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EPAM Private Cloud Integration with AWS February, 2015.

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1 EPAM Private Cloud Integration with AWS February, 2015

2 2 CONFIDENTIAL AGENDA What is Cloud Computing? 1 AWS Usage Roadmap 2 AWS and EPC Management Consoles 3 Using Maestro CLI for AWS Manipulations 4 Running a VM in AWS 5 Self-Education 5 Questions 6

3 3 CONFIDENTIAL 2 1 3 On-demand self-service Broad network access Location independent resource pooling Rapid elasticity Measured service with pay per use ESSENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS DEPLOYMENT MODELS SERVICE MODELS Private Cloud Community Cloud Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service

4 4 CONFIDENTIAL AWS USAGE ROADMAP Integration with AWS includes multiple facilities and ways of application. The selection of the necessary tool depends on your needs and skills. Below, you can see a roadmap on AWS usage, based on possible tasks.

5 5 CONFIDENTIAL Mobile layout Running VMs Running Stacks Monitoring AWS instances Events Audit Billing Reports Documentation CLOUD MANAGEMENT CONSOLE

6 6 CONFIDENTIAL AWS EVENTS AUDIT All the events on your EPC and AWS based infrastructures are reflected in real-time mode on the Audit page.

7 7 CONFIDENTIAL RESOURCE INFORMATION On Management page, you can see the basic instance information: related project and zone, instance ID, shape, state, IP’s and DNS’s, and the latest events:

8 8 CONFIDENTIAL RESOURCE PERFORMANCE MONITORING The detailed information on VM performance, retrieved due to integration with Amazon Cloud Watch and is available on Monitoring page. The default available data are: CPU utilization, Disk Read/Write information, Network Traffic, Status Check.

9 9 CONFIDENTIAL BILLING AND REPORTING AWS-based resources are billed according to AWS pricing Policy. Orchestrator gathers the Amazon costs and list them in unified billing reports, accessible on Cloud Management Console and Maestro CLI.

10 10 CONFIDENTIAL AWS MANAGEMENT CONSOLE To get quick temporary access to the Console, run in Maestro CLI: or2-aws-management-console

11 11 CONFIDENTIAL FUNCTIONALITY SUMMARY All AWS possibilities No access to EPC info Access to AWS needs special procedures No control over project costs No quick access to events tracking Billing info at the end of the month Only CloudFormation stacks are available Mobile Web Console for monitoring and manipulations on existing resources only Basic functionality + EPC Services Multi-platform monitoring EO access is granted automatically Quotas: expenses control Audit: tracks all manipulations on infrastructure Easily accessed current billing info Both Maestro and CloudFormation stacks can be used Mobile Web Console for creation, monitoring and manipulations EPAM ORCHESTRATORAMAZON WEB SERVICES


13 13 CONFIDENTIAL MANIPULATING AWS-BASED RESOURCES Manipulating resources in EPC and AWS regions is similar and differs only by region name parameter: or2run –p project –r EPAM-region –s shape -i image Run a VM in AWS regions: Run a VM in EPC regions: or2run –p project –r AWS-region –s shape -i image

14 14 CONFIDENTIAL INSTANCE PARAMTERS To run an instance in Cloud, you have to decide on the two main parameters: RUN A VM SHAPE (CPU+RAM) SHAPE (CPU+RAM) IMAGE (OS+HDD) IMAGE (OS+HDD)

15 15 CONFIDENTIAL IMAGE AND SHAPES UNIFICATION EPAM Orchestration uses different types of images and shapes to run instances in EPC and in AWS. However, all the images and shapes available for AWS are functional ‘twins’ of EPC public images and shapes. Orchestration Image/Shape Alias EPC Region AWS Region

16 16 CONFIDENTIAL SHAPES Instance Type#vCPUMemoryAWS shape mapping Micro1512MBt1.micro Mini11GBt1.micro Small11.7GBm1.small Medium13.75GBm1.medium Large27.5GBm1.large XL47.5GBc1.xlarge 2XL415GBm2.xlarge 3XL815GBm1.xlarge ALIAS MAPPING IMAGES OS NameAWSMSQ Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition++ Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition 32-bit++ Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition 64-bit++ Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition++ Linux CentOS 5.9 64-bit++ Linux CentOS 6.5 64-bit++ Linux CentOS 6.4 32-bit++ Debian GNU/Linux 7 64-bit++ Oracle Linux 6 64-bit++ Linux Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit++ Linux Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit + (except for Sydney Region+ Linux Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit + (except for Sydney Region+ The tables below give the list of the EO images available in AWS and shapes mapping for EPC and AWS:

17 17 CONFIDENTIAL The following resources provide more detailed information on AWS integration with Cloud: Support, Education and FAQ AWS Utilization Guide AWS partnership page Trainings/lectures FAQ

18 18 CONFIDENTIAL AWS Utilization Guide AWS partnership page Trainings/lectures FAQ SUPPORT, EDUCATION AND FAQ RESOURCES Address your questions, issues and suggestions to: or Svitlana Ostnek SpecialEPM-CSUPConsulting@epam.comSvitlana Ostnek CONTACTS


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