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Welcome to Piedmont Middle School, An IB World School Piedmont 101 August 14, 2014.

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1 Welcome to Piedmont Middle School, An IB World School Piedmont 101 August 14, 2014

2 Jackie Barone, Principal Welcome, Introductions, and Housekeeping -Dawn Johnston, Academic Facilitator/IB Coordinator -Eric Tornfelt, Jeffrey Joyce – APs -Rolando Parkins, Dean -Lisa Case, Marie Delaney - Counselors IB Magnet School – 100% School Leadership Team (SLT) PTSA

3 Eric Tornfelt, Assistant Principal School Security Volunteerism - Opportunities available: PTSA, SLT, field trip chaperones, test proctors, club day advisor CMS approved volunteers – Kimberly Potts( –Approved or Not Approved –Class visits (see policy online) –Must sign-up for Piedmont BSEP/ASEP

4 asep –6:45 a.m. (BSEP) –6:00 p.m. (ASEP –$25 registration* –$50 BSEP, $35 ASEP* –$76 both programs* –Daily rate of $15 per program* –Register online * = 2013-2014 fees

5 Marie Delaney, Counselor Life at Piedmont School Hours: 9:15 – 4:15 4 core courses each day plus flex block A Day/B Day for encore (elective) –1 st day of school = A Day School day hours: 8:45 Doors open/universal breakfast 9:00 Homebase & Announcements 9:15 Instruction begins 4:15 Dismissal Tardy information – late bus is not a tardy

6 Life at Piedmont, cont. Walkers Carpool procedures (red awning)– –Drop – off 8:45 – 9:15 on lot (only 2 lanes open in a.m.) –After 9:15 (tardy), sign-in at main office Bus procedures -mailing -shuttle stops (transportation website)

7 Life at Piedmont, cont. Dismissal procedures –Early dismissal no later than 3:45 –4:15 dismissal –Pick up by 4:30 –3 lanes open in car lot in p.m. –Students will receive car-rider number –If supervision not on lot, come to main office to sign out student –Change in transportation – form on the webpage

8 IB Requirements Community & Service: Due by April 24,2015 20 hours = 6 th grade 25 hours = 7 th grade 30 hours = 8 th grade ***hours are entered in PowerSchool (math) Pass all core classes, health/PE, and one encore (IKE-R) Pass world language

9 Community & Service Forms located on website in planner outside Student Services Hours after June 10, 2014 are valid Summer hours due at end of Q1 Hours due at end of each quarter

10 Scheduling Students will receive printed schedule first week of school Homebase teacher will call next week TD/AIG Honors Math – rubric from elem. School Honors LA – 95 th %ile and above Integrated science/SS

11 6 th Grade Teachers Curriculum and homework How to help with homework Organization Projects (checkpoints) Weebly/Wiki-pages/group e-mails Internet access BYOT

12 The First 2 Weeks – Orientation Period Lockers Encore – clubs/sports Supplies (bring reading book, bookbag, pen/pencil, notebook, on Day 1) Earbuds PE –Uniform available for purchase (not required) –Dress code = school colors –Locks highly reccommended Fees ($20) – OSP flyer on 1 st day of school Summer Reading and Math requirements Breakfast – Be here before 9:00!!!

13 MAP Assessments Computer/adaptive assessment 3 times in Math and LA Info on instructional level not mastery of skills – “road map”

14 Attendance/PowerSchool Lou Self, Data Manager Susan Stone, Student Services Hlenia Buckley, Attendance Secretary What is PowerSchool? No username or password – Susan Stone (online support first) Attendance – Hlenia Buckley Immunizations –Fax to 980-343-5557 OR –Bring info to Open House Contact teacher first with concerns re grades, attendance, etc. PARENTS ARE EXPECTED TO MONITOR POWERSCHOOL

15 PowerSchool Parent Portal (unavailable in summer) –Account set-up: –Portal Overview: NBLK0mbk& NBLK0mbk& –Phone support: 980-343-9420

16 Cafeteria (all info on CMS webpage) Joy Davis, Cafeteria Manager Food Options, Cost Pay-pams Lunch numbers (***not the same as last year) Forms – Free/Reduced Lunch Breakfast and Lunch – split lunch for Healthy Kids

17 Discipline Eric Tornfelt, Rolando Parkins, Jeffrey Joyce, Officer Rorie – Admin Team Bullying Social Media Code of Conduct Cell phones/electronics – see policy on webpage Bus Concerns – Admin Team and Coach Ashley Dress code Discipline Plan Water, Kool-Aid Field trip exclusion (also includes fines) Intervention Team Exit from the Magnet Program (Behavior is a continuation requirement and not an entrance requirement)

18 Middle School Social and Developmental Concerns 504s/IEPs – specifications and renewal meetings –504s – grade level counselor –IEPs – Caroline Grossman (EC case manager) Medications and forms –School Nurse = Shelly Smith Asthma – no scented lotions, perfumes, Axe, etc. He said/she said, bullying, teasing Hygiene

19 Communication How we can help you Help sheets Contacting Assistant Principal and Counselor Parent Conferences (Counselor will contact in Sept. for MCV/504) – scheduled through student services –Tuesdays/Wednesdays during teacher planning time Action Alerts/PowerSchool information Parent binder PTSA group e-mail Saturday morning principal messages (also wiki- page)

20 Communication: Teachers are a resource Pirate Planner Telephone Email/internet/website Facebook: Piedmont Middle School, An IB World School Twitter: @PiedmontIB Delaney and Barone link on wiki-page Printed materials Papers needing to be signed Teachers are first point of contact

21 What’s Next? Finish summer reading and math! Expect a phone call from homebase teacher Open House – August 21, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

22 Questions???? Contact us: (980)343-5435

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