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Presentation to District XYZ K 12 Homebound Education Overview May 10, 2012.

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1 Presentation to District XYZ K 12 Homebound Education Overview May 10, 2012

2 2 K 12 – the leading provider in schools and districts (Source: EdNET Insight 2011 Survey)

3 K 12 offers the industry’s most complete continuum of online learning solutions 3 Online Courses 240+ courses across 5 academic levels – Foundations to AP Over 40 electives and 20 AP courses Deep STEM offering World Languages 5 languages, 35 courses including Honors and AP Elementary, Middle and High School Middlebury College language expertise Interactive, collaborative games Credit Recovery & Remediation Student hotline staffed by certified teachers Individualized remediation across topics, skills and standards Pioneering adaptive reading remediation Assessment & Test Readiness Individualized assessments at the topic, skill, and state standard level for core K-12 courses Summative & formative assessments for RTI State and national “high stakes” exam readiness, with prescriptive lessons Education Services Education Services Over 600 certified teachers Consulting program – implementation & administration Teacher professional development programs Student recruitment & enrollment services Homebound Education Full Time Online Learning Fully online or blended programs Integrated award- winning curriculum, systems and services System optimized through nationwide deployments

4 4 Homebound Education meets vital needs Project Tomorrow Speak Up 2010

5 5 What is Homebound Education? A doctor has stated that due to student’s medical needs, he/she is unable to attend brick and mortar school. Enrollment in program may be short term or long term.

6 6 Challenges of education homebound students Doctors Appointments Enrollment Period Homebound students may have numerous doctors appointments to attend and frequent hospital stays. Many times, these students are not feeling well enough to complete school work The enrollment period in HE is short term - the student needs to stay on track to ensure a smooth transition back to their assigned school Fatigue/Sick Traditional programs can be expensive to operate and difficult to staff

7 7 HE vs. traditional homebound schooling Virtual Traditional Time Flexibility Speed of Assessment Immediacy of Interaction

8 Keys to success 8 Pacing/ Progress Goals Individualized pacing and progress goals need to be established and clearly communicated. Parent/Guardian Participation It is imperative that the student and parent/ guardian participate in an orientation to understand program policies and expectations at the onset. Assessment Continuous, close monitoring is required should modifications or adjustments to ILP become necessary.

9 9 K 12 Homebound Education

10 10 Online Homebound Education by K 12 Curriculum and Technology Industry’s broadest offering of online learning programs – offer both K 12 and Aventa curriculum Live classes, also recorded for review Courses aligned to state and national standards Assessments to track and manage student progress Learning Management System and enrollment system Hosting by K 12

11 11 Online Homebound Education by K 12 Services Define program to serve the district’s needs Attend IEP meetings to discuss HE/virtual placement Work closely with district guidance counselor to determine appropriate platform and courses Develop individualized pacing and learning plans for each student Monitor grade books and make necessary adjustments to student plan as needed Manage materials distribution and return Each student provided with an advisor/mentor to monitor progress and act as teacher liaison Track student enrollment on a weekly basis

12 12 Online Homebound Education by K 12 Instruction & student interaction Teachers state certified in each subject (Middle and High School) Work closely with the mentor/advisor Scheduled office hours, otherwise available by email, chat, phone Teachers available every day Hold regular class sessions, live interaction Student interact with other students in online class sessions and student discussion boards Grades k-8 holds a weekly homeroom; mostly social (talk about pets!) to maintain connection to the school, other students

13 13 Online Homebound Education by K 12 Mentor Intervene when student is struggling Conduct initial orientation, work with student on pacing Help with scheduling, if a surgery, etc. Modify pacing if student unable to work, so not feel like behind Liaison between student and all of the teachers

14 14 Differentiation by grade levels

15 15 K 12 HE program overview – all grades K-5 Virtual Homebound Education Program: An IEP meeting is held to discuss course placement and to determine the appropriate platform for the student based on length of time in program and course/credit needs After IEP meeting, an individualized learning plan (ILP) is put in place with personal pacing goals Students have access to recordings of e-classes and workshops to provide flexibility An Introduction to Online (IOL) course is also provided Integrated student planning and time management tools Each student has an advisor monitoring all work and pacing Students complete lessons, assignments, and assessments through an online classroom and interact with teachers through: –Live, online office hours –Optional live/recorded synchronous sessions –Threaded discussions

