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Center Grove High School Welcomes You! Parent Scheduling Night January 14, 2015 For 11 th Graders.

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1 Center Grove High School Welcomes You! Parent Scheduling Night January 14, 2015 For 11 th Graders

2 Agenda General Scheduling Information January 14 th - Q/A Session Information in the Hall of Excellence  Departments/Programs  Teachers and Staff

3 Early College Staff PrincipalMr. Doug Bird Assistant PrincipalMrs. Sandy Hillman VU Dean of StudentsMr. Drew Findlay Guidance CounselorMrs. Angela Chaplin VU Program Coordinator Mrs. Kim Weeks VU Secretary Mrs. Lori Teike Guidance Secretary Mrs. Karen Cornett Registrar Mrs. Beth Duffey

4 Scheduling Timeline Scheduling materials were distributed to 11 th grade students during STaR, January 13th Information regarding the entering of online course requests via Skyward was explained during class meetings with students. January 21, 2015 Deadline Course selection forms turned into the Guidance Office Online course selections completed on Skyward

5 Scheduling Timeline Mrs. Chaplin will schedule appointments with 11 th grade students through the end of February to review online course selections Master schedule is created based upon student demand and staff availability

6 Honors Courses Preparation for Advanced Placement (AP) and college-level work More critical thinking More intensive reading and writing assignments Self-discipline and motivation is necessary Good organizational skills are important Teacher recommendation required

7 Global Campus Opportunities Supplemental Online Program Emphasizes Real World Relevance Provides Meaningful Relationships Removes Barriers to Learning Kim Hendricks—Coordinator of Connected Learning Eric Nentrup – Virtual Educator

8 VU Course Opportunities Junior Status Based on Accuplacer scores These are ACTUAL COLLEGE COURSES More Critical Thinking Self-discipline, maturity, and motivation is necessary Good organizational skills are important

9 For students who do not test into ENGL 101 or MATH 102 u Seek tutoring from the EC Learning Center English – Mrs. Tina Mann Math – Ms. Hannah Beuoy u Visit the EC website on the CGHS webpage and sign up for My Foundations Lab. (See Mrs. Weeks, VU Coordinator, u Set up a reading list including both fiction and non- fiction and attack it! u Make sure your assignments are completed thoroughly and on time.

10 Schedule Change Policy Students will not be able to drop courses unless the request meets the following criteria:  need to meet high school graduation requirements  need to meet college entrance requirements  need to balance over-crowded classes  an error in computer entry  late staff changes Requested changes related to teacher assignments, lunch assignments, class periods. etc. will NOT be considered. Students selecting year long courses are committed to taking the entire year and will NOT be allowed to drop at semester.

11 Scheduling Changes u May 1 st is the FINAL deadline for making changes in your student’s course selections. u After the semester begins, students will remain in the classes they have chosen. u Teacher recommendations are vital to students being placed in courses that they have the best chance to be successful. u Academic Honors Diploma does NOT require honors classes.

12 Important Scheduling Information Check requirements for desired diploma (Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors, Core 40 with Technical Honors) as described in the Academic Guide. College bound students must have at least four, preferably five, college preparatory classes each semester of their high school career.

13 Important Scheduling Information As students progress through CGHS, choices will have to be prioritized and not all courses may fit into a schedule. Dual Credit opportunities are listed in the Academic Guide Applications may be required for some courses. Information will be available on the Guidance Website.

14 Scheduling Checklist…. Seven semester courses selected for each semester (not including study hall) Six alternate courses selected Course requests entered on Skyward Required teacher recommendations/teacher signatures obtained Parent and student signature


16 Remember… Course requests must be entered on Skyward and Course selection forms are due to Mrs. Chaplin by Wednesday, January 21, 2015!

17 Senior year – sample 1 st Semester2 nd Semester ENGL 101 – yearlong/ ENGL 102ENGL 101 – yearlong/ ENGL 202 MATH 102 – yearlong/ MATH 102/ACP Calculus MATH 102 – yearlong/ MATH 104/ACP Calculus Science – hs/ACP/EARTH 100 LIT 100/THEA 100/ARTT 110LITR 221/MGMT 100 SPCH 143/ POLS 111/HIST 139HIST 140/Econ EC/PHIL 212 SPAN 101/ECON 208SPAN 103/FACS 206 H.S. Elective Study Hall Total 20 - 22 - credit hours **Associate degree seekers may be eligible for 2 Study Halls each semester if taking a full load each semester 13 - 20 credit hours *Students don’t have to take Spanish; it counts as 8 hrs of Humanities credits.

18 X-mester on VU’s campus u The summer between junior and senior year u A one week experience on VU’s campus u Includes room and board u Three credit hour course – example Psychology, Music Appreciation or Speech u Cost is approximately $600 u Some Scholarships are available u Supervised study tables in the afternoon and evening by college fellows from in-state and out-of- state universities. u Excellent opportunity to experience college under supervision. u

19 Cost u Qualified hs teacher- $25/credit u Adjunct/online- $75/credit u Priority classes- $25/credit u -Final.sflb.ashx u X-mester- approximately $600 u Associates degree- App. $3,500 u Tuition must be paid by the first day of the semester.

20 Questions:  Sandy Hillman, EC Director-  Krista Hensley, EC Lead Teacher  Angela Chaplin, EC Counselor  Drew Findlay, VU Ass’t Academic Dean

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