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Scavenger Hunts Prepared by Patti Shaw Manassas City Public Schools January, 2001.

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1 Scavenger Hunts Prepared by Patti Shaw Manassas City Public Schools January, 2001

2 What are Scavenger Hunts ?  Scavenger Hunts are a tool for teaching your students how to search for information while using the Internet and provide an interesting format for instruction.

3 Why use Scavenger Hunts?  Scavenger Hunts can be used in every curriculum area and grade level.  Scavenger Hunts provide students with technology skills and subject matter knowledge.  Scavenger Hunts can be used as the introductory or culminating activity for a unit of study.  Scavenger Hunts may also be the unit of study itself, making the students more active learners.  Scavenger Hunts are easy to create.

4 Types of Scavenger Hunts  Twenty Questions: the teacher creates questions or items to look for and the students use a search engine to locate the information.  Twenty Sites: the teacher creates questions and provides the hypertext link to the URL where the answer can be located. The URL can either be written out, or a hyperlink can be created by highlighting a word or phrase.

5 Ways to create a Scavenger Hunt  Type a Scavenger Hunt in Word, print and give to the students to find the answers.  Create a Scavenger Hunt and save it on a disk or on the hard drive after creating the hyperlinks. Students can work on the Hunt on their computers.  Create a Web page Scavenger Hunt. Examples: enger.htm enger.htm

6 Scavenger Hunt Examples *Internet Treasure Hunts for Students Try the Colonial Americas Scavenger Hunt Exciting Internet Treasure Hunts-All Topics and Grade Levels s.html The Scavenger Hunt Page Daedalus Design Group

7 Scavenger Hunt Examples Continued Internet Scavenger Hunts-All Subjects Colonial and Revolutionary American Scavenger Hunt Numerous Examples Scavenger Hunt enger.html

8 Still More Examples... Numerous Examples Scroll down and check #5. Internet Treasure Hunt for ESL Students World Wide Web Scavenger Hunt ml Colonial Scavenger Hunt Happy Hunting!

9 Sample Scavenger Hunt Question 1. Poetry for Kids What is making this author laugh? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Type your Scavenger Hunt using Word. Save it on your desktop, where it will be ready for your students to use. All they have to do is read the question, click on the underlined link and they will be taken right to the web site to find the answer. If you have a hard copy printed out they can write their answers on that.

10 Resources  The Connected Classroom Strategies for using the Internet  Scavenger Hunt Templates  Education World Scavenger Hunts:Searching for Treasure on the Internet!  Spartanburg District 3 County Schools Why use Scavenger Hunts?

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