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News from Latvia Baiba Kaškina, Katrīna Sataki LITNET conference 2008, 25-27.08.2008.

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1 News from Latvia Baiba Kaškina, Katrīna Sataki LITNET conference 2008, 25-27.08.2008.

2 LITNET conference 2008 Outline General picture History – former LATNET Why SigmaNet? Hierarchy – IMCS UL, SigmaNet and NIC NIC, CERT NIC.LV SigmaNet today Services Network Staff Future perspectives

3 LITNET conference 2008 General picture

4 LITNET conference 2008 Short history 1992 - Internet started in Latvia 1992 - Latvian Academic network laboratory established at IMCS UL 1994 – commercial LATNET network established 1998 – LATNET joins TERENA, CEENet 2000, 2004 – LATNET participates in GÉANT, GÉANT2 project 2007 – 15th anniversary – revolution! split-up with the commercial network change of name to SigmaNet new management 2008 – preparations for GÉANT3

5 LITNET conference 2008 Split-up details New name, logo, branding Change of all IP addresses Change of many servers, routers Change of personel, lost some people Lost almost all network Agreements with providers

6 LITNET conference 2008 Why SigmaNet? Difficult to find a good name! LeoNet, LaRiNet, LaEduNet IMCS UL logo  SigmaNet Another good idea – i-LUMIINet IMCS UL in Latvian = LU MII

7 LITNET conference 2008 Hierarchy Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia SigmaNetNIC CERT NIC.LV Other laboratories – computer science, mathematics, artificial inteligence, etc. Bookeeping, human resources, secretary, etc.

8 LITNET conference 2008 NIC – Latvian domain registry TLD.LV registry Mandate until 2011 Independent from NREN since 2006 60 000 registered domain names Planned: Customer system Liberalisation of Rules DNSSec, etc.

9 LITNET conference 2008 CERT NIC.LV Former LATNET CERT, founded in 2006 Renamed and moved under NIC in January 2008 Trusted Introducer accredited – May 2008 FIRST accreditation – in process LITNET CERT – sponsors – THANK YOU!!! Constituency IMCS UL network Academic network Other customers with collaboration agreements Services, responses, confidentiality Behind LV-CERT initiative

10 LITNET conference 2008 SigmaNet today

11 LITNET conference 2008 Departments

12 LITNET conference 2008 Staff 54 people (SigmaNet & NIC) 42 – SigmaNet only 3 PhD, ~20 master degrees Young and active team Open to education Good for European statistics!

13 LITNET conference 2008 Services GÉANT connectivity E-mail, website hosting Data center, collocation Webpage development (discontinued) Software development (e-mail system, data bases for own needs) Grid technologies – research, production Grid Latvian Grid certification authority Customer support, 24x7 helpdesk Invoices, billing Seminars, education Video conferences, IPv6, research studies Security, incident response – via CERT NIC.LV

14 LITNET conference 2008 Network GÉANT2 connectivity for all academic customers 1 Gb/s now 2,5 Gb/s - soon Very few lines owned (in Riga) Network procured from other providers Lattelekom, Telia, Telecentrs, Unistar, VITA, etc.

15 LITNET conference 2008 Projects Grid projects BalticGrid, BalticGrid II Latvian Grid project GÉANT2 -> GÉANT3 Porta Optica Study – finished 2007 Baltic Rural Broadband – finished 2008

16 LITNET conference 2008 Customers E-mail, hosting ( both academic and general public ): ~3500 institutions / agreements ~40 000 mailboxes Data center – ~90 agreements ( both academic and general public ) Network – 46 institutions, 55 locations Universities Research institutes Libraries Schools Other institutions

17 LITNET conference 2008 Opportunities and obstacles Opportunities Good & smart team New ideas Better collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science (GÉANT3) Obstacles Public procurement necessary Rector of the University of Latvia approves prices No network, no real possibilities to build it

18 LITNET conference 2008 Ideas for future Collaboration on variuos projects (e.g., TF-Storage meeting) Pan-Baltic fiber (Porta Optica Study) Even closer CERT co-operation Visit domain name registry Joint pan-Baltic summer Sport games?

19 LITNET conference 2008 Your are always welcome to visit SigmaNet & NIC!!! http://www.sigmanet.lv – SigmaNet webpage http://www.lumii.lv – Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science webpage http://www.nic.lv – TLD.LV registry webpage http://cert.nic.lv – CERT NIC.LV team webpage

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