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Hinode/EIS Data Products and Archive Access Jian Sun (MSSL)

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1 Hinode/EIS Data Products and Archive Access Jian Sun (MSSL)

2 EIS Basics: as Imaging Spectrometer to do either raster scanning or sit- and-stare observation 2.four slit/slot sections: 1”, 2” and 40”, 266” 3.core line: Ca XVII (192.8A), Fe XII (195.12A), HeII (256.32A) + multiple project lines 4.temperature coverage: log T = 4.7, 5.4, 6.0 - 7.3 K 5.spatial resolution: 1 arcsec pixels 2 arcsec solar resolution 6.line spectroscopy with ~ 25 km/s pixel sampling Doschek, G, SPD 2006 Grating Front Baffle Entrance Filter Primary Mirror CCD Camera Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer (EIS)

3 EIS Field-of-View (FOV) 360  512  EIS Slit Maximum FOV for raster observation 512  800  Raster-scan range Shift of FOV center with coarse-mirror motion 266  slot 40  slot 512  Doschek, G, SPD 2006

4 Data products from EIS example fits file: ts Intensity, Velocity and width maps

5 Velocity map (cont.) width map (cont.)

6 CCD spectra example fits file: eis_l0_20070110_040427.fits

7 EIS Slot Movie: example fits: eis_l0_20070120_121234.fits --- eis_l0_20070120_1724.fits

8 1.From various data archives: MSSL: DARTS: Oslo: 2.From EIS catalogue GUI tool: IDL> eis_cat 3.From EIS command-line: IDL> eis_dbase IDL> eis_list_study, tstart, tend, studies, [search=search, files=files] (eg. eis_list_study,’1-may-07’,’2-may-07’,studies,search=‘target=Active Region’) Access to EIS data:

9 EIS catalogue GUI tool (EIS_CAT):

10 ISAS - DARTS DB MSSL – Hinode SDC Hinode data (e.g. level-0 EIS data) Data processing pipeline MSSL – Website Users Info. about Hinode, EIS, etc. EIS level-0 & 2 data Thumbnails XRT & SOT data Visits & requests Hinode obs. Data (CCSDS fmt.) EIS level-0 & 2 data EIS thumbnails Hinode/EIS Data Access: from Satellite to Users: MSSL Hinode/EIS Data Archive (webpage: )

11 Deliver EIS data to the end-user in a easy way See the data first before downloading Useful information is provided on website for Hinode/EIS Interactive help desk (EIS wiki)

12 Select * from eis_level0 as t1 where t1.DATE_OBS > '2007-03-03T00:00:00' and t1.DATE_OBS < '2007-04-03T00:00:00' and t1.SLIT_ID=‘40”’ and t1.TARGET = ‘Active Region’ order by t1.DATE_OBS SQL query for complex search Four catalogue tables in EIS DB 1.eis_level0 2.eis_level2 3.eis_thumbs 4.eis_studies Select * From eis_level0 as t1 where t1.DATE_OBS > '2007-09-01T00:00:00' and t1.DATE_OBS < '2007-09-02T01:00:00' SQL query examples:

13 EIS Data Archive User’s Guide: EIS thumbnails introduction: How to EIS level-2 data:


15 There are over 230 EIS studies available for your observation!

16 but if there are special requirements: 1.Design your study with EIS software tools: eis_mk_raster, eis_mk_study, etc. 2.Submit your science proposal and study design to 3.EIS operation 4.Access the data from MSSL Hinode/EIS data archive All information about EIS planning and studies are provided on MSSL Hinode/EIS website!

17 Other useful resources: 1.EIS Mapper: 2.EIS Observing Timeline Database: 3.EIS Wiki (Help Desk):


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