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Please follow the power point to assist understanding in licensing procedures!

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1 Please follow the power point to assist understanding in licensing procedures!

2  LPDC – Local Professional Development Committee  PD – Professional Development  IPDP – Individual Professional Development Plan  CEUs – Continuing Education Units

3  Teachers should have a variety of activities that strengthen their teaching  Does not have to be all college classes  Keep portfolio of ALL activities for PD – your IPDP, CEUs, coursework etc. This means certificates, log sheets and anything that shows what you did.

4 do to make yourself a better her.”  a plan to improve your teaching  should lift you to learn new things  Must align to Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession


6  Linked from APS webpage,  go to my APS, then go to  Employee Quick Links, then the LPDC page,  then to Teacher information-all of our forms are there!  Note the Guidelines for IPDP writing and submission,  Guidelines for CEUs and CEU matrix

7  A plan submitted to the LPDC with your initial 5-year License and at each renewal.  IPDP from previous district submitted to APS LPDC soon after start of school year or ASAP  Approved IPDP must be on file with LPDC for work to count toward renewal (as per the Ohio Department of Education)

8  Continuing Education Units are awarded for participation in continuing education.  18 CEUs or 6 semester hours are needed for license renewal.  A CEU is worth 1/3 of a semester hour.  CEUs are counted to time spent, so attending a 3 hour activity would give you.3 CEUs. Take the time spent and move the decimal over one place.  CEUs must be paid for in a timely manner, two weeks after the conclusion of the activity.

9  It is the educator’s own responsibility to stay abreast of licensure requirements, to monitor their individual licensure issuance and renewal and to abide by the governing LPDC requirements, and to maintain his or her own individual records.  That makes the creation, approval, and execution of the IPDP of the highest importance.

10 LicenseRequirementsDurationRenewal Resident Educator License Bachelor’s degree from an accredited teacher preparation program 4 yearsMay be extended by State Board of Ed. Professional Educator License Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education Successful completion of the Resident Educator program 5 years 6 semester hours 18 CEUs or a combination of the two Indefinite Renewals Senior Professional Educator License Master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. Previously held Professional Educator license. Meet distinguished levels of performance- ie.Master Teacher 5 yearsSame as above Lead Professional Educator License Same as above only in addition must have National Boards or other additional criteria 5 yearsSame as above

11  Our vision: To help keep our professional staff properly certified and licensed  Committee:  Lisa O'Rourke Consultant  Jessica Sax Chairperson, Akron Alternative Academy  Karen Gegick Director of Teaching and Learning  Deidre Williams Teacher, Windemere CLC  Melissa Hileman Teacher, Innes CLC  Paula Shafer Learning Specialist, Languages  Angela Harper-Brooks Principal, Crouse CLC  Ilario Cursaro Teacher, Akron Alternative Academy  Dyan Floyd Assistant Principal, Jennings CLC dfloyd@akron.k12.oh.ujsdfloyd@akron.k12.oh.ujs  Brian Turner Teacher, Garfield High School  Tod Wammes Manager, Labor Relations  Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. (school year)  9 a.m.-noon (summer)  Scheduled meetings: TBA

12  This can be a little overwhelming at first;  Please look at The Ohio Dept. of Education website:  DefaultPage.aspx?page=1 DefaultPage.aspx?page=1  Or contact the LPDC office  Lisa O’Rourke-Consultant  (330)761-3070  Email:  Constance Ristich-Licensing Secretary  (330)761-3027 

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