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2 WELCOME  PRINCIPAL: Mr. Jeff Van Drie  ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS: A – G - Mr. Robert Blumenthal H – O - Mrs. Judy Malasto P - Z - Mr. Josh Huwig

3 COUNSELING ASSIGNMENTS  A – DaMr. Moore  De – JeMrs. Thoms  Ji – MoMs. Dailey  Mp – ShMrs. Konopasek  Si – ZMrs. Roytan  Dept. ChairMrs. Moffett  Career CenterMrs. Arthur ** This power point will be available on the Duneland website in the next few days.

4 TESTING PLAN See your handout: Standardized Tests ECA: End of Course Assessment: English – spring of sophomore year. PSAT: Take the test again as a junior (Oct.) SAT/ACT: Take initial tests in the 2 nd semester of junior year. YOU CAN SEND SCORES TO 4 SCHOOLS FREE!!!!!! SAT Subject Tests: Not required but often started in sophomore year. **Take advantage of sending scores when you take the test. To request official scores be sent later cost $$$. It will add up!!

5 SAT CHANGES COMING CHANGESCURRENTNEW Scoring  ¼ point penalty for wrong answers  Score based out of 2400  No wrong answer penalty  Score based out of 1600  Optional essay receives a separate score Anatomy  3 Critical Reading tests (20-25 min. each)  3 Math tests (10-25 min. each)  3 Writing tests (10-25 min. each)  1 Essay test (25 min.)  1 Experimental test  5 answer choices for multiple choice questions  1 Evidence-Based reading and writing test; 65 min Reading/35 min Language and Writing  1 Math test: 55 min with calculator and 25 min. without calculator  1 Essay test (optional); 50 min.  4 answer choice for multiple choice questions Timing 3 hrs, 45 min.3 hrs; 3 hrs, 50 min. with essay Administration  Only available in print  Focus on broad range of content and skills  Available in print and will become available digitally  Fewer questions with a greater focus on in-depth analysis of content and evidence

6 SAT CHANGES con’t Essay  Essay is required  Students have 25 min. to draft a response  Quality of reasoning and accuracy of data not assessed  Score combined with MC Writing  Essay is optional  Students have 50 min to draft a 650- 750 word document and draft an essay  Facts matter  Requires ability to analyze a source document and explain how author builds argument Math  Wide array of topics  Emphasis on computational skills  Calculators permitted for all sections  Concentrated focus on problem- solving and data analysis  Real world problem solving  Calculator not permitted for 20 questions English  Critical reading is in 2 parts – sentence completion and passage based questions  Passage based questions from short and long passages  Writing combines score of writing multiple choice and essay  Reading and Writing combined into Evidence Based Reading/Writing  No sentence completion  Tests understanding of passages from US and World Lit, History, Social Studies, and Science  Questions pulled from extended prose

7 DUAL CREDIT Dual Credit opportunities are available for many of our classes at CHS and CTE classes.  PNC: Applications available in Guidance. Final deadline is only a few days after school starts in August. Apply in the spring. We will hold firm on PNC’s recommendation that students have a 3.0 cumulative GPA in order to sign up.  Ivy Tech: Classroom teachers take care of enrollment  Ball State: Classroom teachers take care of enrollment.  University of Southern Indiana: Classroom teachers take care of enrollment.

8 DIPLOMA TYPES Please take a look at the different diplomas available to your student: Page A-2 and A-3 of Course Description Book – found on the website. Core 40 with Academic Honors Core 40 with Technical Honors Core 40 General Diploma – requires a meeting with counselor and signing a Core 40 opt out form. Junior Year: This is the time when you are selecting from many different options for your final two years: IB – International Baccalaureate Diploma Program AP – Advanced Placement courses CTE – Career/Technical Education courses through the Porter County Career Center.

9 SCHEDULING FOR JUNIOR YEAR 1) November 20 and 24 – Large Group Meetings with sophomores. Students will come home with a green course selection sheet. 2) Students and parents make course requests through the Skyward Student Access Portal 3) Starting December 1 – Student Individual appointments with counselors/parents welcome! 4) December 5 – 1 st opportunity to visit CTE Programs

10 SCHEDULING con’t  You will be able to list and prioritize 3 alternatives to your requests  Teachers will be making recommendations in English, Math, and Social Studies – you will be able to see these by February 1.  Remember these are only requests and don’t represent your actual schedule. No grade level or part of the alphabet gets a head start on this process.










20 CONTACT INFORMATION  IB PROGRAM: Becky Gierke, Chris Lowery, Doug Uehling  PORTER COUNTY CAREER CENTER: Kate Sorenson, Kelly Ellis

21 HAND-OUTS 1) Learn More Book – Planning for students in grades 9-10. Note pp. 4-7 on planning; pp. 12- 13 on money. 2) Campus Visit Tip Sheet – What to do, What to ask 3) College Fair Tip Sheet 4) College Planning Calendar 5) Standardized Tests 6) Internet Sites Focused on College Exploration and Standardized Test Preparation options

22 BREAK OUT SESSIONS Next, you will have the option to attend one of two short sessions to assist you and your student in the decision making process for next year: 1. Stay in Auditorium for an International Baccalaureate Diploma and Advanced Placement course information session. 2. Move to the Cafeteria for a Porter County Career and Technical Education Center session.


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