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Give the next item in the series - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,... Neptune Saturn Jupiter Pluto Question 1.

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3 Give the next item in the series - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,... Neptune Saturn Jupiter Pluto Question 1

4 Which movie would you hear the song 'Hakuna Matata'? Beauty and the Beast Hercules Cinderella Lion King Question 2

5 Which type of scientist studies and forecasts the weather? Meteorologist Astrologist Astronomer Biologist Question 3

6 What color would you get if you mixed red and yellow together? Deeper Shade of Yellow Pink Orange Gray Question 4

7 Are there movies based on the Harry Potter series? Yes No Question 5

8 Which American fast food franchise serves Reese's Peanut Butter Cup blizzards? Dairy Queen Wendy’s Baskin Robbins McDonald’s Question 6

9 What is the name of the dog in Garfield? Oliver Tyson Fred Odie Question 7

10 What is the formula for water? HO2 2HO OH2 H2O Question 8

11 When we breathe we use oxygen and create what? Carbon Dioxide Helium Oxygen Carbon Monoxide Question 9

12 The UV in UV Rays stand for what? Universal Violence Ultra Violet Ultra Violence Question 10

13 The Indians sold Manhattan for how much? $24 $422 $42 $22 Question 1

14 What is the capital of Australia? Sydney Canberra Melbourne Perth Question 2

15 Who wrote the book 'Eiger Dreams' about adventures between men and mountains? Bill Bryson Dennis Cooke Bill Bradley Jon Krakauer Question 3

16 What is the most visited natural wonder of the world? Victoria Falls The Grand Canyon The Amazon Mt. Everest Question 4

17 What is the largest animal-made structure on the face of the earth? The Empire State Building The Great Wall of China The Great Barrier Reef Uluru Question 5

18 In game 6 of the 1986 world series, who is the infamous first baseman who missed a ball that rolled through his legs, eventually costing him and his team the series? Mookie Wilson Will Buckman Lenny Dykstra Bill Buckner Question 6

19 How did actress Judy Garland die? She overdosed on sleeping pills She shot herself in the head She was an alcoholic and drank herself to death She was killed in a car accident Question 7

20 Which one of these battles DID NOT occur during World War II? Siege of Naples The Battle of the Bulge Siege of Leningrad The liberation of Paris and Rome Question 8

21 What is Elvis' birthday? 8 January 16 August 14 October 25 December Question 9

22 What is one of the most important deities of Buddhism, who upon chanting his name you receive enlightenment? Dionichi Nyorai Ayzein Buddha The Great Buddha Amid Buddha Question 10

23 Places in Literature : The classic tale of the 'Pied Piper of Hamelin' describes how the Pied Piper helped the residents got rid of the rats that had been plaguing the town. When the residents refused to pay him, he played his pipe and led the children of the town away, into the mountain and never to be seen again. Into which river did he initially lead the rats to drown by playing his pipe? The Elbe River The Rhine River The Neckar River The Weser River Question 1

24 Literature : Critics of the Bush administration's foreign policy, especially with respect to its war on Iraq, have made references to this powerful novel by Graham Greene. Published in 1955, it features the protagonist named Alden Pyle, and vividly portrays the catastrophic results that can arise from misguided good intentions and naive policies. What is the title of this novel? ‘The Quiet American’ ‘Our Man In Havana’ ‘The Power and the Glory’ ‘The Captain and the Enemy’ Question 2

25 History : This Roman emperor's reign lasted for only 2 years (AD 79-81), but was certainly eventful enough. In AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. The next year, Rome suffered an epidemic of plague. Fortunately some good things did come out of his reign : the Colosseum (begun in his father's time) was completed. Can you name this ruler, son of Vespasian and brother of Domitian? Titus Hadrian Trajan Caracalla Question 3

26 Physiology : The blood that courses through our bodies perform a variety of vital functions to keep us alive. Red blood cells carry oxygen to our tissues, platelets enable leaky vessels to clot and stop bleeding, while the white blood cells protect the body against infections. Which subclass of white blood cells have a special role in allergic responses as well as in defense against parasites? Basophils Eosinophils Neutrophils Monocytes Question 4

27 Archaeology : In 1952, the British scholar Michael Ventris deciphered the Linear B script, that subsequently revolutionized our knowledge of which ancient civilisation? The Myceneans The Phoenicians The Assyrians The Babylonians Question 5

28 Music : In 1897, this Russian composer suffered a tremendous setback when his First Symphony in D minor was performed at a concert, conducted by a supposedly drunk conductor. It was such a disaster that Cesar Cui described it as a ‘symphony on the Seven Plagues of Egypt’. He subsequently suffered a nervous breakdown and only resumed composing 3 years later, after a course of hypnotic therapy. Exiled in 1917 to Sweden and then the US, he is known for works such as ‘Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini’ and ‘The Bells’. Who is he? Sergei Rachmanimov Mikhail Glinka Alexander Glazunov Sergei Prokofiev Question 6

29 Classical Mythology : In 'Ode to the West Wind', Percey Shelley compares the 'locks of the approaching storm' to the 'bright hair uplifted from the head of some fierce Maenad'. The Maenads, in Greek mythology, are women clad in bear skin often depicted in orgiastic rituals with satyrs. Which Greek god was particularly worshipped by the Maenads? Hephaestus Dionysus Pan Aphrodite Question 7

30 Art : One of the greatest Spanish painters of all time, Francisco de Goya once served as court painter to King Charles IV. A mysterious illness struck in 1792 and left him deaf - as well as turning his painting style towards the morbid and macabre. He fell seriously ill again in 1819, and on his recovery produced a remarkable series of 14 paintings with horrific scenes and themes, such as 'Saturn Devouring His Children'. What name is popularly given to this series of murals, now on display at the Prado Museum? The Black Paintings The Blue Paintings The White Paintings The Red Paintings Question 8

31 Geology: In 1996, the presence of a remarkable lake was confirmed after the European Remote Sensing Satellite had studied it. It was named Lake Vostok, and is roughly the size of Lake Ontario. What is so remarkable about this body of water that has got everybody so excited? It lies beneath 4 km of ice at Antarctica It is located beneath the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon It is located beneath the Sahara desert It is located beneath the Valles Marineris on Mars Question 9

32 Singapore, My Country : Outside the old Parliament Building, there is a statue of a bronze elephant. It is a gift from the king of a nearby country as a sign of goodwill, and was presented in 1872. Which country are we talking about? Malaysia The Philippines Indonesia Thailand Question 10



35 How many questions did you just answer before this one? 7 9 10 15 Bonus Question




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