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CTS PRIVATE CLOUD Quarterly Customer Meeting October 23, 2013 Kay Metsker.

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1 CTS PRIVATE CLOUD Quarterly Customer Meeting October 23, 2013 Kay Metsker

2 Agenda Service Strategy Service Benefits Status

3 Private Cloud Service Strategy The goal is to transform the current CTS virtual server service into an automated service offering comparable to commercial public cloud providers. Functionality On-demand self-service portal Capability to automatically provision, de-provision, archive compute resources Secure multi-tenant infrastructure with complete business unit isolation Role based access control Customizable templates to support specific use cases Automated billing processes

4 Private Cloud Service Benefits Self-service provisioning reduces the time to deploy new servers and services Automated billing reduces overhead and improves the accuracy of the billing process New security features improve the integrity and security of virtual servers Multiple usage models allow customers to pool virtual resources and reduce their monthly bill Can integrate multiple cloud providers to allow CTS to centralize virtual hosting in both private and public cloud environments

5 Feature Comparison CTS Amazon Automated Self Provisioning XX Upgradable VM Resources XX On-Demand Instances XX Windows Licensing Included XX VM Snapshots XX Hypervisor Firewall Available XX Resource Pooling Available X- 10Gb Host Networking X-

6 Feature Comparison CTS Amazon Supports EAD Authentication for Management X- Data stored on State secured equipment & data centerX- Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Software Available X- Intrusion Prevention Software Available X- Automated hardware failover X- SGN Connectivity without VPN overhead X- Environment can evolve to comply with X- future OCIO Security Standards

7 Cost Comparison Item CTS Amazon (AWS Gov Cloud) Virtual Servers $ 14,304.00 $ 21,461.76 Storage $ 4,329.60 $ 1,279.20 Data Transfer $ - $ 3,720.00 SGN Connectivity $ - $ 561.60 Security Software $ - $ 1,000.00 Total Yearly Cost $ 18,633.60 $ 28,022.56 Sample SharePoint EnvironmentCTSAmazon (AWS Gov Cloud) (2) Web Front Ends [2 CPU, 8GB RAM](2) Medium Instances(2) m1.large (2) Application Servers [2 CPU, 8GB RAM](2) Medium Instances(2) m1.large (1) Database Server [4 CPU, 16GB RAM](1) Large Instance(1) m1.xlarge 820GB Total Storage820GB Silver Tier Storage820GB EBS Storage 2TB Monthly Data Transfer OUTUnlimited2TB Data Transfer OUT SGN ConnectivityIncludedVPC VPN (720 hr) AV/IPS/Firewall SoftwareIncludedCustomer Provided

8 CTS Private Cloud Status Completed a Proof of Concept with several Use Cases to verify viability of providing a Private Cloud service at competitive rates. Currently analyzing the results of the POC, but early results indicate that the service can be competitive with other providers such as Amazon. Next Steps: o Present the results of the POC to the CTS Customer Advisory Council and discuss proposed rates. o Partner with a customer to define and complete a Pilot.

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