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Charm Quantitative Milk Aflatoxin Test

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1 Charm Quantitative Milk Aflatoxin Test

2 What is Aflatoxin? Aflatoxin is a natural toxin, and potent carcinogen, produced by the mold Aspergillus flavis and Aspergillus parasiticus Aflatoxin is a broader group of mold produced toxins called mycotoxins. Mold growth reduces crop yields and livestock productivity Mold growth can occur pre-harvest and post harvest There are 4 Aflatoxins produced by mold growth in grains: B1, B2, G1, G2. B1 is the predominate form 80%-95% Aflatoxin B1 when ingested by dairy cows is converted to Aflatoxin M1 & M2. M1 is the predominate Aflatoxin found in milk

3 Corn exposed to moisture for 18 days
Properly stored corn

4 Action Levels of Aflatoxins (MRL)
Must Not Exceed Description 0.05 ppb (50 ppt) Milk (Aflatoxin M1)

5 Introducing the Charm® MRL Aflatoxin Milk Test

6 Equipment needed to run MRLAFMQ ?
ROSA® Reader with 3-line aflatoxin calibration, version or higher. (The green label on the bottom of the Rosa Reader indicates it is compatible with the 3 line aflatoxin test.) Or, ROSA Pearl Reader with green label on unit base AFLA Channel, mode 3 Quad or Dual 40oC minute Incubator Charm ROSA 3 Line AFLA Capable Quad 40oC 15-min incubator ROSA Pearl Reader

7 MRLAFMQ Storage Specifications
Store MRLAFMQ Test strips, Aflatoxin M1 Milk Standard refrigerated: 0 to 7°C Remove from container the number of test strips to be used in one day. Keep these test strips at room temperature during daily use for up to 12 hours. Unused test strips should be discarded Use supplied plastic lid to immediately reseal container tightly and return to refrigerated storage

8 MRLAFMQ Negative Control
Use aflatoxin negative raw commingled milk as a Negative Control. Negative Control may be stored up to 72 hours refrigerated (-15°C or below for up to 2 months) Negative Control must be RESULT NEGATIVE with READING = 0 on ROSA Reader

9 MRLAFMQ Test Procedure

10 Do not Read “Invalid Strips” where the “C” appears like:

11 Concentration-Response of MRLAFMQ method
Concentration (ppt*) % Positive† on Rosa Reader 0 % 25 50† 100 % 75 *parts per trillion or ng/kg †90% positive with 95% confidence

12 Calibration Strips for Standard ROSA Readers –3 line for MRLAFMQ
Calibrator serial #s match ROSA Reader serial # Read in Sample 3-Line Mode, AFLA Channel Results for NEG & POS Calibration Strips must read within White Labeled Range Do not proceed…” if out of range”

13 ROSA PEARL Calibration Strips: MRLAFMQ
Can be read on any channel For ROSA Pearl Reader only One set for all ROSA tests Can read either side Can ONLY be read under Performance Mode “ESC 5”, 3- Line Mode Calibrator serial #s match Pearl Reader serial # Do not proceed…“if out of range”

14 Questions? © Charm Sciences, Inc. All rights reserved. Charm, and ROSA names, are registered trademarks of Charm Sciences, Inc. MRK

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