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Tackers Pilot Project 2007-2010. Acknowledgments Commonwealth of Australia – Dept. Health & Ageing Vic Health Variety Australian Sports Foundation All.

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1 Tackers Pilot Project 2007-2010

2 Acknowledgments Commonwealth of Australia – Dept. Health & Ageing Vic Health Variety Australian Sports Foundation All Tackers Centres who have participated in the Tacker Pilot Project


4 Overview of presentation (1) Why was Tackers developed? (2) Research & Development of Tackers (3) Tackers Mission & Tackers Values (4) Tackers Pilot Project (5) Pilot Project Feedback (6) Future of Tackers

5 Why was Tackers developed? Need to dispel the myth that sailing is an expensive sport Need to better engage with the general public & broaden the appeal of sailing Need to better understand the barriers to participation in low SE groups Need to design a program that has the capacity to support a large volume of participants Need to a uniform, branded program that was centrally managed Need to build a sustainable program that was self-funding in the long-term


7 Entry-level grass roots programs in other sports Comparison with junior intro sail training world-wide Child development & learning Factors associated with under-representation in sport of low SE groups Scaling-up factor for all program elements Financial viability Consultation with parents & children in the target market Existing GISBS syllabus Research & Design of Tackers

8 Tackers Mission ‘To attract an increased number of primary school age children to sailing, have them participate in an initial “fun” sailing experience and progress on a pathway, to a full sail training course, non-competitive participation, and long term club membership at Yachting Australia affiliated clubs’.

9 Tackers Values Kids Centric Non-competitive, fun and social Delivered by Yachting Australia qualified Instructors & Assistant Instructors Program consistent across locations Branded modern presentations Target kids outside of existing yacht club membership Value for money relative to programs in other sports Graduate pathway over several steps & seasons

10 Tackers Pilot Project Year 1 – program design Year 2 – 3 clubs delivering Year 3 – 6 clubs delivering Year 4 – 10 clubs + Mobile Boatshed locations Year 1Year 2Year 32010/2011 Tackers 1 2863047701494 Tackers 2 4067315560 Tackers 3 -2687329 4278 kids sailing through Tackers!

11 Pilot Feedback: (1) Program design Kids in Tackers 2 & 3 need more time than the 12-hr course to develop the skills Tackers 1, 2, 3 are now 20 hrs each The YA GISBS log book are not appropriate for the age of kids in Tackers & the emphasis on practical learning in Tackers Log books not currently used Is there a bad weather policy for Tackers? Tackers program combined on-water & off-water activities so programs continue regardless of weather We need more help with on-water games to improve participants’ learning Re-drafting of Tackers sessions plans to include more learning through fun games We want help building our Tackers season plan for scheduling courses Best practice guidelines for scheduling now available We want to know how to maximise our numbers in Tackers whilst still having space for our usual sailing activities Individual club action plans More after-school programs

12 Pilot Feedback: (2) Branding & Promotion We need a stronger brand for Tackers Design company commissioned Design of promotional materials that attract our target age-group Colour coded level of Tackers We need more promotional material for Tackers Tackers promotional banners at each location Tackers posters & leaflets distributed in the target market We want to get together to promote Tackers in the local media Tackers advertisement to go in local papers & Melbourne’s Child magazine Plus individual clubs local marketing plan We want to use the Tackers designs on our website Tackers graphical standards Approval systems for use of Tackers designs

13 Pilot Feedback: (3) Merchandise We want a range of merchandise in Tackers Each level of Tackers receive a colour coded t-shirt plus: T1 – water bottle & cap T2 – dry bag T3 – Sailing activity book Can we get some other types of merchandise for the program? Tackers stickers & name badges produced We want all our Tackers Instructors & Assistant Instructors in Tackers Instructor uniforms Improved provision of Tackers Instructor uniforms We don’t like the YA GISBS certificates Colour coded Tackers certificates designed

14 Pilot Feedback: (4) Instructor & Assistant Instructor support We want our Instructors & Assistant Instructor trained specifically for Tackers Paid training at The Boatshed or experienced Instructor sent to the new club for the first program Plans for a 1-day Tackers Instructor & Assistant Instructor Training Module – subject to YA approval We want more user friendly Tackers Instructor Manuals Individual Tackers Instructor Manuals for T1, T2, T3 Improved design Check lists included All Instructors & Assistant Instructors provided with copy of all three manuals Our Instructors need help with off-the-water activities Specifically designed Tackers Activity sheets Off-water activities included in the Tackers Instructor Manuals Can you help us find more Instructors & Assistant Instructors? Clubs are linked with Instructors & Assistant Instructors

15 We want our Tackers Instructors & Assistant Instructors to be better at generic professional practice skills Plans for a series of workshops for Tackers Instructors & Assistant Instructors to cover areas such as communication, goal setting, planning. We like the Tackers Centre network meetings that YV organise Increase number of network meeting based on a specific theme (e.g., retention in Tackers, attracting more participants, progression for Assistant Instructors) Our Instructors need some help, training or guidelines to know how to deal with parents A workshop series being developed to address issue like this Can we borrow an Instructor who has run Tackers 3 to help us deliver our first Tackers 3 program? Tackers Instructor network allows clubs to support each other We’ve got a talented Assistant Instructor can you help us develop an action plan for his professional development? Individual action plans developed

16 Pilot Feedback: (5) Misc. YV presence on the ground helps our program develop Tackers Centre on-site support Could the administration of Tackers at club be improved? New Administration & Registration Guide for use by the Tackers Co-ordinator We want to include a child with learning difficulties in our Tackers course can you support us to do this? Short-term develop a specific plan for that child Long-term provide training to all staff Can we have a Tackers newsletter? Tackers Newsletter to be launched as a quarterly publication specifically designed for follow-up with Tackers 1 participants We need an information guide about Tackers so that new clubs understand how to become a Tackers Centre Publication of the Tackers Information & Application Guide for clubs How can we market our Tackers program to schools? Tackers club develop a strategy for working with schools assisted by State Tackers Manager

17 Future of Tackers National program adopted by YA Expansion of the number of clubs in Victoria to:  16 clubs in 2011/12  20 clubs in 2012/13 YA endorsed Tackers Instructor & Assistant Instructor Module Integration of children with disabilities – trial program in 2011 at Mornington Yacht Club Continued development of support materials Strategy for delivering to more under-privileged groups Improved follow-up from Tackers & focus on retention across levels & into clubs

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