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What’s New in Version X10 Build 10.1

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1 What’s New in Version X10 Build 10.1

2 Topics Summary of new features Licensing update
White ink profiling improvements G7 and ONYX Support for CMYKR JDF Compatibility mode Multipage PDF Media bowing compensation Color device updates Added RAL color libraries PPD structure changes Bug fixes Known issues in 10.1

3 Summary of improvements
The primary improvements of version X10 Build 10.1 are: Working with IDEAlliance to establish the ONYX RIP software as a G7 Support Tool. Making white ink profiling a far simpler process. Adding support for CMYKR ink configurations for the HP DesignJet Z6200. Rip Compatibility Mode to provide a workaround to files with transparency problems. Additional bug fixes and minor improvements have also been added into X Introduction of PDF workflow using JDF technology (not automatically enabled). Build 10.1 requires a key update.

4 Licensing Update Version X10 Build 10.1 requires a key update.
Current ONYX AdvantageTM and ONYX Premium agreement holders, as well as customers with version X10.0 purchased after December 1, 2010, are able to get this major update by contacting for a key update. Version X10.1 will be available near the end of June (Both Online and New Customer Shipments). ONYX ProductionHouse, Postershop and RIPCenter owners who have purchased on April 11, 2011 or later are already licensed for version X10.1 and can download the new version from Get X10 Build 10.1 with Onyx Advantage or buy update à la carte. Online and DVD will be released at the same time

5 White Ink Improvements
The white ink profiling workflow has been simplified. The new white ink verification swatch allows you to determine your white ink restrictions values and how it will behave with color channels. Ability to set your spot channel to flood or be measured. No more need to use Preflight to apply the flood fill. Each print swatch window has the options to set the white as a flood with a simple check box.

6 White Ink Improvements
Simplified the Print Ink Restriction Dialog Bleed Control will now be intuitive Spot Channel Control will be on the main screen Mockup

7 White Ink Improvements
No more need to use Preflight to apply the flood fill. Each print swatch window has the options to set the white as a flood with a simple check box. No more running white ink first, then rerunning swatches

8 G7 and ONYX ONYX X10 10.1 is now a G7 Support Tool.
New G7 grayscale target for media models. Import or Export readings to and from Curve2, available from Chromix (, and then back into ONYX. New ICC preset, Recommended G7 Profiles, in the Color Management sections of the QuickSet and PreFlight.

9 G7 and ONYX Under “Advanced” after reading calibration swatch
Click on Curve2 Target

10 G7 and ONYX New Swatch for Curve2
Onyx simply prints and reads data, export a file for Curve2, then imports the Curve2 file. IDEAlliance P2P target for spectral/colormetric color devices P2P format is based on color device selection

11 G7 and ONYX Import data into Curve 2, export data out of Curve 2 back into Media Manager

12 Support for CMYKR Full support for CMYKR workflow.
New ink configurations for the HP DesignJet Z6200. New process ink option, called CMYKR new process. New ICC swatches for CMYKR workflows. Note the difference between a new install and an update as far as media options are available.

13 Support for CMYKR CMYKR Calibration Swatch

14 Support for CMYKR New ICC swatches for CMYKR workflows.

15 JDF Enabled Option JDF Enabled Option Job Management Design Output
Phased Introduction – Phase 1 Workflow Connectivity Accept JDF Files through hot folders Update JDF files in an accessible folder in order to provide status updates to other components JDF Information Use of JDF Metadata in the Queue Available customer information Job ID Interpreting Options  Use of JDF Metadata in the Print Label Customer Name JDF functionality is a licensable feature  Job Management JDF Enabled Option Design Output JDF is only a job ticket..manages job requirements. Jobs can reside on remote server…JDF is in progress Project Storage

16 JDF JDF options in ONYX are found in Configure Printer.
No settings are needed in the QuickSet. ONYX can auto assign media and modes based on information within the JDF. Alias Name (nickname) can be assigned to an ONYX media profile. Draft, Normal and High will determine what mode is used. JDF options currently available in Onyx.

17 Rip Compatibility Mode
New RIP option. Added to provide a potential workaround to some transparency and overprint issues. Forces blends and other effects to CMYK color space. Renders the elements first prior to applying color management settings. RIP times can increase as the rip renders the image pixel by pixel. A custom QuickSet can be created for this workflow Cmyk input to device output color management…colors may be different.

18 Multi-page PDF New Quick Set option that treats each page of a PDF as a separate job – maximum of 12 pages. Each page will retain its own page size based on its original artboard size. If Rip-Queue is set to open the jobs in Preflight, each page will be opened independently. Does not work if you open files from Preflight.

19 Media Bowing Compensation
New feature in CUT-Server to handle bowing issues that are caused by high temperature settings. Option is located in Preferences -> Appearance settings Enable Show Bowing UI.

20 Media Bowing Compensation
Bowing Options Media Width: Allows you to adjust the width of the media that was used to print the job. Bowing Start: In some cases the bowing effect does not happen right away. This allows you to compensate for this. Bowing Amount: Specifies how much the bowing effect appears in the printout (effects the vertical axis).

21 Color Device Updates Added Low Res support for X-Rite i1 Devices for low res printers and course media. 8mm aperture support for the Barbieri color devices for use with low res devices and course media (canvas). Support for Barbieri Spectro LFP Tex Patch divider threshold for i1 devices to prevent patch reading errors during ink restriction step. Move up or down to enable or disable separator mark at different density. Slider is for patch color

22 Additional RAL Libraries
New RAL Effect, Classic and Design libraries have been added into X color matching table.

23 Changes to PPD Structure
There was an issue with ONYX and duplicating printers that prevented the Mac PPD from being created. 10.1 no longer creates Mac specific PPDs. There is no difference between the PC and Mac PPDs, so the folder is no longer needed.

24 Other Features Update to Printed Gutters
All ink channels will now print allowing each head to pre-fire PosterShop will now include White Ink Tools Lower cost white ink printers being supported by PosterShop will have all the workflow and white ink capabilities of ProductionHouse Integrated January 2011 RIP patch X10 patch fixes now part of 10.1

25 Print and Cut Changes Overall cut accuracy improvement.
Corrected software settings overriding cutter settings. Fixed solid cut path being broken into segments in CUT-Server. Fixed mark detection issues with certain cutters. Inclusion of patch for detection of cutters connected via USB. Fixed missing cut marks when printing multiple copies over certain size limits. Update to Zund Cutters in Rip-Queue Renamed to Zund Touch & Cut. Changed number of characters in barcode. Added automated barcode placement for top and bottom. Updated automated cut mark placement on large jobs.

26 Additional Bug Fixes Inclusion of the X10 RIP patch
Enlarging some PDF files have a line through the raster element DTP-41 and DTP-41T produce incorrect readings for Ink Restrictions Print Reflection setting not holding in Quick Sets Detection of cutters connected via USB when non-ONYX security keys are attached Zero-Line Tile mark do not print with "Submit tiles as Individual jobs" In some situations - unable to print 40 or more copies of one job Nested images would not print due to page size and placement inconsistency Missing Cutter mark when printing multiple copies over a certain size Various localization updates

27 Questions

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