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International Civil Aviation Organization ATN/AMHS IMPLEMENTATION IN ASIA/PACIFIC REGION Sujan Kumar Saraswati ICAO Asia Pacific Office, Bangkok SP/1.

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1 International Civil Aviation Organization ATN/AMHS IMPLEMENTATION IN ASIA/PACIFIC REGION Sujan Kumar Saraswati ICAO Asia Pacific Office, Bangkok SP/1

2 2 STRUCTURE Strategy Structure Status Technical Specifications Address Management Handling OPMET & AIS/AIM messages Directory Service Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Conclusion AMHS/SWIM SEMINAR

3 COMMUNICATION GROUND-TO-GROUND Strategy adopted by APANPIRG/17 – August 2006 – ATN to be implemented in compliance with ICAO requirements – Initially support ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) to replace AFTN – Deploy Backbone ATN routers to provide reliable infrastructure to eventually support air-ground applications – Reasonable timeframe be established to replace AFTN with AMHS – Message Transfer Agent sites to provide AFTN/AMHS gateways – States to cooperate with each other in the implementation – States to organize training – After successful deployment of ground-to-ground ATN, should introduce air-to-ground – Deploy dual stack protocols (OSI/IPS)

4 ATN OVER OSI AND ATN OVER IPS Conclusion 19/20 – Adoption of ATN over IPS in addition to ATN over OSI That, considering the inclusion of ATN over IPS SARPs in ICAO Annex 10, Volume 3 and to support global harmonization of ATN implementation, States hosting BBIS be urged to implement ATN over IPS in addition to ATN over OSI and complete this implementation of Dual Stack ATN (ATN/OSI and ATN/IPS) by 2011.

5 DUAL STACK Dual Stack at the MTA level Dual Stack at the sub-net level Dual stack at IP level : - Address allocation- IPv4 vs. IPv6 TP4 CLNP AMHS MTA ISO/OSI AMHS Message IP Based AMHS Message ATN Router MTA ATN Router ATN Router IP Router IP Router IP RFC 1006 TCP

6 ASIA/PAC REGIONAL ROUTER PLAN ATN Backbone Site ATN Site Plan ATN Backbone Plan ATN Link New Zealand Operational ATN Backbone Operational ATN Link United State of America Japan Hong Kong, China Palau Micronesia, Federal State of Marshall Island American Samoa FijiAustralia Papua New Guinea Timor Leste Mongolia DPR Korea Cambodia Wallis and Futuna Islands TuvaluNew Caledonia Cook Islands Kiribati French Polynesia Niue Nauru Tonga Solomon Islands Samoa Vanuatu Sri Lanka Indonesia Singapore Myanmar Pakistan Nepal Bhutan India China Bangladesh Thailand Maldives Island Malaysia Brunei Darussalam Russian Federation Lao Vietnam Macau China Philippines Taiwan

7 INTER-REGIONAL CONNECTIVITY Inter-Regional Trunk Connection New Inter-Regional Trunk Connection Intra-Regional Trunk Connection New Intra-Regional Trunk Connection NAM Region EUR Region MID Region AFI Region APAC Region AU CN JP IN TH SG HK US is North America Backbone FJ Japan China Hong Kong, China Thailand Fiji India Singapore Australia North America Europe Middle East Africa

8 8 AMHS IMPLEMENTATION STATUS ADMINISTRATIONLOCATIONTARGET DATEREMARKS AustraliaBrisbane2006Implemented ChinaBeijing2010Implemented Hong Kong ChinaHong Kong2009Implemented FijiNadi2010Implemented IndiaMumbai2010Implemented JapanFukuoka2006ISO/OSI Singapore 2010Implemented ThailandBangkok2012 USASalt Lake City2006Implemented AMHS/SWIM SEMINAR

9 9 TECHNICAL SPECFICATIONS ATNICG/6 recognized that Asia/Pacific requirements for ATN/AMHS developed at different times in several manuals based on different versions of Doc 9705 and EUROCONTROL AMHS Manual. Creates an Ad-hoc group to develop a baseline document. APANPIRG adopts AMHS Technical Specifications – Draft Conclusion 22/18 – Asia/Pacific AMHS Technical Specifications That, the Asia/Pacific AMHS Technical Specifications provided in the Appendix E to the Report on Agenda Item 3.4 be adopted. AMHS/SWIM SEMINAR

