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Jaguar Jubilee Parent Orientation

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1 Jaguar Jubilee Parent Orientation
Guion Creek Middle School Welcome !

2 Administrative Team Mrs. Maggie Hernandez Bishop- Principal
Mrs. Kathy Hyduk – Assistant Principal Mr. Cy Johnson – Assistant Principal Mr. Quentin Hunter – Athletic Director Mr. Shine– Resource Officer/Campus Monitor Guidance Department Mrs. Amy White– Counselor () Ms. Qiana Miller – Counselor ()

3 Agenda Important Dates The Class Schedule Sample Schedule
Bell Schedule Skyward Dress Code Tardy Policy Programs/Activities School Resources

4 Important Dates August 13th – First day of school
August 22nd – Picture Day August 28th – Back to School Night September 25th – Parent-Teacher Conferences September 13 – Progress reports …..

5 6th grade Student CLASSES
The Student Schedule is based on a 8 period day rotation with 7 class periods per day. For Example: 6th Grade Curriculum includes: Language Arts Related Arts: Directed Studies Math Choir Science Band Reading Orchestra Social Studies P.E./Wellness

6 student Schedule 8:45 a.m. Universal Breakfast in classroom
School day: 8:50 a.m. - 3:50 p.m. Class periods: 50 minutes Passing periods: 3 minutes Related-Arts passing periods: 4 minutes 6th grade Lunch Time: E lunch-12:33-1:03 F lunch-12:47-1:17

7 Skyward Type into your internet browser.
Log into Skyward using the username and password provided by the district. If you do not have a username and password contact the school office at

8 Dress Code expectations/policy
Shirts Color - any SOLID Style - Polo-style (no logos); Worn - Tucked in and buttoned at all times Undershirts Color - any SOLID (no visible printing) Style - long or short sleeved (no printing on sleeves) Worn - tucked in at all times, under appropriate shirt; Crew neck or V-neck No visible camisoles or other attire considered "underwear" by administration Shoes Style - Any closed-toe shoe; Closed-heel or strap-heel; NO flip-flops Socks, Stockings, Tights, Hose Color - Any solid color Pants, Walking-Shorts, Skirts, Capris, Skorts, Jumpers: Color:Khaki (tan) Navy Blue Black StylePleated or flat front Cargo, Dickie, or Docker style; must be wide (NO SKINNY LEG-style) NO JEANS OR DENIM; Worn pulled up on the waistline. Pants must be worn Loose at bottom (NO banding, tucking, rolling, with or without rubber bands or strings) Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, Jumpers must be worn No more than 2 inches above the knee  Belt Style - any appropriate leather or cloth; Worn - Visible and fastened at all times; Buckle MUST be a standard size and non-ornamental Sweaters, Sweatshirts Color - any solid Style Hoodless Crewneck Button down Waist length Solid vest – front and back; Worn - over an approved shirt with collar visible

Use the agenda book to track assignments. Contact the teacher by or by phone. Know the dates for progress/report cards. Fall & Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences. Visit the School—Attend Back-to-School Night Request a conference with teachers. Periodically check progress on Skyward.

10 Tardy Policy 1 – 2 Warning 3 Phone call home to parent
4 ½ hour after-school detention 4p - 4:30p 6 2hr after-school detention 4p - 6p 8 Saturday School (on schedule 8a - 11a) 10 Parent Conference (student in ISS until conf. held) 12 One-day Pike Support Academy (8a - 4:30p) 14 Three-day Pike Support Academy assignment 16 Parent Conference (student in ISS until conf. held) 18 One-day Out-of-School Suspension

11 Academic information Progress reports Report cards Skyward Access

12 After-school Activities & Clubs
WJAG Sisters to Sisters Academic Teams Student Council Multicultural Scholars National Junior Honor Society La Plaza Mother/Daughter Club Readers are Winners Club Athletics Tutoring Jazz Band, Honors Choir and Honors Orchestra

13 School Resources Social Worker Cummins Behavorial Health
Interpreter/Language Translation support Chartwells Food Service/Free-Reduced application School Counselors School Nurse Attendance Secretary/Registrar Lobby Hostess (Use of Lobby Guard) School Treasurer-Book Rental Athletic Director Athletic Trainer

14 VIP Very Important Parent (VIP a.k.a. PTA)
Parent Volunteers (e.g. bookstore, assist teachers, read to students)

15 6TH Grade athletics Cross-Country Tennis Wrestling Swimming Track
Intramurals All athletes must have a physical and concussion forms on file

Prepare for class with supplies and materials. Agenda-to record assignments and hall passes. Know due dates for classwork and homework. Punctuality-On time arrival for class. Absences-Complete makeup work. Participate actively and positively in class. Choose friends wisely Lockers-Your combination is for you/no one else

ISTEP+ Open-ended Part 1- March Multiple-choice Part 2- April 28 - May 9 Acuity Predictive A (LA/M) Sept. 23-Oct. 4 Predictive B (LA/M) Nov. 25-Dec. 10 Predictive B (Sci./Soc. St) (6-7) Dec Predictive C (Sci./Soc. St) (6-7) Feb Predictive C (LA/M) Feb LAS Links Jan Feb. 28 High Ability Oct (new students 6-7) Jan. 21 – 31 (all 6-7)

18 We are so glad that you are here; We look forward to a great year!
Welcome to Guion! We are so glad that you are here; We look forward to a great year! See you back on Tuesday, August 13, 2013!

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