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The problems of traditional fax Machine

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2 The problems of traditional fax Machine
Low efficiency Fax Lost Low Resolution Fax Confidentiality Fax Immediate High Communication Cost Hard to Pigeonhole and Transfer

3 Connection of myFAX Network Fax Server
PC Fax Machine Phone Line(In Yellow) TCP/IP PC Fax Machine PSTN LAN Fax Machine PC

4 Fax via Browser

5 Fax Preview myFAX supports to preview the sent, to be sent and received faxes online, and supports zoom in, zoom out, copy, print, send as attachment, image or rotate and so on.

6 Fax Queue myFAX provides three options of privilege to users, all faxes to be sent will queue a line; If you have urgent fax to send, select high priority to send your fax in a moment. If you have urgent fax to send, select normal priority If your fax is more urgent, select high priority Queue in line to send faxes

7 Support address book import. There is no limit of contact quantities
Support address book import. There is no limit of contact quantities. Support send multiple fax files. And it can setup the retry times, validity, fax resolutions, fax line and the schedule time of sending. Fax Broadcast

8 Email2Fax Convert the emails into faxes and distribute
Retrieve s automatically User can send fax by . Send your fax as attachment to the address. myFAX will retrieve at scheduled time automatically, then convert it into fax and send out. It is convenient for those people who are out on business.

9 Fax2Email myFAX converts the fax into email
myFAX system auto-convert the retrieved faxes into s and distribute to the recipient. It is easy to unify the faxes.

10 Print2Fax Any files Which can be print
Convert the document into fax file by the installed virtual printer Any files Which can be print myFAX allows the user to compose a fax from any application that utilizes a printer. To send, the user simply ”prints” the document to the application. Let sending fax is as easy as printing.

11 PBX Integration PSTN LAN PBX
Analog Digital T1/E1 EXT. Co. LAN PBX Many PBX’s and Key telephone systems use Direct Inward Dialing(DID), Digital DID, or Dialed Number Identification Service(DNIS) provided by a T1 or E1 for direct dialing to internal extensions. Unused numbers from these lines can be used for fax numbers, providing employees with their own individual fax number. When a call is received, the PBX converts the number into DTMF tones and sends it to the fax server. The fax server answers the call, receives the fax. Once received, users can view, print or forward the fax to other user.

12 System and Management User Management Address Book Fax Monitoring
Admin setup account parameter and its right Address Book Manage contact data, setup fax broadcast group Fax Monitoring Admin can monitor all incoming and outgoing faxes System Log Provide varies log, which is convenient for management Fax Backup Provide full backup

13 Comparisons Product Specifications /application Compare with myFAX
Fax machine without paper The fax machine has memory, supports receive fax without paper, store the sending fax in the memory, it is convenience for resending. But the cost is higher than common fax machine for $2,000~$5,000 Used among parts of advanced fax machine It does not support Desktop Faxing Fax machine with computer interface Need to purchase a more fax software and computer line for connect with fax machine and computer, then send and receive faxes from desktop . Few use , for not convenience It can not receive faxes while turn off computer It compacts with other software frequently, and lost faxes. But myFAX will not compact with other software or hardware, for it deals with its own CPU . It is not easy to use, and without great functions Can not share via internet Modem + Fax software Insert a modem in computer, then purchase another fax software, like Winfax、Bitware、Supervoice and so on。 It is limited to parts of professional person to use. It is hard to run independently as a fax machine Fax system based on voice card It contains an inner and external voice card and fax software. Used among big companies With high price at $20,000~$100,000 Traditional network fax machine It reduces communication cost by sending faxes on internet Few use Can not send faxes mutually, and it does not approval to use Few succeed to send faxes It often lost faxes as It can not meet the large user’s requirement with only one line

14 Cost Comparison Labor Cost Traditional Fax Machine myFAX Material Cost
Time/page 2Min (Including print, fax, dialing, sending) 20 Seconds Average labor cost $ 8/Hour $ 8 /Hour Average labor cost of each fax $ 0.26 $ 0.04 Sending fax quantity 100Pages/Hour Fax material cost $ 26/Day $ 4 /Day Labor cost/Year $ 9490 $ 1460 Material Cost 100 Pages/Hour Paper cost $ 0.05/Page $ 0/Page Print cost $/ 0.35 Page $ 14600 $ 0 Total Cost Material cost/Year Total cost/Year $ 24090 So myFAX will reduce the cost for you each year as follow: $ $1460 = $ 22630

15 myFAX Maintenance and Efficiency
Desktop faxing Multi-line support Network fax sharing Best cost and benefit Improve work efficiency Fax without paper Simplify fax management Max storage capacity Compact interface and easy to use 24 hours - operate independently

16 Thank you!

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