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NetScanTools ® LE Law Enforcement Version of NetScanTools ® from Northwest Performance Software, Inc.

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1 NetScanTools ® LE Law Enforcement Version of NetScanTools ® from Northwest Performance Software, Inc.

2 NetScanTools ® LE is a collection of tools used to gather information about IP addresses, domain names, hostnames, and email addresses remotely through the internet.

3 NetScanTools ® LE NetScanTools ® History  NetScanTools Standard introduced 1995, discontinued 2004  NetScanTools Pro - 1999  NetScanTools Basic - 2009 (freeware, similar to Standard version)  NetScanTools LE - 2010

4 Customer Wishes Law Enforcement customers were looking for a version of NetScanTools tailored to their needs. NetScanTools Pro has too many tools with too many options that they never use. Needed to be more friendly to a less technical audience.

5 Customer Requirements Law Enforcement customers provided a list of needed network tools. Manual Tools  Whois, Ping, Traceroute, DNS Tools, Ping Sweep, Port Scanner, Email Validate, IP to Country, Real Time Blacklist check, Text-only Web Page Grabber and Finger.

6 Manual Tools - Whois Whois automatically selects the whois server to use Accepts IPv4 addresses and domain names Shows DNS and other information

7 Manual Tools - Multidomain Whois Uses a base domain name and allows you to query multiple TLD registars for that domain Each result is saved in the case database

8 Manual Tools - Traceroute Traces the route packets take between your computer and the target using standard ICMP echo packets

9 Manual Tools – Ping Sweep Pings every IPv4 address within a range you specify Shows active systems that respond to ICMP pings

10 Manual Tools – DNS Tools Core Look up IPv4 addresses, hostnames and domain names Get Basic DNS Records, NSLOOKUP, Dig+trace, Zone Transfer

11 Manual Tools – Real Time Blacklist Check Look up IPv4 addresses or mail server names on blacklists Example shows a real spam source

12 Manual Tools – Port Scanner TCP full connect or UDP port scans Linear range of ports or list of common ports

13 Manual Tools – IP to Country Accepts single IPv4 address or a list of addresses Local database lookup, no internet query required

14 Manual Tools – Text Only Web Page Grabber Safely captures a web page Shows all data received from the web server including hidden headers

15 Customer Requirements Automated Mode  Input an IP address, hostname, domain name, or email address and get results  Select only tests you need

16 Customer Requirements Case Oriented  All tool queries automatically saved to a case database  Case database is mandatory

17 Customer Requirements Packet Capture records each tool's network conversations  Runs independently  Includes quick view of captured packets  Packet Capture files are fully Wireshark compatible  Companion MD5 file is automatically saved when capture file is saved

18 Packet Capture Packet Capture runs separately while you do your work Save the capture for later inspection or validation of your work

19 Data Validation MD5 hash signature companion text files are saved when results are saved to a text file. Packet Capture files have the same MD5's. Internal database results are monitored using hash signatures MD5 signatures of external files can be validated by other programs

20 Customer Requirements Reports  Clear and simple without extraneous information  Viewed in web browser. This allows printing, saving and emailing from the browser.

21 Reports from Manual Tools Report selection window  By target  By range of tests  Display single or multiple tests  MD5 checksum status of tests

22 Manual Tools Test Reports – DNS Core Example Reports are straightforward and show the results without distracting 'eye candy' Note all tests are timestamped

23 Reports from Automated Mode Report selection window  MD5 checksum status of each test is shown

24 Automated Mode Reports – An Example Automated reports are like manual reports with appended results Note all tests are timestamped

25 Help when you need it Detailed Help File available by pressing F1 Backed by a company with 15 years experience Register for support

26 Strengths and Advantages NetScanTools LE draws upon previous design experience making it a robust program Low cost for Law Enforcement We support our products. Shareware or open source programs are often not supported.

27 Pricing and Availability NetScanTools LE is $69 for Law Enforcement $129 for all others Available as 'unlocked' download Available on CDROM

28 NetScanTools ® LE Contact Info (360) 683-9888 8am-4pm Pacific Time Request a trial at our website

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