28 Global Engineering Education Grades All credits taken abroad will appear on your transcript – Need to work with advisor to determine how they will be used to meet degree requirements Pass/Fail is NOT an option for Penn State students All grades on your transcript will be reported All grades will factor into your GPA Grade/Credit conversion – Full-time registration at host institution = full-time course load at Penn State – Grade and credit conversion tables are in your EA program manuals once you get accepted

29 Global Engineering Education Scheduling Scheduling: – Must take a full course load – based on institution abroad – EA will schedule you for 15 credits of ED AB 000 for your semester abroad Do NOT take a leave of absence – When your overseas transcript is received, these credits are replaced with actual courses and grades earned It varies by program, but generally you schedule courses at your host institution as part of your on- site orientation program. Have several options for courses in mind!

30 Global Engineering Education Selecting Courses Look at past courses that have been evaluated – Do not schedule courses from course equivalency list as this is only a record of past courses and may change Look at the university’s course catalog to see what courses are offered in the semester you plan to be abroad – Be careful what semester courses are offered (Sem 1 & 2 may not be FA & SP) – May need to look at a similar semester (e.g. Spring 2012 course list to get an idea what might be offered Spring 2013) Compare these courses to courses you need to take at PSU Consult with your academic advisor and discuss courses you would like to take – It is helpful if you go to your advisor with course descriptions

31 Global Engineering Education Course Evaluations Department at Penn State that would teach the course here will determine how that course will transfer (Dept Study Abroad Advisors) For Engineering Courses that have NOT been evaluated, Course Evaluation Form is linked from the Program Matrix website – Can have departments evaluate courses in advance How course will transfer and how it can be used in your major – Find syllabus or detailed course description online General Education Courses (GA, GH, GS) are generally not a problem as long as they are in the spirit of those course requirements (look at description, NOT just title of course, and compare to similar courses in the PSU course bulletin)

32 Global Engineering Education Course Equivalency Course Equivalency process online through Education Abroad (after you’re abroad) – Will need to do this for each course Courses assigned Penn State course number – May be a specific course number (e.g. M E 340) – May be a generic course number (e.g. M E 499) May need to petition to fulfill requirements on degree audit (e-Petition)

33 Global Engineering Education Summer and Short-Term Programs Can go anywhere from first year through senior year Example Penn State Engineering Programs – Cultural Impact on Engineering in China – Engineering Design in Singapore, France, and Spain – Architectural Engineering summer programs in Italy and China – Engineers Made in Germany summer program in Germany – Automotive summer school in Germany Example Non-Penn State Programs – University of New South Wales Energy Tomorrow program in Australia

34 Global Engineering Education

35 Cultural Impact on Engineering in China Open to First-Year Students Credit for ENGR 118: Impact of Culture on Engineering in China – Can be used as GS/IL May 11 – June 4, 2014 This program is designed to give students an overview about the impact of history, culture, and environment on engineering design structures and manufacturing in China. Students will travel to Beijing, Chongqing, Yichang, Xian, Dalian, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hungshan and be exposed to the concepts through on-site visits to the Great Wall in Beijing, the Three Gorges Dam Project Site and the five-step ship locks in Yichang, the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses in Xian the Dongtan Eco-city Project in Shanghai, the longest bay bridge in the world in Hangzhou, and many other projects at other locations.

36 Global Engineering Education Summers By Design Open to First-Year students; Pre-requisite is EDSGN 100 Nantes, France: May 18 – May 30, 2014 – EDSGN Introduction to Design Engineering Navarra, Spain: May 18 – May 30, 2014 – EDSGN Introduction to Design Engineering Singapore, Singapore: May 13 – May 31, 2014 – EDSGN 397

37 Global Engineering Education Engineers Made in Germany Pforzheim, Germany at Hochschule Pforzheim University Focus on the Germany Automotive Industry – Cultural Excursions (Heidelberg, Strasbough, Munich, Berlin, Black Forest & Lake Constance) – Company Visits (Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, Daimler Museum, SAP, HUGO BOSS) Program courses (enroll in 9 credits): – Production Management & Supply Chain Management (PSU course number I E 499) – Lecture Series Engineering in Manufacturing (PSU course number I E 399) – German language (PSU course number will depend on the level of language that each student takes) – IE students: technical elective and an engineering elective. – M E students: engineering technical elective and a general technical elective.

