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October 6 th, 2014. Agenda  Mr. Hughes – Introduction  Ms. Deanna Majors--PTO senior parent  Ms. McLendon – Guidance Counselor  Ms. Zodrow – Scholarships.

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Presentation on theme: "October 6 th, 2014. Agenda  Mr. Hughes – Introduction  Ms. Deanna Majors--PTO senior parent  Ms. McLendon – Guidance Counselor  Ms. Zodrow – Scholarships."— Presentation transcript:

1 October 6 th, 2014

2 Agenda  Mr. Hughes – Introduction  Ms. Deanna Majors--PTO senior parent  Ms. McLendon – Guidance Counselor  Ms. Zodrow – Scholarships  Ms. Randi McKie – Guidance Counselor  Ms. Martin – Senior Class Advisor  Q & A

3 Guidance Counselor Email: Phone number: 850-892-1270 ext. 4412

4 Basic Graduation Requirements…  2.0 GPA  24 credits  Pass FCAT [or earn concordant score on ACT/SAT test]  Algebra I EOC [or earn concordant score on PERT test] ** Spanish and Community Service are NOT graduation requirements, but ARE Bright Future Requirements.

5 Honor Graduate Designation: Must meet BOTH criteria:  At least 8 Honor Courses (Honors, DE, AP)  GPA  3.45-3.64Cum Laude (w/ honors)  3.65-3.84Magna Cum Laude(w/ high honors)  3.85/aboveSumma Cum Laude (w/ highest honors)

6 Bright Futures  May only qualify for one scholarship Medallion, Academic, Gold Seal  Minimum weighted 3.0 GPA (core)  Community Service Hours (75 or 100)  2 Consecutive Foreign Language Courses  FFAA—Florida Financial Aid Application Begins December 1, 2014 – NO EARLIER!

7 Post-Secondary Options…  Can include:  Traditional 4-year school  2 year college for an associates degree or to transfer to a 4-year college  Technical colleges  Professional Training Programs  Military Which is appropriate for my student?

8 College Admission Tests: SAT ReasoningACT 7 Times a year6 Times a year Critical reading, math and writing section plus an essay English, math, reading, and science reasoning. Writing/Essay is optional but required by most schools Each section is worth 200 - 800 points for a maximum of 2400 1-36 for each subject, averaged for a composite score. A 36 is the highest possible composite score. **Students need to bring their admission ticket AND a valid photo id

9 Selecting Colleges…  Gather information  Visit the college  Be sure the college has what you are looking for  Review the admission criteria  Select 3-5 colleges

10 College Visit  Visit a “maybe” college first  Schedule interviews with the Admission counselors  Have questions ready  Make appointments with financial aid, and potential major/minor departments (if known)  Visit while students are there  Ask about scholarships

11 How to Apply…  Get the application or locate it online  Deadlines are critical  Goal – Apply by thanksgiving  Neatness is essential  Make sure it is complete  Send test scores directly from ACT or College Board (many schools will not accept our copy)

12 How to Apply…  Requesting Transcripts – students can request this in the SSA office.  Cost: free  Students can pick them up or it can be sent directly to the school  Do not open the sealed envelope, if you do they will no longer be “official transcripts”

13 Responsibilities… Student Responsibilities Parent Responsibilities  Gather information  Seek out letters of recommendation by Thanksgiving  Fill out applications  Listen to announcements  Remember deadlines  Take a college visit with student  Help in decision process  Review application  Check application status  Remind students of deadlines  Contact your guidance counselor with any questions

14 Counselor Responsibilities  Provide Information  Assist student & parent  Process applications  Group college visit  Follow up on applications  Scholarship info made available

15 Financial Aid Process  Begins after 1/1/15  www.  Apply for PIN number online – now  Aid packages– compare packages. Just because cost of attending is high, the package may offset the cost enough to make it affordable as a less costly college.  Two types of aid  Need-based – Grants, scholarships– gift aid work study, loans – self help aid  Merit based -- scholarships  Decision Time – Spring  Scholarships– colleges have their own scholarships students can apply to  Attend Financial Aid Night at WHS in the spring

16 Final Thoughts…  Apply early  Encourage independence  Enjoy your seniors as much as we have enjoyed working with them

17 Scholarship Coordinator Email: Phone number: 850-892-1270 ext. 4474

18 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!  Students need to apply to more than one school  Typically students apply to 3-5 schools  3 types of schools  Dream school – may no get in, but is their top choice  Reach School – student stands a good chance of admission  Safety School – backup plan in case they need it

19 How to pay for college…  Financial Aid  Scholarships  Student Loans

20 Resources:  This College Board website is a free resource for college planning and comparing various colleges and discovering how to get money to pay for college.  My Next Move is a free website that utilizes important planning tools such as interest inventories; career information, and US and local salary averages.  is an online resource that focuses on finding scholarships to help you pay for school. It offers assistance with targeted scholarships, financial aid, college searches, and career advice.

21 Resources:  Career Connections from Guidance Direct is an interactive online college and career planning resource where students can find colleges and scholarships that meet their needs and preferences.  FAFSA is an online resource that students can sign in to discover how federal student aid can help them pay for college.*  *A representative will be conducting a workshop in the spring at Walton High School. If you are interested in attending, please sign up with Guidance before you leave.

22 Guidance Counselor Email: Phone number: 850-892-1270 ext. 4416

23 If your student is interested in college athletics…  2 Governing Bodies  NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)  No national clearinghouse, simple requirements  www.  NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)  Requires potential Division 1 and 2 student athletes to register at Check their website for required GPAs and ACT/SAT scores

24 Did you know…  WHS average ACT score is 24  State average ACT score 22

25 Class of 2014 Top College Acceptance…  Northwest Florida State College  Florida State University  Troy University  Gulf Coast State College  University of Florida  University of Central Florida

26 Learn to Earn: Your median income with a ….

27 Visit us at our new student services webpage…

28 NEW LINKS!!!! What’s new on our page

29 Senior Class Sponsor Email: Phone number: 850-892-1270 ext. 4471

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