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Strategies to Ensure ROI From Ipv6 Transition and Deployments Alpna Doshi Asst. Vice President – Telecom Business Unit Satyam Computer Services Ltd. Email:

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1 Strategies to Ensure ROI From Ipv6 Transition and Deployments Alpna Doshi Asst. Vice President – Telecom Business Unit Satyam Computer Services Ltd. Global IPv6 Summit June 2003

2 2 Essence IPv6 acceptance for large scale deployments need a demonstration of Operational efficiencies through clear ROI. The Need The Focus This presentation focuses on IPv6 transitions for carriers and infrastructure providers through proven actionable strategies to overcome challenges and in turn derive a well defined phased ROI.

3 3 IPv6 Adoption Business Drivers for N. America Transition and Deployments – Rising Interests Return on Investments - Strategy Implementation Challenges of Wide Scale Deployments Strategies from APAC – A proven ground Summary Topics

4 4 IPv6 on an As-Need Basis Prime Reason for Introduction – Additional Address Space in Wireless Data Providers and Asian public networks A means to leapfrog – government initiatives New Business Opportunities - Equipment vendors Justification of expenses to implement in hardware Gradual transitions based on Technical Requirements IPv6 Adoption - Analysts Believed … Slow Commercial Deployments on IPv6 Adoptions

5 5 US Global Roaming Security QoS Address Reconfiguration Multicasting Looking for Applications Carriers Interests Deployments through transitional moves to minimize ROI impacts Europe Mobile QOS Security Driven by Wireless Japan,China, Korea,Taiwan IPv6 Not an option – its a must Partnership with Content providers Government driven By 2005 wide scale deployments First to move

6 6 From the Eyes of Infrastructure Providers Enablers of Revenue Assurance Box Technology Support of Content Mixed Deployments Stackable Switches Routers and Hubs NICs Application software Investments dependent on Provider Demands – Rising trend

7 7 Global Uniformity New Revenue Streams with minimal Infrastructure Changes Economy Improvement Large Customer Based - Reach Small businesses - Affordability Enhancements to Features Business Drivers in N. America Technologists as Navigators and Proactive Agents to the Society

8 8 IPv6 IPv4 or IPv6 Existing IPv4 Internet Mobile Terminal SIP Proxy Server Media/ Signalling Gateway PSTN SIP Client SIP Proxy Server Operators ISP WWW Server MobileIPv6 Model End Users on the Run 400M Mobile Internet Users Global Uniformity A Third Arm to dynamically Shrink Distances – Mobile Devices

9 9 Home Entertainment Storage Area Networks High Speed Internet Access Mobile Terminals Existing Infrastructure Internet VC – Variable Bit Rate SIP VC – Constant Bit Rate Internet SIP Serve r Other Operator’s Multimedia Domain IPv4 or IPv6 address DSLAM ATM IP Core BAS IPv6 Multimedia Domain Globally routable IPv6 address(es) The Supply Chain Cycle continues to foster New Content to Generate Revenue for Providers New Revenue Streams

10 10 Economy Improvement For APAC IPv6 is one of the ways to keep the Economy well – Can we apply to US? Peer To Peer Global Communications Increased opportunity to growth of businesses Security and Performance a Must for all such transactions

11 11 New Technology vs. Enhancements Only Software Ready Routers and Switches IPv6 Enabled No Need to Dedicate Box for DHCP Server and NAT Where is the Cost? Does IPv6 Give Cost Savings? JUSTIFYJUSTIFY REALITYREALITY Transition and Deployments – Rising Interests IPv6 Investments Is a Key Topic of Discussion for All Types of Providers

12 12 Phase IIPhase IIIPhase I Ipv4 vs Ipv6 Benefits Technical Analysis Prioritization of KPIs QOS, Security… Deployment Scenarios and Scale # Nodes, Routers,.. Process Map Assumption: Existing IPv4 Deployments Existing Embedded Investments Revenue Assurance Via IPv6 New Revenue Generation Via New IPv6Content New Infrastructure Embedded Investment ROI Via Quantitative ROI – Strategy IPv6 Implementations, if phased out strategically with Feature Vs Content Mapping will derive the Needed ROI

13 13 Qualitative ROI - Strategy IPv6 Qualitative ROIs Analysis Needs to Incorporate A Longer Term View of Implementations OpportunitiesBenefitsStrategies Transitions New Deployments Increase in the number of Service Offerings Faster Delivery of Services Efficient SLA Management Increased Customer Satisfaction Simplified Management and Administration Improved Technology talent Start at the Edge Dual Stack Tunneling Next is Core Routine Enhancements

14 14 Implementation Challenges Wide Scale Deployments Keeping CAPEX Untouched Maximization of OPEX OSS Enhancements Core Network Upgrades – Equipment manufacturers standpoint Changes in Access Network Integration Challenges – Bringing it all together Changes are always challenging – specially when it has to Embrace a Large Domain

15 15 Strategies from APAC – Proven Ground Systematic Approach Transitions & Deployment ROI Advantage Points for US from ROI Benchmarks and Service support – Applicability from APAC

16 16 Summary… Phased ROIs In Wide Scale Deployments and transition to IPv6 Enterprise Driven Demands But Technologists Play a Key Role in Shaping it Overcoming ROI & Implementation Challenges Recommendation to Carriers and Infrastructure Providers

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