38 Global Engineering Education Courses with an International Travel Component Can be entire course or portion of the course Search Education Abroad website for “Embedded” courses Common travel times are over Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Winter Break, or early Summer A few engineering examples offered recently: – ENGR 496: Independent Study in Engineering Leadership Topics Banjul, Gambia; Dakar, Senegal; Accra, Ghana; and Cotonou, Benin – EDSGN 454: Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship Field Experiences Makeni, Sierra Leone and Nyeri, Kenya – ENGR 496A: International Leadership of Enterprise and Development Practicum Budapest, Hungary Many non-engineering options as well

39 Global Engineering Education Service Learning/Volunteer Abroad Programs through the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship program Student Groups – Engineers Without Borders – projects in Sierra Leone – Global Brigades – several chapters at Penn State

40 Global Engineering Education Work/Research Abroad Methods to find a work abroad experience – Fall Career Days, Spring Career Days – Engineering Career Week – Job postings on eCareer – Going Global online resource – Postings on company websites – Research connections through faculty – Personal networking – Combined study-work programs – Programs offered through organizations or other universities (e.g. RISE, NanoJapan) – Third party programs (e.g. CDS International, Cultural Vistas, IES) – generally for a cost

41 Global Engineering Education Work/Research Abroad Examples of Past International Job Postings on eCareer: – Process/Product Development in Japan; Schott North America(nationwide, Japan) – Internship with China University of Mining and Technology; International Programs in Engineering(Beijing, China) – Internship with Dalian Fuyou Group Enterprise Co.; International Programs in Engineering(Dalian, China) – Facilities Engineer; Chevron Corporation(Tengiz, Kazakhstan) – NanoJapan International Research; NanoJapan(nationwide, Japan) – RISE Internship; German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)(nationwide, Germany) – RISE-Pro Internship; German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)(nationwide, Germany) – UROP International Research; UROP (nationwide, Germany) – Cultural Vista International Fellowship; Cultural Vista(nationwide, Multiple International Locations) – Cultural Vista Internships Abroad; Cultural Vista(nationwide, Multiple International Locations)

42 Global Engineering Education Companies That Came to Fall Career Days 2013 Seeking New Hires in Technical Majors for International Locations: – Altria – ANSYS, Inc. – Black & Veatch Corporation – Bosch Security Systems, Inc. – Buckeye Partners LP – Calfrac Well Services – Carlson Software – CB&I – Cvent, Inc. – Danaher Corporation – ExxonMobil – Fast Enterprises, LLC – Flowserve Corporation – Check website in August for list of companies attending the 2014 Fall Career Days – – Foxconn Electronics, Inc. – General Electric – GKN plc – Herren Associates – Highmark Health Services – Hyde Engineering + Consulting – Ingersoll Rand – Intel Corporation – International Atomic Energy Agency/BNL – ITT Corporation – Medallia, Inc. – National Oilwell Varco – Naval Sea System Command – Oracle – ORAU – Peace Corps/City Year – Pennsy Supply – PMC Sierra – Red Frog Events – Repsol – Saint Gobain – TerraSim Inc. – U.S. Air Force – U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Diplomatic Security – URS Corporation

43 Global Engineering Education Work/Research Abroad Companies That Came to Engineering Career Week 2014 Seeking New Hires in International Locations:

44 Global Engineering Education Work/Research Abroad Companies That Came to Spring Career Days 2014 Seeking New Hires in Technical Majors for International Locations: – C.R. Bard – CB & I – Fast Enterprises, LLC – Foxconn Electronics, Inc. – Geo-Solutions Inc. – Gerdau – Laird – Manitowoc Company, Inc. – MathWorks – MavenWire LLC – USMC Officer Selection Team – Wal-mart Logistics

45 Global Engineering Education Opportunities on Campus Academic Programs International Student Groups, Engineering & University-Wide International Engineering Envoy, Buddy, & Mentor Programs Events, Activities, and Other Programs Beyond the Classroom International Engineering Minor International Engineering Certificate Second Major in Another Language or International Studies Minor/Courses in Another Language or with Global Emphasis Engineering Courses with International Focus International Cultures (IL) Courses

