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Significant Figures -why we use them -rules for sig. figs. -operations with sig. figs.

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1 Significant Figures -why we use them -rules for sig. figs. -operations with sig. figs

2 What are Significant Figures? They are all the numbers in a measurement that are known with certainty plus the first digit that is uncertain.

3 Why use Significant Figures? Significant figures are needed in science, because the tools we use to measure are not infinitely precise. How accurate is a: Meterstick Electronic balance Graduated cylinder

4 SIDENOTE: You will hear significant figures also called: Significant digits Sig figs

5 Significant Figure Rules 1) All non-zero digits and zeros between non-zero digits are significant

6 2) Leading zeros are not significant

7 3) Zeros to the right of all non zero digits are only significant if the decimal point is shown (or if a bar is placed over the zero)

8 4) For values written in scientific notation, the digits in the coefficient are significant. 6.02x x10 -6

9 How many SIGNIFICANT FIGURES are in the following numbers?

10 83.591

11 5007

12 10.005

13 20 080


15 0.0012

16 1.007

17 196.0

18 75000.

19 1.52x10 22

20 2.00x10 -6

21 Multiplying/Dividing with Sig Figs When multiplying or dividing using significant figures, the product or quotient will contain the same number of significant figures as the number with the least significant figures. What is x 11.7?

22 Adding/Subtracting with Sig Figs When adding or subtracting with significant figures, the sum or difference has the same number of decimal places as the measurement with the least number of decimal places. What is ?

23 Do the following problems with the correct number of SIGNIFICANT FIGURES.

24 24 x 31.8

25 8.4/4.2

26 49.1 – 8.001


28 x 3.227

29 1007/33.6

30 20300 –

31 1.005 – 3.60

32 76.00 x 13

33 1.5x10 21 x 2.07x10 13

34 1.8x10 6 /2.77x10 19

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