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Amazon to buy owner Quidsi for $500M &

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1 Amazon to buy owner Quidsi for $500M &

2 Prepared by Management Department | | Obtaining Technology : Implementation

3 Key Implementation Issues in Obtaining Technology Externally

4 What should we be doing now ?  How will the external effort to obtain innovation capability or technology affect customers ?  How does the organization keep short term commitments to customers while the internal chaos of blending takes place ?  How do organizational priorities change following the externally focused activity ?

5 Example of Product Road Map

6 What are the requirements for key activities ?  The amount of knowledge transfer required  The degree of integration needed  The speed of integration

7 7–7 What and to Whom to Delegate? Not Blending CompromiseCompromise Misplaced Beliefs System Superiority Potential Delegation Traps One technology, one person, from each side Stay focus on strategic goal Selecting the best system Business Process Integration

8 6–8 Planning the Deal and Its Implementation

9 Key Implementation Issues in Obtaining Technology Externally

10 7–10 Implementation: Integration Blended Structures and Cultures Due Diligence Shared Lessons Learned IntegrationIntegration

11 Integration at Cisco Strong due diligence on the firm prior to acquisition identifies all potential issues and problems and critical differences in the acquired firm One-third of top management from the acquired firm fills slots in the new unit Conversion of existing systems, such as computers, to Cisco systems to take advantage of economies of scale 90 days to complete integration of the acquired firm into Cisco

12 7–12 Share Lessons Learned  Leverage shared knowledge through: Analyzing and understanding who knows what. Developing a systematic way to share knowledge. Taking time to be sure that learning and know-how are shared. