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Gangs or Group? 1.Three or more members

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1 Gangs or Group? 1.Three or more members
Five criteria Where do they separate? 1.Three or more members 2.Have a name and identifiable leadership 3.Associate on a regular basis 4. Maintain an economic, Geographic, or criminal enterprise area 5. Group’s members engage in criminal activity It is the hope that this training will give you a little information about gangs and more information about our dealings with local gangs and gang crime in the area. 3. At the exclusion of others Gang Myths: that most members are juvenile; gang members only harm each other; most street gangs are turf oriented; gang weapons are knives and chains; gang graffitti is an art form; imprisonment destroys the gangs; gangs are a law enforcement problem. Mission or goal of a gang is to make money for the leaders. History of Gangs ’s youth group called the Black P Stone Rangers lead by Jeff Fort applied for and received a federal grant of 1.4 million dollars. These funds were used to support the gangs illegal activities. Because of the gangs success other gangs formed. Two of the most noteable were the Black Disciples led by David Barksdale and the Gangster Disciples led by Larry Hoover. The Black P Stone Nation and the Black Gangster Disciples were bitter rivals throughout the 1970’s. This bitter rivalry led to the bloodiest gang war in Chicago’s history.

2 People Nation/ Folk Nation
Mentality and Philosophy: All for One, One for All 1. The one on one fight becomes something of the past and now becomes a full disturbance. Code of Conduct 1. “Folk before Family” 2. “I will not let my brother fall to a knee” 3.”All is All” and “All is Well” (People) 4. “All is One” (Folk) During the 1980’s, within the prison walls, gangs began seperating into alliances. The two alliances that emerged were the People Nation and the Folk Nation. Many gangs or sets aligned with one of the two Chicago alliances. Incidents often occur over percieved/trivial matters that are percieved as disrespectful. Crossing off a rivals graffitti, or painting it upside down. Drinking from a plastic cup belonging to a rival gang member. Showing rival hand signs upside down or crossing out a rivals hand signs with another finger. Rules and codes must be strictly followed.

3 People Nation Sets Black P Stone Bishops Latin Kings Gaylords
ViceLords Latin Counts Spanish Lords Kents El Rukus Some of the People alignments

4 Folks Nation Sets (Forever Our Love KlingsStronger) (Follow Our Leader King Shorty)
Black Gangster Disciples Latin Disciples Black Disciples Maniac Latin Disciples Gangster Disciples Simon City Royals La Raza Spanish Gangsters Cobras Two Sixers Eagles

5 Other Gangs Motorcycle Gangs Outlaws Hell’s Angels
Black Pistons DC Eagles Heathens Zodiacs Masters Magnetos Hell’s Lovers There are eleven known motorcycle gangs reported in Northeastern Wisconsin. The Outlaws are the most prevalant. Search and intradiction story from Buttenut and Park Falls. Masiotra, Outlaw gathering to raise money for members on the run from the feds and the RICO act. Bar in Butternut and house in Park Falls. They can be identified by skull and pistons; one percenter tattoo, AOA, Story of Outlaw shooting at the Ozaukee Guzzlers Pony Roast in the 70’s and the disappearance of the witnesses. Hells Angels have members incarcerated within our prison system.

6 Local Gangs Gangster Disciples Latin Kings
Sovereign Nation/Natural Warriors SNW has a split between two leaders, Paul Shegoney and Jim Toy St. Germaine

7 Gangster Disciples (Folks)
Symbols for folk and GDs Six Point Star (Folk) The letters “GD” Initials “BOS” OR “BOSS” (GD) Raised pitchfork – three prong pointing up(folk) Number 6 (folk) Heart with horns (folk) Bent ear bunny Three point crown. Brothers of Struggle or brothers of the Strong Struggle. Folk Nation use right identifiers to distinguish themselves from the People nation. Right id is displayed by wearing articles of clothing to the right, such as caps, bandannas, and belt buckles. Wearing jewelry to the right and rolling up the right pant leg. Some of the graffitti on the storage sheds is GD.

8 Gangster Disciple Colors are blue and black, sometimes red.
Recruit through friends, associates, incidents, and word of mouth New members are “beat in “ or “sexed in” or commit a violent act to be accepted Other identifiers: crown, “6”, “74”, “360”, “720” a heart with wings. Graffitti on buildings and walking trail Linnked to crimes of battery, criminal damage to property, DC, drug trafficking (cocaine and THC), Harrassment/threats, possession of firearms, robbery and theft. Larry Hoover created the GD. 360= 360 degrees of knowledge; Blue stands for sky and how peaceful it is. Black signifies that our love should nevev override our ability to become fierce warriors. 6 point old and new. Was love, life, loyalty, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and 360 degrees of pure knowledge. New is unity, security, trust, education, economical, political development. 7-4 G and D

9 Latin Kings (People Nation)
Colors: Black and Gold Allied with Vicelords Well structured and organized All for one mentality Violations may result in physical assault or death 5 point star and 5 point crown Three point crown Black is for universe and gold or yellow is brightest color of sun. Meaning of crown points: Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding for three point. Five point meaning is love, honor , obedience, sacrifice, and righteousness.

10 Latin Kings Upside down pitch fork The “Master” Lions
LCO had Latin King members sentenced to federal prison. Now paroling. Housing issues and the cities Cody Wade shot in apprx 2005 by members of the LK gang in LCO. He was lured to a 49er party and killed. Housing inadvertently put gang members in old established communities and terrorized the elders and the young.

