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Career Tech Ed By Erik Hawkins

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1 Career Tech Ed By Erik Hawkins

2 Goals  Central location – login to WOW to access all modules  Make tasks easier  Replace various spreadsheets throughout the counties  Improve data collecting and reporting  Increase efficiencies  Input from the ones that will be using the system

3 History  Development team met with various users  WVDE  County  Tech Centers  STU.301 CTE Tab  Created Prototype  Table design and data population  Current development phase: Unit Test  WVDE Module  Created Prototype  Table design and data population  Current development phase: Coding  County Module  Rough prototype

4 CTE Modules Three Modules  WVDE  County  Tech Center

5 WVDE Module – Mindmap

6 WVDE Module Status: Coding Phase  Features:  Calendar  Courses  Manage Curriculum  Reports  Next School Year

7 County Module - Mindmap

8 County Module Status: Design Phase  Features:  Assign schools to that feed a Tech Center  Reports  Student Organizations

9 Tech Center Module - Mindmap

10 Tech Center Module Status: Design Phase  Features  Create a student roster  View student information  Enter Attendance  Enter Grades  Reports for Tech Center use  Various reporting to WVDE  View student organization information  Student follow-up

11 STU.301 CTE Tab

12 STU.301 CTE Tab - Continued Status: Testing 1. Features a. CTE Student – checked when a student is enrolled in a concentration b. Location – dropdown box c. Contact Hours – the number of contact hours earned d. Funding Sources – available for grades levels 13 & 14. A student can have up to 4 funding sources e. Enrolled Concentrations – list of concentrations the student is enrolled in

13 STU.301 Tab - Continued

14 f. Additional Concentrations – List of concentrations that contain a course the student has taken or is enrolled in o The concentrations are ordered with the ones with the most completed and enrolled courses at the top

15 Contact Information Erik Hawkins 304-610-8364

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