10 10 AMHS REGISTER ICAO established AMHS Management Domains and Addressing Information Register available on web link MHSRegisterList.cfm MHSRegisterList.cfm States urged to review information provided in respect of their administrations and get it corrected in case it is not correct. Project title (Insert, Header & Footer)

11 11 EUROCONTROL AMC ICAO in cooperation with EUROCONTROL establishes procedures for coordination and synchronization of AMHS addresses on short/medium term States invited to designate representatives to register as AMC users using procedures described For long term, true global method of AMHS address management required. States shall support CAAS addressing scheme and BBIS States shall support both CAAS and XF addressing scheme (Strategy) Project title (Insert, Header & Footer)

12 12 HANDLING OPMET MESSAGES ICAO supports XML for OPMET messages Milestones reported to CNS/MET SG/14 AFTN limitations to handle XML messages – Some States not implemented full IA-5 character set – Limitation line length 69 characters – Limitations message length 1800 characters. AFTN and AMHS expected to co-exist for considerable period of time. Regional OPMET Data Banks RODB to accept either AFTN or AMHS, so AFTN/AMHS Gateway required to be implemented. Project title (Insert, Header & Footer)

13 13 AMHS GATEWAY – OPMET MESSAGES Convert non-Annex 10 ITA2 characters to “?” before passing to AFTN Part messages of more than 1800 characters Convert IA5 IRV characters, if in lower case, into equivalent upper case characters Wrap lines if longer than 69 characters AMHS/SWIM SEMINAR

14 14 XML FOR AIM Elements of specifications for Digital NOTAM to be included in Amendment 38, Annex 15 Amendment 38, Annex 15 – Substantive chapter on digital services; and – Incorporation of requirement to enable digital data exchange (AICM/AIXM) Digital NOTAM encoded in AIXM 5.1 is 20 times larger than equivalent Text NOTAM Exchange of some static messaging requirement like AIRAC cycle amendments may be challenging Project title (Insert, Header & Footer)

15 15 DIRECTORY SERVICE Reference ATNICG WG/8 – WP/6 & WP/10 – 28/09/2010 In support of ATN Directory Service a) can be used to distribute, update and synchronize address translation data between ATN & AMHS b) allows lookup and browsing of ATC object entries by operational and administrative staff c) can support Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for digital signatures for AMHS and other applications d) will provide more efficient & timely management of the data required to operate the AMHS & AFTN gateways Reasons for not using Directory Service a) only a few ANSPs are using AMHS b) those that are using want to gain more experience before committing to deploy the Directory Service – recognizing the associated difficulties Project title (Insert, Header & Footer)

16 16 DIRECTORY SERVICE X.500 based Directory Service specified in Doc 9880 Part IV Technical Specifications Distributed Global System Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) product Main Directory Service Requirements – Resolve names between ATN & AMHS – Manage distribution list – Publish user attributes capabilities – Support AMHS security Project title (Insert, Header & Footer)

17 17 VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL VoIP to transmit audio data (especially voice) via IP packets. EUROCAE/67 created to examine use of VoIP in Air Traffic Management environment. Benefits for ground-ground communication – Technical benefits: single network – Cost reduction: single network for voice & data – Flexibility: IP solution Main issues to be addressed – Safety of operations – Continuity Release of documents in Feb 2009 Transition issues AMHS/SWIM SEMINAR

18 18 VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL Voice networks normally are Connection Oriented, whereas data networks are mainly Connection-less. Benefits – Network availability – Continuity/contingency Issues with IP – Data corruption – Sequence of receipt of datagrams – Loss or destruction of datagrams – Safety critical & administrative communication AMHS/SWIM SEMINAR

19 19 CONCLUSION Dual Stack BBIS in place to meet APANPIRG Conclusion 19/20 timeline AFTN and AMHS to coexist for considerable period of time Many options coexisting For AMHS to be really acceptable, applications need to developed Transition to SWIM AMHS/SWIM SEMINAR

20 20

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