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Medicine Ball Exercises Hit the Keyboard Arrows to navigate.

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1 Medicine Ball Exercises Hit the Keyboard Arrows to navigate

2 Athlete is in the press up position on a mat with a medicine ball placed to the side of one of his hands. The idea of the exercise is to touch the medicine ball with the opposite hand. Then swap the ball to the other side and repeat exe. (further away from the hand that the ball is placed makes the exe` harder). Novice 5 each side Advanced 10/ 20 each side 1 set each side

3 Press up position again but this time place the ball in front of the head and the exercise is to rock forwards and to touch the ball with the forehead and then back to the start position (flat feet). As above the further away from the head the ball is the harder it gets. Novice 10 Adv 20 2 x set = 40 touches total

4 Athlete is sat with the medicine ball placed between the legs on the floor. Athlete picks up the ball and “pushes” backwards and “up” to 2nd person standing to his/her rear. The action is a push and not a throw backwards. Novice 10 Adv 20 2 x set

5 Press up position to start and the ball is placed before the head, the athlete stretches forwards to touch the ball with his/her fingers and the further away the ball is then more difficult the exercise Novice- 10 Adv -20 1 x set left arm/hand 1 x set right arm/hand

6 Athlete stands upright with hands behind their back and then they keep the torso upright and bend only the Knees until they touch the ball in front of them on the floor. (knees must touch) Novice –10 Adv-20 2x set

7 Two athletes per exercise and object is one throw to the feet and the other “kicks” it back with both feet. Then they swap places so that each do the exercise twice each 2 sets of 20 each athlete = 40 kicks each

8 Two athletes, one throw and the other does a “one leg kick “- alternate each leg, 10 x each leg 2 sets of 20 each athlete = 40 kicks each

9 Two athletes to do the exercise alternate One sit on the floor and then raise legs and feet off thefloor and remain like this. The other athlete then throws/passes the ball to them and they throw/push it back. All legs remain off floor until exercise is finished. Nov-10 each Adv-20 each 2 x set = novice: 20 throws or Adv :40 throws

10 Two athlete per exe One lay flat on their back and the other drops the medicine ball from a height so that the athlete( laid down) catches it and pushes it straight back up into the air as high as they can where the second athlete catches it then repeats the process. They then swap over and do the exercise again so that each athlete does the exercise twice. 2 sets x 20 each set=40 in total

11 2 x athletes per exercise. One hold the medicine ball and then step/ lunge forwards so that the knee of the rear leg touches the floor whilst at the same time throwing (push throw) the ball to his/her partner. The thrower stays in this one legged kneeling position until the partner bounces the ball back to them where the kneeling athlete then catches the ball and then stands up and lunges with the other leg so that the other knee now goes to the floor whilst throwing the ball again. Each time the partner bounces the ball back to the thrower. In effect it is like stepping forwards so that the back knee is kneeling and then carry on forward each alternate back leg kneeling. (As one would whilst receiving a Knighthood,Confusing I know) 10 lunges in total each athlete -covers about 15mtrs in distance.

12 2 x athletes per exe The athlete “squats” down holding the med ball to their chest and then they do a “leap” as a frog would do at the same time they push/ throwing the ball high in the air to a partner. The partner bounces it back and the exercise is repeated over and over again. Each partner alternating after set. 2 x set of ten throws (adv )

13 2 x athletes per exe One athlete adopts the press up position with legs slightly wide apart. A med ball is placed in between the legs/ankles and held by the second athlete holding the sides/underneath of the ball only to keep it in position whilst the 1st athlete then jumps to touch (not land on) the top of the ball and then back to astride the ball(feet on floor) again doing this as quickly as they can for 20 x jumps/touches.* It is critical that the exercising athlete does not land heavily on the ball as this will injure the “holding athlete” *The action is lightly touch the top of the ball with both feet and then back to the floor (as if the ball was an egg and it would break) 2 x set -20 each =40 touches

14 2x athletes Just sit up throws over the back of a chair Novice- 2x10 Adv - 2x20 each

15 2 x athletes One sit and one throw but this uses 2 med balls ie, one under, one over the top and it is usually done during the early part of January for speed. Nov-10 each Adv-20 each 2 x set = novice: 20 throws or Adv :40 throws

16 2 x athletes One athlete kneels down on the mat and the object is to throw the ball from behind the back of the neck and when the ball is released the throwing athlete carries on down to touch both hands on the mat (similar to a press up position on knees) before kneeling up again for the next throw. This is done repeatedly. Nov 2x10 Adv 2x20

17 Triceps lifts from the back of the head to full arm extension using arms only. Nov 10 Adv 20 1 set only

18 Athlete sits down with slightly bent legs and the medicine ball is placed between the ankles. Object is to then roll backwards “flicking” the ball at the same time to partner who is stood at the back of them. Set: 1x20

