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1 Facilities System Integration for Optimized Energy, Safety, and Comfort It’s Not Just Temperature Controls Anymore! Business Track Agenda Industry Update.

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1 1 Facilities System Integration for Optimized Energy, Safety, and Comfort It’s Not Just Temperature Controls Anymore! Business Track Agenda Industry Update - Ed Merwin Services Overview - Scott Boehm R2-AX - Ed Merwin Threat Level Strategies - Roger Rebennack Open Forum - All

2 2 Facilities System Integration for Optimized Energy, Safety, and Comfort It’s Not Just Temperature Controls Anymore! Ed Merwin Director VYKON Automation, Energy, Security Tridium, Inc.

3 33 Agenda Automation Industry Update –Protocols & Technologies Integrated Intelligent Buildings –Definition –Examples Real Projects – Real Value


5 55 Protocols BACnet Lon Works Modbus OPC SNMP OBIX DALI OpenADR Frameworks –Niagara/Sedona Haystack Protocol Transition –Security, Encryption –IP

6 66 Wireless IEE 802.15.4 –Mesh Networking Zigbee BACnet and Wireless –BACnet International has approved the ZigBee building automation standard Z-Wave –Residential, Light Commercial 6LoWPan –IPV6, Low Power, Personal Area Network –Commercial, Industrial EnOcean –Battery-less WiFi –Becoming more affordable at the device level


8 88 IT Security Security Standards and Certification –DIACAP –Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) –Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) –Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption

9 99 Mobile Apps

10 10 Mobile

11 11 Emerging Technologies IPV6 –Expanding the IP address space IPSO Alliance –IP for smart objects –IT and Buildings Industry Partners Internet Of Things

12 12 Power Technologies POE EMerge Alliance –An open industry association –Adoption of safe DC power distribution in commercial buildings

13 13 Security & Video Technologies Security & Video Industry is catching up to Open Standards ONVIF – Open Network Video Interface Forum –Interoperability between IP-based physical security products regardless of manufacturer –AXIS, Bosch, Honeywell, Pelco, Siemens ….. PSIA - Physical Security Interoperability Alliance –Interoperability of IP-enabled security devices across all segments of the security industry –Honeywell, Cisco, IBM, Stanley, Pelco


15 15 What is an Intelligent Building? GOVERNMENT OFFICE BLDG. INDUSTRIAL HOSPITALITY HEALTHCARE EDUCATION RETAIL MULTI- HOUSING MUSEUMS Intelligent buildings apply technologies to improve the building environment and functionality for occupants/tenants while controlling costs, improving security, comfort and accessibility. Efficient, Safe, Comfortable

16 16 Intelligent Building Characteristics Designed around Users Improves Security Enhances Comfort Provides Energy Savings Enterprise-wide Energy Monitoring Everything Communicates System Data Sharing Local Command and Control Remote Command and Control Accessible from Anywhere Designed for Reliability Affordable Adds Value

17 17 Stakeholder’s Perspective Multiple systems to maintain Need productivity tools for day to day work Easy migration of legacy systems Limited training time ! Reduce operating costs Maintain high quality service levels Department coordination Enterprise integration for business processes Develop energy saving strategies −Identify/ monitor energy usage −Reduce operating cost Deal with utilities, bills, rates Allocate costs or bill tenants Site Maintenance EnergyConsulting Eng. IT/ Security Network / Server uptime Data security & integrity Physical Security −Access control − Video surveillance Save energy consumption in datacenters Open protocol systems Reliable solution Choice of vendors Easy to specify systems and verify operation Owner/ CFO Planning & Budgeting Control operating costs Need proven ROI for spending Peace of mind!

18 18 What’s a dashboard? A well-engineered representation of data that fits the mission Data and artwork that … –Gets Attention –Tells a Story At any appropriate location Using any appropriate technology To the right audience With the right metrics, KPIs Glider

19 19 787 Dashboard

20 20 Role Based Dashboards Commuter Tony Stewart

21 21 Role Based Information Sustainability Officer CFO

22 22 Location Based Dashboards


24 24 Getting Data Database to Database Frameworks Web Services, Drivers (Connectors) –XML –OBIX –Haystack –Queries Mobile –Email, Text, Tweet, Apps


26 26 Lighting Electrical Card Access VideoElevators HVAC Buildings have many systems No Data Sharing Silos of systems Silos of responsibility Disparate Systems

27 27 BACnet Modbus DALI LonWorksZigBee Proprietary Silos of Protocols Disparate Protocols


29 29 Interoperability of Protocols & Systems BACnet Modbus LonWorks Proprietary Interoperability Middleware Frameworks Normalize Device Protocols. Everything looks the same regardless of protocol or system Tools for easy integration M I D D L E W A R E F R A M E W O R K EnergyAccess LightingHVAC

