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ASA Company Confidential A T&M-optimized means of extending your marketing reach The M1 In-Product Viral Advertising Program.

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1 ASA Company Confidential A T&M-optimized means of extending your marketing reach The M1 In-Product Viral Advertising Program

2 ASA Company Confidential What is M1™ Waveform Viewer? What is M1 Waveform Viewer™ (WV)? M1 WV lets you inexpensively capture, view, analyze, save, share and report waveforms taken from any scope, digitizer or EDA platform M1 WV allows you to utilize those waveforms in new places just as you would if you were in your lab or at your design station:  In your conference rooms  At a customer meeting  At home, Starbucks or on a plane You're no longer anchored down to the lab or design station Easy collaboration with colleagues & customers

3 ASA Company Confidential The customer benefits of M1 Waveform Viewer? Mobility - get out of the lab Offline waveform exploration Instant single-click collaboration No-cost to download Winner - customer-voted Ultimate Product Award (EEProduct Center) Supports EVERYTHING ALL major scope brands – Tek, Agilent/HP, Rohde, Yokogawa and LeCroy ALL major digitizer brands – NI, Agilent, Gage, Acqiris, ZTec, Spectrum ALL major EDA brands – Ansoft, Mentor, Synopsys, Cadence, Agilent

4 ASA Company Confidential M1™ Waveform Viewer – The customer message There are better places to spend your heartbeats than in a lab. M1 Waveform Viewer cuts the cord and gets you out. What you do after we cut it is up to you…

5 ASA Company Confidential Program Summary If your target customers use oscilloscopes, digitizers or EDA / waveform-simulation software this program can put your message in front of a large and qualified audience with viral potential at zero cost to you. ASA ’ s in-product ad program combines your message with a useful waveform exploration/collaboration tool at zero cost to the customer Customer impact  Recurring, updatable message  Extend awareness of your brand/message beyond the audience you already have through natural collaboration

6 ASA Company Confidential Qualifying question Is your target customer an oscilloscope, digitizer or EDA user? Probably, if...  You sell Electronic T&M equipment EDA / waveform-simulation software Semiconductor devices Services to the electronics R&D marketplace  You are a media company servicing the EE/electronics industry  Your target customer is a designer or lab engineer If any of these describe your customer, this advertising program can extend your marketing reach new potential customers at zero cost to you

7 ASA Company Confidential About the scope/digitizer/EDA user The largest equipment cohort in T&M  6,000,000 direct scope users  1,000,000 direct digitizer users  At least 14M collaborators The most influential cohort in T&M  $1.2B annual direct influence – scopes [Frost & Sullivan]  $3B - $7B annual other T&M influence  $6B - $8B annual EDA influence  $37B semiconductor capital equipment  $250B of semiconductors Bottom Line – Scope/dig/EDA users exert significant purchase influence in that and adjacent spaces

8 ASA Company Confidential How this program reaches past your existing contacts M1 Waveform Viewer

9 ASA Company Confidential Step 1 – ASA creates your portal The portal has a unique address that is for your exclusive reference in your electronic messaging

10 ASA Company Confidential Step 2 – YOUR version of M1 WV ASA creates a version of M1 Waveform Viewer that contains your message on the “front cover” ASA places that version of WV on your portal for customer download Any copy of WV that is downloaded from here contains your message (clickable). M1 Waveform Viewer with your message on the front cover

11 ASA Company Confidential Step 3 – Promote YOUR portal Encourage users to try the tool Add a compact WV footprint to your web site and newsletter Your “list” Newsletters & email Web reference

12 ASA Company Confidential Step 4 – Some EDA/digitizer/scope users download M1 WV... M1 Waveform Viewer with your message aboard Your “list” because it’s useful in their work

13 ASA Company Confidential Step 5 – Collaborators engaged by primary downloader M1WV encourages the user to collabor ate (i.e. look at the same waveform) Anytime he wants to ask them a question or show them something, he can just MAIL them the waveform from inside of WV. The email contains...  The waveform  A link referring the recipient to your portal so they can download it themselves in about two minutes.

14 ASA Company Confidential Step 6 – More users pulling your version of WV When the new users load the product, it will have your message in it. The product has spread to the next layer of customers beyond the ones you currently know.

