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“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” Emilie Buchwald.

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1 “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” Emilie Buchwald

2 Kindergarten Curriculum Night September 16th, 2014 MaryKate Haake

3 Kindergarten Staff Angela Gehlhoff MaryKate Haake Amy Rutter Kaitlin Wermerskirchen Stacy Brock Stephanie Masloski Jennifer Batalden

4 About Me… Family School Teaching

5 Mrs. Haake’s Schedule Review schedule Core & Targeted time Snack Recess/Lunch Dress for the weather ID numbers

6 Personal skills Shoe tying Clothes fastening “Round Trip” Folders Backpacks

7 Field Trips Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Cost = Free Chaperones Fall 2014: (Habitat, Who needs that?) Winter 2015: (Introduction to Snowshoe Hiking) Spring 2015: (Forests Are More Than Trees)  Zoo mobile  Spring 2015

8 Cycle days Jackson is on a 10 day cycle. Schedule on Website Specialists Split classes Art shirt/gym shoes Library checkout during Media & Cycle Day 9

9 Language Arts Reading Reader’s Workshop Read Alouds Reader’s Theatre Phonics Zoo Phonics Poetry Centers/Guided Reading Writing Handwriting-EZ write Shared writing Writer’s Workshop Turn and Talk End of year goals

10 Language Arts Reader’s Workshop Independent Reading Time One time a week-daily (Increase time from 3min-Up) Quality vs. Quantity at home. Three ways to read. Pictures, words, and retell. Book Bins Leveled text, weekly poem, and HFW books. Benchmark Books

11 Language Arts Interactive Read Aloud Teacher models what good readers do and think while they are reading stories. Predicting what will happen Connecting to other events Understanding the meaning of words At home, you can have a conversation about the story you are reading. Reader’s Theatre 3 rd week of each unit

12 Language Arts Phonics Zoo Phonics Rhyming Letter identification Beginning, middle, & ending sounds High frequency words Word families Blending & segmenting

13 Language Arts Poetry One-to-one correspondence Identifying high frequency & rhyming words Fluency Visualizing Poetry binders

14 Language Arts Guided Reading Teacher works with small groups of children (4-5) on reading skills Children are grouped with others who have similar reading skills Directionality (left to right) One-to-one match Monitoring known and unknown words Understand what has been read Level 6 book by end of year

15 Language Arts Centers Centers are literacy based Children engage in independent learning Children rotate through centers Teacher pulls small groups for guided reading Children might refer to “centers” as “play”

16 Language Arts Writers’ Workshop Think Draw Say & Test Clap and Count Write

17 Math Resource: “Expressions” Math Daily practice, read aloud books, and hands on learning activities Parent Letters and “Mega Math” Math Centers Practice these at home : Count forward to 50; backward from 20 Recognize and write numbers through 31 Sorting and patterning Identify one more and one less Count a set of objects with a one-to-one match Add and subtract numbers up to 10

18 Theme Science Seasons Weather Scientific tools Dental Health Nutrition Social Studies Families Identify the symbols of our nation (flag and white house) Map vocabulary Fire/Bus Safety STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Labs (4) Resources During “Theme” time.

19 Other Curricular Areas Personal Growth Print first and last name correctly Listening skills Follows directions Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be positive Jackson Pride Jackson Pride PAWS Class “PAWS” Individual “PAWS”

20 Jackson Pride

21 iPads Twelve/classroom Used in all content areas Large/small group Contract Apps vs. creativity

22 Miscellaneous Handouts Scholastic Book Club Website Volunteer background site


24 “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” Emilie Buchwald

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