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Family Tree Music Video Do NOT include this slide in your video.

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1 Family Tree Music Video Do NOT include this slide in your video.

2 Allen Peel Father's Paternal Grandmother Louis Storms Father's Maternal Grandmother John Maiden Mother's Paternal Grandmother John Savage Mother's Maternal Grandmother Vera Maiden Virgil Peel Glen Peel Bergie Storms Kelly Maiden Grace Savage Dan SAMPLE: Delete this slide when saving as JPEG’s. Do NOT include this slide in your video.

3 Father's Paternal Grandfather Father's Paternal Grandmother Father's Maternal Grandfather Father's Maternal Grandmother Mother's Paternal Grandfather Mother's Paternal Grandmother Mother's Maternal Grandfather Mother's Maternal Grandmother Mother Father Father's Father Father's Mother Mother's Father Mother's Mother Me Fill in as much as you can. You won’t get everything! NOTE: Mother’s Maiden Names are sometimes used as a security question. DO NOT include this slide in your Video. (However, Keep it in your PowerPoint for your LPHS Heredity Health Project.) Brother Sister Do NOT include this slide in your video.

4 Family Tree Music Video Directions: (Grade 6 through Adult) Watch the Sample Video Download Template, Fill in Family Data on Slide Three. INTERNET SAFETY: Mother’s Maiden Name are Sometimes used as a security question. Keep this slide in your PowerPoint BUT DO NOT include it in your movie. Import pictures into PowerPoint. (Scan older ones.) Save PowerPoint Type as “JPEG”. IMPORT JPEG’s into Windows MovieMaker or iMovie. (Then Delete unused slides from MovieMaker or iMovie.) Add music with a “Family” Theme. SAVE Project (so that you can make changes/additions). SAVE MOVIE. (In Windows MovieMaker it will be.wmv) Do NOT include this slide in your video.

5 Family Tree Music Video Dear Parents, Mr. Peel's project of using H.istory M.usic V.ideos (Humvees) in 6th Grade Social Studies Class for T.A.G. / Enrichment Common Time / Extra Credit teaches the student to: 1. Plan out their project well to avoid time consuming mistakes. Planning a project in teams is part of collaboration. 2. Organize their information well. They learn a lot about linear and non-linear information strategies. Some things can be added in a non-linear way such as inserting a slide. Some things need to be correct before the next step, such as spelling. To take a slide with a misspelled word and correct it after it has been converted into a jpeg and inserted into Windows Movie Maker means going back several steps to a PPT program to fix it, then reconverting it to jpeg. Etc. 3. Once in WMM students learn about flow charts or input of slides/information in an orderly way. Adding in transitions and timing to the music means having all the elements needed in order or the project doesn't work right. Taking slides in/out in a non-linear way will throw off the music timing. 4. Consequences of bad organization become graver the further along the student is into the project. Often students have to start over after the music is in the timeline if a slide has to be corrected or added in. The whole project is off. 5. Becoming knowledgeable about file formats is very important as well as learning about what programs take different formats and how to work with them. 6. Using different kinds of equipment and multiple literacies: words + music + pictures converted to a movie. meets National Education Technology Standards (NETS): #4,#5,and #6. If you need copies of these, please let me know. Mrs. B. Middle School Media Center Director Do NOT include this slide in your video.

6 Family Tree Music Video ! Use the Template to Make Your Own… Video Begins With the next slide (SLIDE 7). Just type in your Last Name! Do NOT include this slide in your video.

7 (Your Last Name) Family Tree Brother Sister

8 Parents

9 Paternal Grandparents

10 Maternal Grandparents

11 Father’s Paternal Grandparents (My Great Grandparents)

12 Father’s Maternal Grandparents (My Great Grandparents)

13 Mother’s Paternal Grandparents (My Great Grandparents)

14 Mother’s Maternal Grandparents (My Great Grandparents)

15 Siblings (Brothers & Sisters)

16 Favorite Family Sayings Our Favorite Family Saying:

17 Famous Ancestors

18 Country of Origin (Map, Flag)

19 Family Heirlooms Old photos, pictures of old dishes, pocket watch, Family Farm, something that has been in the family for years, etc. Delete this text before saving as JPEGS.

20 Family Crest Google -> images-> “(Your Last Name) Family Crest”. Insert if you have one. Then delete this crest.

21 Interesting Family Facts!

22 Pets Pics Only, NO Pet Names. (Sometimes Used as Security Question.) Delete this warning before saving as JPEGS.

23 Family Vacations ! Insert Pictures and/or names of vacation places. Delete this instruction before saving as JPEGS.

24 Aunts & Uncles

25 Cousins

26 Nephews & Nieces



29 Usually, the end of the Movie with Movie Credits. The slides after this one will PROBABLY NOT BE USED. If you need to use them, move them up in your PowerPoint. Do NOT include this slide in your video.

30 Spouse

31 Children

32 Blended Families

33 Step-Parents, Grandparents, Siblings

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