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Interpersonal Communication and 21 st Century Skills.

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1 Interpersonal Communication and 21 st Century Skills


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9 IS NOT:IS: One-way communication Two-way exchange Memorized (dialogues)Spontaneous (and unpredictable) Only asking (all) the questionsHelping each other Strict turn takingFollowing-up and reacting; maintaining the conversation Ignoring your partner; waiting to say something Indicating interest: interactive body language; eye contact Overly concerned about accuracyFocusing on the message Giving up when you don’t understandIf communication fails/falters, asking for clarification Interpersonal Communication

10 The active negotiation of meaning among individuals. By ob1left on Flickrob1left

11 Participants observe and monitor one another to see how their intentions and meanings are being communicated. By Caneles on FlickrCaneles

12 Adjustments and clarifications can be made accordingly. By Michael Simmons on FlickrMichael Simmons

13 Participants need to initiate, maintain, and sustain the conversation By Ame Otoko on FlickrAme Otoko

14 It’s your turn… Don’t forget: You can copy- paste this slide into other presentations, and move or resize the poll.


16 Verbal and written communication skills Honesty and integrity Interpersonal skills Teamwork skills Strong work ethic Motivation and initiative Flexibility and adaptability Computer skills Analytical skills Organizational skills




















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41 Theme: Student Life Unit Enduring Understanding Middle School and High school students across the world share some common school experiences, although differences exist due to culture. Unit Essential Questions What is my middle school/high school experience? What is middle school/high school like for students in other cultures? What do we have in common? What are our differences? Performance Task: Students will attend a “Welcome Party” for the new Foreign Exchange students being held at their school and find the person who has the MOST in common with themselves. They will then introduce that person to another student.

42 NOVICE: WL.K12.NM.3.1: Introduce self and others using basic, culturally-appropriate greetings. WL.K12.NH.3.2 Exchange information about familiar tasks, topics, and activities, including personal information. WL.K12.NH.3.3: Exchange information using simple language about personal preferences, needs, and feelings. WL.K12.NH.3.4: Ask and answer a variety of questions about personal information. INTERMEDIATE WL.K12.IM.3.1: Express views and effectively engage in conversations on a variety of familiar topics. WL.K12.IM.3.2: Ask and answer questions on familiar topics to clarify information and sustain a conversation. WL.K12.IM.3.3: Express personal views and opinions on a variety of topics. PRE-ADVANCED/ADVANCED: WL.K12.IH.3.2: Sustain a conversation in uncomplicated situations on a variety of topics. WL.K12.IH.3.3: Express degrees of emotion and respond appropriately to the feelings and emotions of others. WL.K12.IH.3.4: Exchange detailed information related to areas of mutual interest including careers of choice, job opportunities, etc.


44 Knowledge and Skills Needed: (What cultural and content knowledge (vocabulary and structures) do the students need to complete their task? (dependent on your Proficiency Level/Standards) How will students prepare for this task? What interpersonal communicative activities would lead up to this task?


46 Questions?


48 Web 2.0 Tool for Interpersonal Communication


50 Paul Sandrock, ACTFL “Assessing Language Performance, Engaging Learners in Interpersonal Communication FLENJ - Consortium for Assessing Performance Standards Rubrics ACTFL, World Languages 21 st Century Skills Map

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