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YungJin Suh (Director of Internet Technology Team, KISA) APTLD Meeting 25 Agust 2011.

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1 YungJin Suh (Director of Internet Technology Team, KISA) APTLD Meeting 25 Agust 2011

2 July 23 rd, 2009 Established the KISA Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) National Internet Development net Agency (NIDA) Korea IT International Cooperation Agency (KIICA)

3 Korea Internet & Security Agency Managing Internet Address Resources Leading a Healthy Internet Culture Future Competitive Power, the Internet

4 Internet Address Resources Management Management KR DNS Service International[F] Root DNS Service IP Address Allocation Service IPv6 Endorsement Service Korea Internet & Security Agency

5 .KR domain is registered thru 32 authorized.KR agencies(registrars) 1,013, domains are registered.KR Domain registration.KR Domain Name Server Role : Response all.KR domain query Operating status : 11 slave DNS servers for domestic and foreign location.KR DNS(KISA).KR DNS (ISP’s) Total query E. KISTI/Daejeon (IPv4/IPv6) F. HANARO/Seoul (IPv4) G.DENIC G.DENIC (IPv4/IPv6,mirror) (IPv4/IPv6,mirror) : kr DNS : kr DNS mirror B. KT/Seoul(IPv4) Daily.KR query G.Verisign/Dulles, VA, USA (IPv4,mirror) (IPv4,mirror)  0. 7 billion queries/day  0.6 billion queries/day  1.3 billion queries/day E.CNNIC (IPv4/IPv6,mirror) (IPv4/IPv6,mirror).KR query status C. DACOM/Anyang (IPv4) G.NIDA/Seoul (IPv4/IPv6) D.NIDA/ISC/Redwood, CA, USA (IPv4) D. NIDA/Seoul(IPv4) G.BRNIC G.BRNIC (IPv4/IPv6,mirror) (IPv4/IPv6,mirror) G.SGNIC G.SGNIC (IPv4/IPv6,mirror) (IPv4/IPv6,mirror)

6 Korea Internet & Security Agency.KR DNS Traffic Mornitoring.KR DNS Analysis Abnormal DNS Symptom Detection like DoS attack, etc. DNS Mornitoring System Precaution System linked with KISA Rapid DNS Recovery Service DNS Traffic Mornitoring Internationl root DNS Traffic Mornitoring DNS Analysis/Recovery Service DNS Abnormal Monitoring

7 Korea Internet & Security Agency

8 Major information system operation business - DNS(Domain) registration management, IP address management, RFID, DNS analysis condition, IPv6, Host statistical, History museum, system operation business etc (12 core business) Operation business System Engineers 10 people (day 4 people, Night 6 people) → (24hours/7days) - Night worker : 2 people, 3time shift Other Business(10 business) - Back-up system, Homepage, Business support (Personnel/Account) system, Entrance control, Mailing etc(10 business)

9 International(F) Root DNS Service Korea Internet & Security Agency F, (Palo Alto, 미국 ) Korean User G, (Vienna,USA) C, (Herndon,USA) D, (College Park,USA) H, (Aberdeen, USA) B, (Marina del Ray, USA) M, (Tokyo, Japan) K, (London, 영국 ) I, (Stockholm, Sweden) L, (Marina del Ray, USA) A, (Herndon,USA) J, (Herndon, USA) E, (Mffett Field, USA) Worldwide Root DNS Location F, Seoul, Korea J root/gTLD( was opened at KT-IDC on 19 Oct 2004 All DNS queries will be processed in domestic The 3rd Installation in Asia after Japan, Hong Kong (Aug 2003)

10 Korea Internet & Security Agency ISP Internet User English Domain DB Korean(Hangeul) Domain DB IP, AS DB Cyber Police Query Search Query WHOIS 서비스 ( 인터넷주소추적 ) Allocate IP, AS to mostly 119 ISPs Provide information about registered.KR domain, IP and AS by only NIDA.KR domain query IP, AS query Total Query 270,000/day 330,000/day IP,AS address allocation WHOIS service Daily status of WHOIS query 600,000/day IP,AS address allocation

11 Korea Internet & Security Agency IP Address status IPv4 possession ranking IPv6 possession ranking 1stU.S.A (1,534,084,352) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th China (331,630,848) Japan (202,087,168) Europe (153,919,392) South Korea (112,218,624) Germany (98,173,016) France (84,306,528) United of kingdom 83,120,768) Canada (80,002,560) Australia (47,549,440) U.S.A (16,707) Germany (10,616) Japan (10,919] France(8,587) South Korea (5,216) Europe (6,1888) Italy (4,241) Australia(8,486] Brazil (65,728) Taiwan (2,325) (unit: block) (unit)

12 Korea Internet & Security Agency ■ IP4 Address ■ IP6 Address

13 Korea Internet & Security Agency IPv6 Network (6NGIX, 6KANet) IPv6 Portal ( ▶ Show IPv6 demonstration projects of Korea and provide IPv6 related information ▶ 6NGIX : IPv6 traffic exchange center between ISP and IX of Korea ▶ 6ANet : IPv6 subscriber’s network for public and research sector 6NGIXDomestic:11Foreign:5 KREONet2 SamsungNetworks Serverbank LG Dacom KT Research Center SKNetworks Han Internet SKBroadband KINX KTF KT Public sector CNNIC BT HINet CBN HurricaneElectric 6KANetDomestic:10

14 Korea Internet & Security Agency



17 ■ Internet Users doubled (at rate of 7.1% CAGR) in a decade [ Changes in Korea's Population and Internet Users (%, thou.)]

18 Korea Internet & Security Agency ■ Average age of Internet users increase 6 years [ Changes in the Average Internet User of Korea]

19 Korea Internet & Security Agency Training Professional Manpower Leading the critical infrastructure protection Promoting of Information Security Industry

20 Korea Internet & Security Agency



23 Personal Information Infringement Monitoring

24 Korea Internet & Security Agency

25 Global Marketing Strengthening the International Cooperation

26 Korea Internet & Security Agency





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