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MpowR Report 2013-2014 Whitney Padilla & Jordan Harbaugh.

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1 MpowR Report 2013-2014 Whitney Padilla & Jordan Harbaugh

2 MpowR Program – Basics  3 clubs first ½ of year, 4 clubs in 2 nd half.  Each club met 2x/ week, on Monday + Wednesday, or Tuesday or Thursday.  Each club met from 3:45 - 5:15  10 minutes for snack, 30 min for homework, 20 min for reading, 20 for activity, 10 for cleanup.  Average = 20 students per club

3 Increased Teamwork with Schools Districts  Coordinators met with principals to go over the Common Core Curriculum for each grade.  What is Common Core?  Worksheets hand-picked for student deficiencies and focused on Common Core areas.

4 Activity Time  Now focused on math and reading, will continue in ‘14-’15.  Reading Examples: Dominoes with rhyming words/ rhyming bingo, Word Hat, Sentence Strips.  Math Examples: Charts/graphs from M&M bags, hopscotch to learn mult. Tables & number patterns, reading analog clocks

5 Grade Tracking






11 Looking Forward  Data collection proves effectiveness of programs  93% of students w/ 2 years in MpowR programs will improve GPA by an average of 0.97 grade points!!  Continuity / continuation of programs important for student success.

12 Looking Forward  Despite overall gains, many students still struggling studying in their second language.  Could use more staff (2-3 staff per site not enough) or staff volunteer recruiter, both would make program more effective.

13 Looking Forward  Education is extremely important for a prosperous, dignified life.  We would love to provide these programs at all of our sites.

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