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Jan Žorž Story about RIPE-501 and RIPE-554 1

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1 Jan Žorž Story about RIPE-501 and RIPE-554 1

2 Jan Žorž About me (in a glance) 2 CEO of Slovenian Go6 Institute IPv6 advocate IPv6 consultant for many Slovenian operators and enterprises In network and Internet operations for 22 years 13 years of experience with IPv6 Active and contributing member of RIPE and IETF community Primary co-author of RIPE-501/554 IPv6 procurement doc Co-author of RFC 6346 (A+P approach to IPv4 depletion) Frequent IPv6 Flyer (Google IPv6 implementors conference, OECD meeting, RIPE, different government meetings, etc…)

3 Jan Žorž RIPE-501/554 - Why and how? Started in Slovenia by asking our government why they don’t require IPv6 when buying equipment Continued through Go6 up to RIPE IPv6 community and towards very successful globally recognized IPv6 procurement document Translated in many languages

4 Jan Žorž RIPE-501/554 – Consensus building process 1,5 year to get consensus on RIPE-501 Another 1,5 years to get consensus on RIPE- 554 Many people from community and industry involved in this process

5 Jan Žorž

6 RIPE-501/554 Why and how? Removes a first speedbump in IPv6 deployment process Governments and enterprises are actually using it “You must require IPv6 and here is recommendation how”

7 Jan Žorž RIPE-501 – official RIPE-NCC BCP

8 Jan Žorž RIPE-554 – TOC

9 Jan Žorž RIPE-554 – hosts mandatory req.

10 Jan Žorž RIPE-554 – hosts optional req

11 Jan Žorž RIPE-501 position paper from a Vendor VendorX position paper: After careful analysis of the RIPE-501 profile, Ci*co is expressing its support for the following reasons: The set of features listed is deployment oriented and takes into account architectures that have been validated by experience. The profile does not restrict itself to a small set of core IPv6 features. The document lists a coherent set of IPv6 features that are likely to help the industry deploy IPv6 at a faster pace. swrel/ps6537/ps6553/brief_c80-674464.html

12 Jan Žorž Improvements in RIPE-554 It now covers: Hosts Consumer-grade Layer 2 switches Enterprise/service provider Layer 2 switches Firewalls, intrusion detection systems Routers and L3 switches CPE and Load Balancer spec Mobile nodes spec Requirements for system integrator

13 Jan Žorž Improvements in RIPE-554 More text, descriptions and explanations:

14 Jan Žorž Improvements in RIPE-554 Only one way to comply: Mix of IPv6 Ready Logo certification and/or the long list of RFCs

15 Jan Žorž






21 RIPE-554 Intended to use as an initial template for European Commission to develop “Generic EU IPv6 profile” 21

22 Jan Žorž Co-authors of RIPE-554 – Q&A time Sander Steffann Jan Žorž Merike Käo 22

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