19 2 x athlete one athlete lays down flat with arm stretched out flat whilst the other athlete rolls the ball to his arms/head and the ball is then slightly lifted off the floor and pushed back to the second athlete. This is repeated. Novice 1x10 Advanced 1x20 I x Set

20 This is for advanced athletes only and needs good timing between two athletes. One athlete lays down on his/her front and raises themselves into a Hyper position by pushing fully up to extended arms whilst the second athlete kneels down with the ball facing them. The ball is then thrown gently to the exercising athlete who pushes/pats it back to them and then falls to the mat with flat hands where they push themselves back up to the hyper position for the next throw. *Timing is critical for the thrower else the exercising athlete could be hit in the face non the less this is an excellent exercise for throwers* 1x20 each athlete

21 3 x athletes As in the above picture the ball is thrown from the front to the sitting athlete who then lays/rolls onto their back and then pushes the ball to the catcher at the rear. The rear catcher then throws the ball back to the front thrower and all is repeated for number of sets All take their turns at each station ie. facing throwers, exercising athlete and rear facing athlete. 2 sets of 20 for each athlete

22 Athlete stands upright and places med ball behind kneck then does a full squat and jumps up and throws the ball as high into the air as they can. 20 x jumps

23 Stand and place one leg on a chair or similar and then place something to touch (ball or similar) so that the athlete has to twist sideways and downwards to touch it. Then do the alternate side. 1X 20each side

24 Press up position but instead of dropping downwards and pressing back up the athlete goes down to one side (one side arm collapses) and presses back up. Then do the alternate side. Very hard Nov 1 x10 Adv 1 x20

25 Core Stability Exercise (stomach/lower back) Athlete lay on back with legs together at 90degrees to body straight up in the air as per drawing. The exe is to keep the feet together and drop the legs to the floor on one side whilst keeping the shoulders firmly on the floor. Bring them back to 90 degrees and then drop the other side touching the floor with the feet (as per pendulum) (Advantageous if possible to place an athlete on each shoulder pressing down to keep them on the floor as the exercise is being done.) Novice. 5 each side Advanced. 10/20 each side 1 set only

26 Core Stability Exe Hard to explain this one but here goes. The object of this is a core stability exercise for the trunk/stomach by where the athlete lays down flat on their back. They then extend their arms fully out parallel to the floor and clasp the hands together and whist keeping the arms in this extended position they keep their legs straight and lift them off the floor and then “roll over “ once until they get back to the start position. Nothing must touch the floor during the “roll” and watch the elbows because it hurts if they hit the floor. At this point they do a sit up and then lay flat again and “roll” the other way so that they are in the same place as they originally started. This is repeated so that they “roll” each way 5 times ie. ten in total with a sit up at each end of roll. This is for the advanced only

27 Core Stability Exercise As per drawing the athlete raises feet onto box or similar and then arches his/her stomach upwards and holds for a count of 10. 1x20

28 Core stability/stomach/back exercise Athlete lays on their back holding on to the sides of the mat. The legs are kept absolutely straight with feet together at all times and the object is to do circles with the legs lifting /circling them up to a high point and them bringing them down to nearly touching the mat without actually touching it. Extremely hard exercise Only 1 x set Nov 1x10 Adv 1 x 20 each way

29 Core Stability Exercise Athlete gets into the reverse press up position (more or less sitting) and then just pushes as far forwards as possible without moving hands and feet then back to start position 1x20

30 Core Stability Exercise Reverse press up postion (sitting backside raised off floor) the athlete lifts one arm off the floor and brings it up/over and across the body to touch the other hand that is supporting the body without moving the feet. Then they reverse this by doing the same with the other arm/hand. 10 x touch each side of body

31 This is an “ISOMETRIC” exercise ie, static no movement. Press up position, the athlete lifts one of his/her hands off the floor and also at the same time the opposite leg. The object is to keep these off the floor and stay balanced for a set period (30+secs). Then do the opposite hand and leg. Novice-15secs Adv-30secs 1 set only

32 Iso exercise Object is to raise medicine ball above head until elbows “lock out” and then just maintain that position for a period of time. Novice-10/15 secs Adv 30 sec 1 x set

33 Iso exercise This time the object of the exe is to hold the med ball extended out in front of you Times:- As long as possible

34 Iso exercise As in picture the athlete “sits” down on fresh air so to speak until the legs are nearly 90 degrees to the body then holds that position for required time. Novice –15/30 secs Adv-1min+ 1 x set

35 Iso exercise Position as picture with one leg raised to the rear and hold the position as long as possible.

36 Iso exercise Press up position and then lower head to so that the nose is nearly touching the ground then “do not move”. Object is to hold as long as possible until collapse

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