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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

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1 ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

2 Presentaciónes Profesor Estudiantes

3 Me llamo Sr. Kennedy. Soy de Carolina del Sur. Me gusta la música
Me llamo Sr. Kennedy. Soy de Carolina del Sur. Me gusta la música. Toco el saxofón, la flauta, y la tuba.

4 Me gustan los animales. Tengo dos gatos
Me gustan los animales. Tengo dos gatos. Hace 24 años que estudio el español. ( = 24 años)

5 Hace 13 años que soy profesor de español. 1998-2011 = 13 años.

6 ¡A conocernos! Hola, ¿cómo te llamas? Hola. Me llamo Marcos. ¿Y tú?
Me llamo Marta.

7 ¡A conocernos! Mucho gusto. Igualmente.

8 Ella se llama...

9 Él se llama...

10 En Caso de Emergencía... procedures Lock-down procedures
Emergencies procedures Fire drill procedures Tornado drill En Caso de Emergencía... ¡NUEVE, UNO, UNO! procedures Lock-down procedures

11 Fire Drills When the alarm sounds quickly and safely exit the room.
Do NOT talk at any point during any type of drill. Follow the class in a straight line to our designated area. Once in the designated area, stay in line and do NOT talk. Wait patiently for the signal to re-enter the building. Once in the building, return to your seats quietly and get ready to continue the lesson. You will get a grade for following these procedures!!

12 Tornado Drill Do NOT talk!
Go into hall directly outside of our classroom. Facing, and against the wall opposite the lockers, neal down and put your head down facing the floor. Cover your head with your hands. Remain silent and listen for directions from your teacher.

13 Lock Down Procedure Cue. ¨Piedmont, we are in a lock down situation.¨
Quickly and silently move as far away from all doors and windows as possible. Teacher will cover window and close blinds. Remain SILENT. If someone were in the building, we would want them to think the classroom were empty. If you are in a hall, go to the nearest classroom, even if you do not know the teacher in that particular room. Once the doors are closed they will not be reopened until the situation is over.

14 TRABAJO... Discuss with your group the procedures that we have just talked about. Don´t use notes and do include as many details as possible. The person at desk one will manage your time. The people in seats two and four will alternate writing down the points from your group discussion. The student in seat number three will bring me your papers when the group has finished. Emergency procedures (everyone discusses, student two records) Fire drill procedures (everyone discusses, student four records) Tornado drill (everyone discusses, student two records) Lock Down (everyone discusses, student four records.

15 Reglas para la clase de español
Raise your hand before speaking or getting out of your seat. Be prepared and have materials every day. Speak Spanish as much as possible. Be respectful towards everyone in the class at all times. Follow all procedures and behave on a ¨D¨ level.

16 Requisitos para pasar la clase
In order to remain in the IB Program at Piedmont, every student must pass his or her Language B (world language) class. 6th graders have Spanish for one semester. 7th and 8th graders have Spanish all year. 7th and 8th graders have an EOY assessment that counts 25% of your grade for the entire year.

17 Class Materials 3 ring binder for Spanish class only, which should have all of your notes and previous handouts organized by date. If you prefer to have a spiral notebook and staple in handouts, that will work too. 1 folder with prongs that we will use to start your LinguaFolio. Clean paper Pen-pencil Glue stick A positive attitude Flash drive (any size will do)

18 Baño You will have four opportunities per quarter to use your bathroom pass. If you lose it, you will not get a new one. If you don´t ask in Spanish to go, you won´t go. If you interrupt me when I´m speaking to ask permission, you won´t go. If you waste your four passes, then really do need to leave class, I will not feel sorry for you, so don´t beg or make a big deal out of it. If you have an illness with a doctor´s note, tell me before class. If you have a permanent pass, just hold it up and I will know that you need to be excused.

19 Lo siento, pero no. En español, por favor.
Can I go to the bathroom? Lo siento, pero no. En español, por favor. INCORRECTO

20 ¿Puedo ir al baño, por favor?
¡Claro que sí!, ¿Dónde está tu pase? Correcto

21 Procedures Entering the classroom Passing in papers
Throwing away trash Asking questions Making up work

22 Things that are new or different in CMS World Languages this year.
Instead of issuing each student a textbook, we will be using one class set, which will stay in the classroom. (Piedmont Decision) No grammar TESTS!! Quizzes possibly, but no 100% grammar tests. You will be assessed on performance based tasks which include reading, listening, writing, speaking, and interpesonal skills. Vocabulary and grammar concepts will be presented differently. You won´t be copying it from the book at the beginning of each unit any more, but will add to your list as it is introduced in the lessons.

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