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IPv6: a crisis and a strategy Dave Northey Microsoft Ireland.

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1 IPv6: a crisis and a strategy Dave Northey Microsoft Ireland

2 IPv4 Address Pool Depletion NAT (RFC 1631, May 1994) and CIDR (RFC 1517, Sep 1993) Introduced Average 12 allocations per year since 2003 26 blocks remaining (Oct 2009)

3 IPv6 Deployment rate “Only two percent of respondents have migrated to IPv6 across their entire organization.” “Forty percent of those with no migration plans don’t see any compelling benefits to do so.” “73 percent say there is insufficient ROI to proceed.”

4 “There is no business case for IPv6”

5 Business Drivers for IPv6 Application Development.NET and IPv6 reduce application development time which saves money Platform for New Solutions IPv6 supports scenarios that are too complex to work well in IPv4 Secure Seamless Connectivity New ways to keep users connected and secure data in motion Data Collection All data will become available over IPv6, making mashups more valuable

6 Platform for New Solutions Hardest to implement Requires extensive knowledge of IPv6 Custom built solutions Tie technologies together – IPv6 + GPS – IPv6 + RFID

7 ~ 200K IPv6 sensors Building Automation Control Networks – HVAC – Fire Detection/Suppression – Lighting – Security – Temperature/Humidity – People Count – Nearby weather Goals of reducing energy costs/CO2 emissions IPv6 BACNet

8 30% energy reduction Paid off construction cost of building site in 5 years IPv6 BACNet Results

9 Windows Peer to Peer Fundamentals Windows Communication Foundation ASP.NETSQL/DataCOM/COM+ Web Services Communicate TransactionMessaging DiscoveryIdentity Compact Framework C#VBJ#C++…

10 Remote Access New network paradigm enables same experience inside & outside the office Seamless access to network resources increases productivity of mobile users Infrastructure investments also make it easy to service mobile PCs and distribute updates and polices Difficult for users to access corporate resources from outside the office Challenging for IT to manage, update, patch mobile PCs while disconnected from company network HomeOfficeHome DirectAccess Office

11 DirectAccess Server Compliant Client IPsec/IPv6 Data Center and Business Critical Resources NAP / NPS Servers Internet Intranet User Enterprise Network Intranet User IPsec/IPv6 Assume the underlying network is always insecure Redefine CORPNET edge to insulate the datacenter and business critical resources DirectAccess Tunnel over IPv4 UDP, HTTPS, etc. Security policies based on identity, not location

12 “It’s not what IPv6 does, it’s what it enables; it’s what can be built on top of it”

13 What can you do to prepare for IPv6? Start planning now – Identify blockers to IPv6 deployment, plan is to remove those blockers Create a test lab Talk to hardware/software providers about IPv6 support; tell them it is important to you Even if you don’t want to deploy IPv6 today, you need to start testing and planning today Dual stack all web servers Prepare for a rough ride in the next couple of years

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