15 ASA Company Confidential Viral Propagation of YOUR brand/message Your “list” Cost: None

16 ASA Company Confidential How your company benefits from our program You will get… A viral advertising campaign for your brand at no cost to you or the customers ASA contributing an unlimited number of licenses of a sophisticated, award-winning $1000 software tool to attract new customers to your brand Message recurrence – Users see your message each time the product starts With each new collaboration, your brand-front expands virally

17 ASA Company Confidential ASA In-product advertising with Waveform Viewer Advantages  Signal/noise ratio – Infinity Undistracted ad setting The only ad they see is YOUR ad  Efficiency in targeting the eyeballs of platform-users: 100% Only scope/digitizer/EDA users use scopes/digitizers/EDA  New effect: recurrence Because the tool is used often, the ad presents often  Participation is 100% free to qualified partners

18 ASA Company Confidential What does ASA get out of this? Exposure As a small company we want more customers to understand the cost savings and collaborative benefits that M1 products have to offer When you promote M1 WV to your customers more people see our name... additional exposure

19 ASA Company Confidential What sort of companies use ASA in-product advertising? Agilent – see right Tektronix Agilent CertiPrime Continental Resources Metric Test TriTek Solutions ScopeMatch etc. Can we interest you?

20 ASA Company Confidential For Partners – Physics of Deployment Cause and effect are undeniably at work in this process This portal and the unlimited number of $1000 tools your customers can access on it…  are exclusively for YOUR company’s benefit and brand-front expansion  Have your company’s logo all over it  ASA provides the tool and the portal… it’s your job to ensure your customers know about it (see next slide) Nobody but you is working the throttle…  Reference it just a little… get just a little benefit  Reference it more… get more benefit

21 ASA Company Confidential For Partners - Deployment best-practices Attaches unobtrusively to existing electronic marketing communications Develop a small teaser footprint for use on web-pages a platform-user might view. A simple teaser is suggested...  "Need to easily explore your waveforms offline, or share them with others in your organization? “ or...  We have sponsored this tool for our customers that use oscilloscopes or EDA/waveform simulation tool If appropriate, send a flier with the instruments/devices/tools you ship. We can help. The ad is clickable. Consider developing a landing page with rotating messages and an ad that encourages them to check back periodically.

22 ASA Company Confidential Next steps Next Step… Contact ASA for additional information: In-Product Marketing Manager +1.413.596.5354

23 ASA Company Confidential Appendices To dig deeper on select topics

24 ASA Company Confidential A new ad vehicle to reach the scope/EDA user ASA solution architecture  Eliminate distraction Remove the message from the saturating ad environments (print and web) Display the message at the oscilloscope  Make the vehicle virally attractive to the scope user Connect the message with an established, industry-leading, extremely useful tool Make that tool free to make deployment viral  Optimize the vehicle to propagate broadly with very low effort Integrate the vehicle with the user ’ s email client in such a way as to make inviting his colleagues into the program as easy as clicking a button.  Platform/tool: ASA ’ s M1 Waveform Viewer Displays your message at each startup for 5-7 seconds Your message can be clicked to open a link at your web site

25 ASA Company Confidential What we need from you to set up a portal A 600w x 400h pixel image of your company ’ s choice (BMP or animated GIF preferred) A banner ad to appear on your web portal (like the one featured below) The message A link to a landing page.. your standard product landing page can work fine Taking advantage of this co-marketing opportunity is simple, effective and creates no cost to your company. You simply provide ASA with the following:

26 ASA Company Confidential Trends in advertising choices Media companies compete with their advertisers for eyeballs Media companies  Print  Web destinations – blogs, content, news  Email newsletters Advertisers  Home grown ads Web destinations – blogs, content, news Email & newsletters Online technical communities  Search optimization  Sponsoring “experts” Blogs Email newsletters Online communities

27 ASA Company Confidential Trends in the T&M ad space – web 91% of web users are there to SEARCH (Pew research) Organic content clicked 100x more than paid ads SEO: utilization is pervasive, thus effectiveness falling The strongest human instinct: free stuff To move up in organic content rank, advertisers are: Creating web destinations for content Engaging in high-volume blogging Effectively competing with media for clicks and search rank Further dilution from the rise of “democratized media” The technology to self-publish is accessible to anyone Ambitious amateurs and “ citizen journalists ” are out-contributing the vetted professionals 2 blogs launched every second

28 ASA Company Confidential Trends in the T&M ad space – conclusions Advertisers are faced with a weak signal-to-noise ratio Professional media (the signal) Getting lost in the noise Reducing headcount of professional editors (costs) Pushing operations to web sites that have a growing share of amateur and weakly disguised commercial content  self-diluting Growing concern re: “ conflict of interest ”. Can you really trust what they are saying? Or did someone put words in their mouth? There is a near infinite and unsearchable selection of “ ad destinations ” (noise) Bottom line – Web and print have saturated and lost effectiveness

29 ASA Company Confidential The current message space as seen from the customer POV Your message is here

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