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2 SCHOLARSHIPS, OPPORTUNITIES AND CONTESTS (SOC)  Found on LHS website Guidance/Counseling Scholarships  Sent via email  Updated periodically

3 OFFICE OF STUDENT ACCESS AND COMPLETION (OSAC)  Over 400 scholarships  One on-line application  Apply for up to 20 scholarships  One specific to LHS Juanita Brown Struble EducationMedicine EngineeringMusic LawScience

4 SCHOLARSHIPS UNIQUE TO LHS  Alta Ballew Scholarship Funded by a trust account Ten to 12 $4,000 scholarships awarded each year Above average GPA Acceptance letter from 4 year school EFC from FAFSA  Class Of 1946 Scholarship Funded by a 1946 graduate Good citizen Aptitude and capability to succeed at 4 year school Acceptance letter from 4 year school EFC from FAFSA  Curt & Margaret Uschmann Memorial Scholarship Funded by a trust account Two $2,000 and 10 to 12 $1,000 scholarships awarded each year Applicants, not just recipients, can reapply for next three years For average to below average student EFC from FAFSA Interview

5 SCHOLARSHIPS UNIQUE TO LHS  Eye To Eye Vision Care Scholarship Acceptance letter from 4 year school 2.75 GPA or higher Science related field of study  George Henderson Memorial Scholarship (Kiwanis) Key Club membership preferred Strong community service and volunteerism  Lebanon Aquatic District Scholarship 3.5 GPA or higher Acceptance letter from 2 or 4 year school Employed by LAD as instructor or lifeguard for 2 years  LUHS Class Of 1968 Scholarship Academic excellence Excellent behavior 2 of 3: athletics, leadership, performing arts

6 SCHOLARSHIPS UNIQUE TO LHS  Matthew Charley Memorial Scholarship Relative battling cancer, its impact on student Entering a trade 2.00 to 3.00 GPA  Matthew Graves Memorial Scholarship Further education to be self-supporting  Princess Samantha Stephens Scholarship Attend Western Oregon University  Rob Williams Memorial Scholarship Student Athlete Collegiate sport “walk-on” Volunteerism 2.5 GPA or higher  Western University Of Health Sciences COMP-NW Science related field of study Intend to work in health care in the Pacific Northwest

7 RATING SCHOLARSHIPS  GPA  Financial need  Miscellaneous attributes Activities & interests Awards & honors Volunteer work & activities Work experience  Potential for success Desire to secure an education to become self-supporting Consideration given to: Attendance Community service and/or volunteerism Level of coursework

8 LEBANON SCHOOLS FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS  Bob & Helen Grimes Scholarship (1) Medical  Bob Grimes Memorial Scholarship (1) Engineering  Edward & Mary Woods Memorial Scholarship (2) Specific Christian colleges, attend LHS at least 3 years  * Lifetime Vision Source Scholarship (1)  Linn Gear Industrial Arts Scholarship (Varies) Industrial Arts  McDaniel Optimist Spirit Scholarship (1) Optimism and involved with Greater Santiam Boys & Girls Club  McDaniel Optimist Scholarship (Varies) Optimism  McDaniel LBCC Rick Franklin Scholarship (1) Trades  * Reeves Family Memorial Scholarship (Varies)  Richard M. Lehnert Memorial Scholarship (1) Education  * Scholarships Forever (Varies)  Virginia Link Memorial Scholarship (1) Education  * Youngdahl Family Scholarship (Varies) * One application for all four scholarships – looking at achievement!

9 SPECIFIC SCHOLARSHIPS  Agriculture  Automotive  Aviation  Broadcasting  Children of veterans  Education  Engineering  GPA above 3.0  GPA below 3.0  Medical  Music  Lebanon Education Association  Lebanon Educational Support Professionals Association  Employers: ATI Wah Chang, Georgia-Pacific, Other Employers  Junior Optimist Youth Award Winner (K-12)  Junior Rotarian (18 Eligible, 2 Awarded) Service Organizations: Masonic Lodge, Odd Fellows, Pearl Rebekahs

10 WORDS OF WISDOM  Familiarize yourself with the application  Research the “purpose” of the scholarship donor  Be aware of the deadline  Read and follow all directions  Provide all required documentation  Allow 48 hours to get official transcript  Allow 2 weeks to get letters of recommendation  Type or legibly write in black or blue ink  Review your application before submitting  Keep copies of everything you submit

11 WORDS OF WISDOM  Prioritize the scholarships - local, state, national  Prioritize by deadline  Apply for as many scholarships as you qualify for  Interested in more than one field of study, apply for all, let the scholarship committee decide  Cut & paste  Interview Be on time Dress appropriately Make eye contact Be aware of your behavior Ask questions Thank the interviewers

12 BEYOND LHS (EXPANDED DIPLOMA)  As a senior, apply for scholarships! These can be used for credits above the 12 credits the BLHS Program pays for.  Before finishing the BLHS Program, apply for scholarships! You are still considered a high school student.  Complete the FAFSA. It’s good practice!

13 Free Application Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  Go to You will pay if you go!  File as close to January 1, 2015 as possible  Apply for 2015-2016 academic year  Use 2013 income tax information  Update when you file 2014 income tax information  List schools you want to get FAFSA information  Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) Do not panic!

14 STATISTICS Scholarships range from $150 to $4,000 2013-2014 School Year  $134,350 Awarded  46 Students  Two received a total of $16,800 each 2012-2013 School Year  $120,550 Awarded 2011-2012 School Year  $118,340 Awarded

15 CONTACT INFORMATION Michele Burd Scholarship Coordinator 541-451-8555 x 1022

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