11 SNW (Sovereign Nation Warriors) SNS (Sovereign Nation Society)
Started in the 1990’s in Lac Du Flambeau Paul Shegoney and Jim St. Germaine and split Color Purple, bandanna’s 6 point star, TVO (The Violent Ones), 1744 All Gangsters do Dirt), D4L( Down for Life), 23(23rd letter of alphabet for W, Warrior) Meetings on Sat. night and $25 month dues Drumming used to gather in institution Connections with Latin Kings on east coast. Manifesto found in a search of a LK home by Homocide in 1999 and then in 2008. Recruiting in the jail Slashing chests, bloodiing Ashland newspaper article. LDF newspaper article; TVO the violent ones; 1744 all gangsters do dirt; 23 Warrior Victim in 1999 was Steven Le Sieur and in 2008 David Kadlec. Defendants in the 1999 incident were Robert Martin, Mathew Armstrong, Anthony Poupart, George Wolfe Jr.

12 Native Mob Native Mob History of Native Mob
Native Mob is a gang in alliance with the Peoples Nation it was originated in Minneapolis Minnesota. It is one of the biggest gangs in prison and on reservations through out the U.S. It’s an up coming Gang in the U.S. The members of the Gang consist of mostly Native Americans. There are gang signs in Fargo North Dakota proving that there is Native Mob members in Fargo. We believe that the leader is of guy named Bear. Native Mob is not yet considered a threat but with the right kind of leadership Native Mob could become a big threat. Symbols of Native Mob Native Mob symbols consist of the upside down pitch fork, five-point star, the number five, medicine wheel, and five point crown. Native Mob colors consist of red, black, yellow and white, and the often where there cloths to the right side of there body. Enemies of Native Mob There is current word going around that the Native Mob is feuding with The Gangster Disciples (aka GDs), there is also proof that they are feuding with the Crips and any other gangs affiliated with Folk Nation. Warrior Society Origin By-Laws Art & Tattoos The majority of the Native American inmates coming into the prison system join the Native American Brotherhood. The N.A.B. is a group which unites the Native Americans inside the prison system to ensure the religious practices and ceremonial beliefs can be met. Within the N.A.B. are the younger, stronger and more aggressive inmates. These inmates could be considered the “elite” N.A.B., the Warrior Society. The purpose of the organization of the Warrior Society was for protection from other inmates and STG’s in the units. Before the Warrior Society existed, the Native Americans, because they were minority, were often victimized by other inmates. All members will learn traditional sign language. All members will be given names to use when on organization business. ,

13 Native Mob By-Laws (Directly from hand written document)
All members must be Native American All members must be loyal to the people - unto death All members have to put in at least 2-4 years martial arts (full contact) training. All members must walk the Red Road No Drinking/partying except on own time No member is to marry a non-Native American No members are to help out any Native American Bro'/Sis' who's in trouble whether they're in the right or wrong. Once a member, always a member. Jeopardizing organization or the people is punishable by death All Warriors are to be trained in traditional & Modern war-fare techniques. All Warriors are to be highly trained with the use of traditional and modern weaponry. In times of personal stress - all members are to go to elders or medicine people for council without giving organization away. Organization is to keep weaponry storage area. No member is to use weapons in any thing but self-defense or defense of one of the people. All members are to be fully trained in tracking, survival, etc. Separate storage area will be kept for sacred items. All members will enter sacred sweat lodge at least three (3) times a week. All members are to keep them selves in peak physical condition. Bank account is to be kept for organizations funds. Only members of council are to have access to organization funds. There will be an organization council made up of all dedicated wise-members. When violence is in danger of happening - council are the ones who have final say. All members will help & stand by each other whether in right or wrong. All members will make monthly contributions to organization funds. Yearly Donations will be made to chosen Native American organizations. All members will be fluent in a few different Native American tongues.

14 Native Mob – Art and Tattoo’s

15 Native Mob Warrior Society Art & Tattoos Indian Posse
Indian Posse, also known as the IP, is an aboriginal street gang set in Western Canada based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is one of the largest street gangs in Canada. Some estimates have placed membership in the gang at over 2,000, half of which are reportedly in a database maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Although most are incarcerated, the IP still seems to be growing. The colors of the Indian Posse are red and black. I.P's Colors are: Red, Black and Brown Indian Posse is from part of Winnipeg called (North End). Mainly in the Point from Douglas neighborhood. But are strongly making a come back to the Luxton Hood in the North side. IP isn’t the same like back in the day since most of the members are now serving jail sentences EXTREMELY STRONG in jails. Posse Killers Posse Killers, PK, is a gang in the North End of Winnipeg. The group was formed as a rival against the Indian Posse. Its main rival is of course, the Indian Posse. The gang has connections in Edmonton and Saskatchewan. Along with Cash Money Bros (C.M.B) and Ruthless Posse (R.P) P.K is a splinter gang from the Indian Posse Their Colors are White, Black and Grey. Native Syndicate , The Native Syndicate, known as N$, is a native street gang located in western Canada. Members have recently been decreasing, although once was a large gang. Many say that the gang is small because many members were put into jail. (NSK)

16 Native Mob Indian Posse Native Syndicate Killas (NSK) Redd Alert
Saskatchewan Warriors - users have reported Native Syndicate have had constant wars with the Saskatchewan Warriors over the drug trade in both the Saskatchewan Penitentiary's medium and maximum security facilities, as well as in Regina Correctional Centre According to users, Native Syndicate are primarily identified by the color black, with Northern Manitoba members wearing the colors of the Raiders. Native Syndicate in Winnipeg are represented by the white flag. Slogans "Once in, in for life" "T.T.O.O." - this thing of ours "N.D.J.M." - never die just multiply "N.M.N.S." - Northern Manitoba Native Syndicate Signs and Tattoos NS stamp on the hand Two feathers, tomahawk and spears

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