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Dr. Eddie R. Johnson Deputy State Superintendent of Education.

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1 Dr. Eddie R. Johnson Deputy State Superintendent of Education

2 What is New in University Relationships to Support Leadership Development

3 The new instructional leaders program designed by the Governor’s Congress on School Leadership. The Congress developed standards in eight domains:  Standard 1: Planning for Continuous Improvement  Standard 2: Teaching and Learning  Standard 3: Human Resources Development  Standard 4: Diversity  Standard 5: Community and Stakeholder Relationships  Standard 6: Technology  Standard 7: Management of the Learning Organization  Standard 8: Ethics These standards were adopted by the State Board of Education and are now included in the Alabama Administrative Code

4  Address Student and family conditions affecting learning.  Identify community leaders and their relationships to school goals and programs.  Communicate the school’s vision, mission, and priorities to the community.  Share leadership and decision-making with others by gathering input.  Seek resources of families, business, and community members in support of the school’s goals.  Develop partnerships, coalitions, and networks to impact student achievement.  Actively engage the community to share responsibility for student and school success.  Involve family and community in appropriate policy implementation, program planning, and assessment efforts.

5 Universities and K12 must work together to prepare tomorrow’s leaders

6  Partners have agreed upon the mission, values, goals, and measurable outcomes partnership.  The relationship between partners is characterized by mutual trust, respect, genuineness of commitment.  The partnership balances power among partners and enables resources among partnerships to be shared.  There is clear, open, and accessible communication between partners.

7  University/LEA Partners Create Means of Inducting Potential Leaders  Candidates are selected jointly  Universities and LEAS have joint admission committees  Universities and LEAS work together on every aspect of preparation including planning of courses, syllabi, teaching, and implementation of field-based experiences  Thirteen IHEs have implemented the redesign principal preparation program which promotes strong partnership

8  There are some strong University/LEA partnerships  There need to be many more  Every LEA should be partnering with one or more universities to prepare future leaders  Every superintendent should know how their future leaders are being prepared

9  Financial Challenges  Time for Partnerships  Must Marshal Resources Wherever Available  The SDE is Dedicated to Helping Whenever and However Possible

10  Leadership and Evaluation Sounding Posts Meetings  Online Support  Reading and understanding current status and challenges

11  SREB White Paper  Read the Report to understand how we got here

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