30 30 Integration through Web Services New applications and services Energy IP Cameras Web Browser Access Control Appliance HVAC Lighting ModbusBACNetLON MODBUS ® Enterprise Applications Local Area Network HTTP XML, oBIX, Elevator Control XMLoBIX Enterprise Integration OpenADR Utility and Aggregators


32 32 Integrated Floor Plan

33 33 Security Dashboard

34 34 Energy & Emissions Dashboard

35 35 Energy Management & Information Connect Manage Analyze Detect Getting more granular with sub- metering Find the Issues before the Fire Continual Monitoring

36 36 Schools Get It! Weather, Irrigation, Plumbing, Food Safety, Solar

37 37 Facility Ranking

38 38 Leverage Technology & Value Weather, Leaks Pilferage, Food Safety Card Access, Event Scheduling Weather, Demand Response Vandalism, Leaks

39 39 Video for Facilities Integrated Video with Equipment Status and Temperature Burner On 160 Deg Fuel=Oil

40 40 Re-task Video on Alarm/Event Freeze Alarm = Look to Ceiling Water flow @ Night = Look toward Restroom Door Intruder in Frame = Turn on All Lights, Inside and Outside

41 41 A set of “eyes” to look at a high risk area before entering Video Integration - Transformer Vault IN=13,804 V OUT=480 V 138 Deg IN=13,804 V OUT=480 V 138 Deg 84.6 Deg


43 43 Automated Demand Response Connect the utility or aggregator directly to the facility Utility or aggregator provides financial incentives to adjust building energy usage in real time ADR enabled building controller –Ensure the building stays within safety and comfort standards –Adjust usage in increments depending on utility demand –Keep an energy and activity log to verify demand reduction Utility controls demand on the grid Owner gets a check!

44 44 Advanced Demand Response Example Elevator Plant Power/Lighting Energy Reconciliation “Demand Response Alarm” “I have capacity” “Raise Set point 1 degree” Wireless “Slow Car Speed” XML “90% Load” “Circuit 1, 2 Off” MODBUS ® “Verified KW Shed” “ Generate / email Invoice ” SMTP OpenADR Utility HVAC


46 46 C-Store, QSR Benefits Energy & Operational Savings Reduced Equipment Downtime Reduced Risks Better Customer Experience Higher Profits

47 47 New Kent VA Rest Area LEED Gold Rainwater Harvesting Grey Water Management Geothermal

48 48 Manitoba Hydro Place LEED Platinum Manitoba Hydro Place has exceeded the original target of 60% energy savings $15 million in annual operating costs savings Integrated natural ventilation, shades, blinds, geothermal, atrium water feature

49 49 City of Raleigh HVAC, Lighting, Security, Video, Metering, Car Charging Increased Customer Satisfaction Lower Operational Cost Energy Visibility & Reduction

50 50 MGM Grand MGM Grand/Macau Yearly Savings in excess of $3.1M Over 25 Million kW’s saved Theatrical and Building Systems Interface

51 51 San Francisco Public Utilities Commission LEED Platinum Exterior sun shades Natural ventilation with the use of operable windows Wind turbines along the façade Three roof top solar platforms with 684 panels 45% daylight harvesting Living machine wastewater recycling for flushing use Rain harvesting for irrigation uses 55% percent less energy and consumes 32% less electrical demand than the ASHRAE baseline standard. Jim Sinopoli-Realcomm Advisory

52 52 SFPUC IBMS 13,500 Points 450 Dashboards Rain harvesting for irrigation Elevator Monitoring Waste Water Treatment System Direct Digital Controls Digital Network Lighting Controls Power Monitoring and Control System Fire Alarm and Detection System Solar Energy Collector Metering Wind Energy Power Generator Metering Interior & Exterior Shade Control System Weather Station Monitoring System Window Washing System Water Reclamation Public information & Education Demand Response Alarm management Building Analytics Jim Sinopoli-Realcomm Advisory

53 53 Data Center/Telecom Optimum Uptime Data Centers – Communications Huts Battery Power and Distribution Generation Server Racks Equipment Health

54 54 Daewoo Daewoo Automotive Collecting data in real time from multiple meters and various equipment systems involved in the manufacturing and production operation Processing the data and calculating energy usage and costs for each vehicle Manage the energy efficiency on a per manufactured car basis

55 55 Industrial Energy Optimization Air Compressor Management Output Energy Monitoring Boiler Optimization Honeywell Delphi Web Interface PLC interface O2 Trim Chiller Plant Management Optimum Energy Optimized Chiller Selection Pump Management Tower Optimization Printing Press Energy Quad Graphics Energy Monitoring Kw/Ton Paper

56 56 Conclusions Value of Integration –Energy Savings –Operational Savings – M & O –Better customer service response –Make SURE It Makes SENSE Energy efficiency, comfort, and safety are now a key component of facilities planning, design, and operation Think about what the technology, applications, and people can do for you. –If you can THINK it, you can DO it!


58 58 THANKS! Ed Merwin

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