16 16 K 12 HE programs tailored to grade levels Grades k-5 Each student is assigned a virtual teacher. Students conference individually and in a weekly class homeroom with their teacher Online courses include: Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Music More hardcopy materials provided, especially to younger students Grades 6-12 State-certified, expert teachers in every subject area Very few or no hardcopy materials

17 Key features of K 12 HE program Engaged Continue to be part of a school community (interact with other students, teachers and virtual clubs). Individualized learning Access to curriculum and e-classes so can review and go at own pace. Schedule flexibility Can work anytime at day or night. Anyplace access Virtual, so continue to be in school from hospital, home or anyplace with internet access. Continuous assessments Identify if student is struggling and needs additional help. Immediate help Teacher and mentors available via chat, phone, email. Stay on track Keep students on track so not have to repeat courses. Certified State certified teachers in all subjects. School directed Work hand-in-hand with your guidance counsel to select curriculum and set pacing. Aligned Courses aligned to your state, national standards. Integrated K 12 handles instruction, materials, assessments and mentorship, all tailored to each student. Save costs Less costly versus traditional method while providing a more rigorous and enjoyable student experience! Students/ParentsDistrict 17

18 Anytime, anyplace access ensures students stay on track Save costs and instruction provided by K 12 High quality, aligned curriculum provides rigor, avoids dropout Student engagement high so work is completed 18 Key benefits of K 12 HE program Lack time and place flexibility Expensive and hard to hire, keep teachers Not enough rigor, students poorly prepared to re-enter school Students become isolated, fall behind or drop out Traditional K 12 HE

19 19 Case Study – Volusia County 2010 – 2011 School Year Volusia County School District partnered with K 12 for online education of the homebound student population as a pilot program in Florida. By providing homebound students with flexibility and an engaging educational experience, K 12 ’s Homebound Education program was able to succeed where traditional outreach has fallen well short. Expected Cost Savings: $200,000 RESULTS Not a single homebound student has had to be held back Substantially improved the curriculum and teaching for Homebound students Volusia County School District expects to come in under budget by $200,000 this school year Total Students Enrolled: 163 Students – 82 High School/ 81 K-8

20 “My son was diagnosed with a severe form of anxiety disorder which prohibited him from attending a traditional classroom. Being this was such unusual circumstances for a child of his age, there was deep concern he would graduate with the effective tools needed to prepare for secondary education. As an educator, I had no reservations after evaluating the instructional format of the K 12 learning environment. My son graduated with great self-esteem knowing he received a solid educational foundation from K 12. He is currently pursing post-secondary interests due to the confidence instilled from K 12 learning.” – Parent of 10-11 year old Testimonials 20 “This has been a great experience, and my son has really enjoyed it. I am so appreciative of the help and support we received.” – Mother of a 5 th Grader “This program has been a huge blessing to our family, and Emily can be successful.” – Mother of a 8 th Grader “My daughter was a straight A student when she got sick. The Homebound Education program has truly allowed her to maintain her studies approved by her high school while she goes through her ordeal. The Hospital Homebound program has made an important difference in the life of a sick young lady.” – Parent of a 12 th Grader

21 Annual program fee – Includes implementation, placement and program consulting, and set-up Weekly fees vary by student grade level. Price includes curriculum, hosting, instruction, materials, student services bundle (specific to K 12 curriculum), and additional customizations Students can take a full time course schedule 4 Week Minimum for all students K 12 Homebound Education Pricing

22 22 In 2012 we partnered with Lorem Ipsum Dolor to solve lorem ipsum dolor amet lorem ipsum dolor amet. How can we partner with you?

23 23 Thank you! Bob Smith 703.333.3333 Visit:

24 Pricing Proposal $5,000 annual school year kickoff services Weekly Charges: –$115 per 6-12 student using Aventa by K 12 curriculum –$110 per K-8 student using K 12 curriculum –$135 per 9-12 student using K 12 curriculum Price includes curriculum, hosting, instruction, materials, student services bundle (specific to K 12 curriculum), and additional customizations Students can take a full time course schedule 4 Week Minimum for all students K 12 Homebound Education Pricing

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