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History 101 – Western Civilization / World History Professor Joshua Ockman.

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1 History 101 – Western Civilization / World History Professor Joshua Ockman

2 The Most important thing I’ll mention today… The Class Website is at: – Lecture outlines, Reviews, Corrections, etc. will all be posted there. All material for this class will be under “Bastrop”

3 What does this class cover? The primary world civilizations (with a focus on Western Powers) from the Earliest civilizations to at least AD 1500 (Possibly as far as AD 1700)

4 How will the material be covered? Lecture – lots and lots of lecture If you want the class to be more interesting, you must participate Questions, comments, opinions, and discussion are all welcome – as long as it stays on topic

5 How will we divide it up? (Tentative) Test 1: – Earliest Civilizations up to Greece Test 2: – Rome to the Early Middle Ages Test 3: – The Middle Ages to the Reformation Test 4: – Cumulative Final

6 Speaking of Tests… 4 Exams – Three 100 Point Exams – One 125 Point Final Multiple Choice True/False Bonus Essay

7 Review Day The class period before an exam is Review day We will discuss the primary events, people, and ideas that will appear on the exam. This is the day for questions NO questions about test material will answered on test day.

8 The Dreaded Map Test Download the Map at http://jockman.x10.mx

9 It looks Like this…

10 The Dreaded Map Test Download the Map at http://jockman.x10.mx Download the Additional Locations list – “Locations List.doc”

11 Map Part 1: Using the Internet, an Atlas, a Textbook, etc., discover the names that match with the Rivers and Mountain Ranges that are drawn on the map Memorize this

12 Map Part 2: Using the Additional Locations List, place all cities, provinces, and landmasses listed onto the Map Memorize this

13 Map Part 3: On September 9th, I will hand you a copy of the map with 25 spots marked for you to fill out in class – 5-10 Rivers, 5 mountain ranges, 5-10 cities, 5 Landmasses or Provinces Worth 50 Points

14 Then there’s the Quizzes.. 5-10 Quizzes 5-10 Questions a piece Take home Open notebook Accepted by E-mail only Worth 25 Points

15 Adding it all up Quizzes……………………………..25 Map Test……………………………50 Exam 1………………………….…100 Exam 2………………………….…100 Exam 3………………………….…100 Final Exam…………………….…125 Total Points:………………….…500

16 Contacting your Professor E-Mail Addresses: – For Questions: – For Assignments: E-mail Etiquette – All E-mails MUST be in this format: Subject line: [School Name] [Class Name] [Class Hour] [Current Year] [Your Name] – Example: Bastrop Western Civilization First Hour 2014 John Smith E-mails that ignore this will go unanswered

17 Correct E-mail Etiquette – John Smith – Nameless High School – Professor Ockman, – Professor, would you please send me the link for the Website? – Thanks, – John

18 Incorrect E-mail Etiquette Wut we doin in class today????????

19 Extra Credit is available Bonus Option One – Short Term Paper: – 25 Pts – 7 Pages based on an approved historical topic – You may write about a Historically inspired Book, Movie or Video Game, but at least one half the paper must discuss its historical accuracy – All topics must pertain to the time period covered in this class (Nothing can be after AD 1700) Bonus Option Two – “Eastern/American Civilizations” Presentation – 25 Pts – Five to 10 minute Presentation on an approved segment on an Eastern or Native American Civilization – May be done in a group of up to Four You may do both Bonuses (or one bonus twice on two topics) for a total of 50 pts

20 Classroom Policies Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource for any project in this class. You will receive no credit for any assignment that you use Wikipedia. Plagiarism – If I discover a paper has been copied (especially from a website) it will be tossed out without a grade. Cheating – Anyone caught cheating on an exam receives an automatic zero Cell Phones – There are only two reasons a cell phone should be seen during my lecture – You have placed it on my desk to record the lecture – You are taking a picture of the current PowerPoint on the screen. – Besides these two exceptions, phones should disappear until I finish speaking – If I see a phone out during a test – that phone is banned from class until the semester ends

21 Questions? About the Class? About History? About Me? About Life, the Universe, and Everything?

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