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Convergence of Info. and Comm. TaeKyoung Kwon 880-9105.

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1 Convergence of Info. and Comm. TaeKyoung Kwon 880-9105

2 Overview objectives –Students with IT and non-IT majors can familiarize themselves with communications and networking technologies –Allow students to combine their own major skills with smartphone- related technologies –Students will develop a simple application on smartphones Course materials –Slides –Technical articles –Programming materials for term project

3 Questions Why the internet is slower than advertised? –E.g. why P2P download is slow? Why frequency is so important in communications? –Why smartphone speed is slower than expected? Why base stations are located at the top of building? Why VoIP is cheaper than phone? Why video often degrades in my smartphone? Why submarines have problems in communications? Why we need recharge phones frequently? –iPhone vs. Android phone

4 Questions How web has changed and will change in the future? How my smartphone can figure out my location? –Why there is sometimes error in my location? Is Big Brother in the novel “1984” going to emerge? What is the convergence between communications and broadcast? What are the issues? What is DDoS? Can it be prevented? Why web is vulnerable? How Tor can hide my web activities? You can add more questions –Send me emails

5 outline Information and communications Internet and other networks Bandwidth and bit rate wireless networks, ubiquitous computing convergence between communications and broadcasting peer-to-peer, web network & web security Smartphone, smart TV Localization Internet of Things (IoT) Vehicular IT Virtualization

6 Term project A simple smartphone programming TA will try his best to help you

7 administrivia Classroom: 301-203 Time: Mon. and Wed., 5pm – 6:15am –May be merged on Wed. TA: Hoongyu Choi –Tel: 880-9147 – Slides and announcements –Check -> courses -> undergraduate –Id: –Passwd:

8 evaluation 30%: mid-term exam 30%: final exam 30%: term project 10%: attendance –Two latenesses will be counted as one absence –I will try my best to start every class 5pm, sharp

9 No cheating Zero Tolerance Cheating Policy Cheating in this class is defined as knowingly or unknowingly participating in the submission of unoriginal work for any test. –Answer to roll-call on behalf of another guy is also cheating If I find out that a student has cheated –Assign a fail grade to the student –Dismiss the student for the remainder of the class

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