46 Global Engineering Education International Engineering Minor The International Engineering Minor is paired with any engineering baccalaureate major at any campus in order to provide students with an opportunity to learn about, and understand their profession in a global context. It is designed to provide students with knowledge, language skills, and experiences to help prepare them for a professional career that is likely to include collaborations with professionals from various parts of the world. The minor will help students understand the cross-cultural communications challenges and the global arena in which their profession is practiced. Students completing this minor will gain a competitive advantage because they will be able to demonstrate a broader understanding of the role of their profession and will have demonstrated their ability to communicate across cultural lines.

47 Global Engineering Education International Engineering Minor Requirements for the minor (C or better in all courses) – ECON 333 (GS) : International Economics – Demonstrate language skills in a currently spoken world language other than English. Students must take a minimum of 6 credits in the same language, at a level determined by the Language Placement Policy, and achieve a minimum of 12th- credit proficiency in that language. Transfer credits for language courses taken prior to enrollment at Penn State may not be used. – Select 3 credits of Engineering/computer science courses with significant international content from a program list or as approved by the director of the program. – Select 6 credits of 400-level engineering or computer science courses, in consultation with departmental undergraduate coordinator, to be taken abroad at an international institution and taught by faculty at that institution.

48 Global Engineering Education International Engineering Certificate The certificate is intended to recognize the completion of course work, language study, and international experience that will contribute to the attainment of a global perspective of engineering.

49 Global Engineering Education International Cultures (IL) Courses

50 Global Engineering Education International Student Groups – 1024 Orgs at PSU! – International/Multicultural 75 Orgs at PSU groups that provide an opportunity to increase campus understanding of a specific nation and/or culture (s), provide students with an avenue to explore and celebrate their own cultural heritage and provide programs and services designed to support students of various cultural heritages at the University – Check some of the other categories as well

51 Global Engineering Education Prepare Yourself to be a Better Candidate Apply for a Passport if you don’t already have one! Learn about another culture – Participate in student groups with international focus – International events on campus – Take International Cultures (IL) courses Academic Preparation – Take language courses – Take engineering courses with an international component – Perform well academically – Take ENGR 111, Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication for Engineers, the semester before you go abroad (self-paced, online course through ANGEL) Gain work experience through an internship or co-op

52 Global Engineering Education People To Help You Through This Process Countries/RegionsAdviser Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Temporary adviser for Latin America and IES programs in Spain (Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca). Kate Fox Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe.Whitney Longnecker France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Scott Runner United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Middle East. Temporary adviser for Portugal and non-IES programs in Spain (Alicante, Seville, Palma de Mallorca, Navarra, Ronda, Valencia). Whitney Strickler Open Office Hours (Students) – During Fall and Spring Semesters: – International Engineering Envoys – Top Floor Kunkle Lounge (see website for hours) – Education Abroad Peer Advisers – 426A Boucke (Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm) Appointments Needed/Preferred (Faculty/Staff): – Kim Baran – Coordinator, Global Engineering Education – 204 Hammond – Departmental Study Abroad Contacts – varies by department (see next slide) – Education Abroad Advisers – 410 Boucke

53 Global Engineering Education Departmental Study Abroad Contacts DepartmentStudy Abroad Contact Aerospace EngineeringRobert Melton Architectural EngineeringMoses Ling Agricultural and Biological EngineeringMegan Marshall Bioengineering/Biomedical EngineeringMargaret Slattery Chemical EngineeringThemis Matsoukas Civil EngineeringNorm Folmar Computer Science and EngineeringLee Coraor Electrical EngineeringDavid Salvia Engineering ScienceS. Ashok Industrial EngineeringJeya Chandra Mechanical and Nuclear EngineeringEric Marsh

54 Global Engineering Education Education Abroad Fair Wednesday, October 8, :00am – 4:00pm HUB, Alumni Hall

55 Global Engineering Education International Engineering Envoys Meet with the envoys to discuss Study Abroad, Work Abroad, and On-Campus Globalization Opportunities Office Hours in Cubicle on Top Floor of Kunkle Lounge See website for schedule in the Fall Semester

56 Global Engineering Education Where Will You Go?

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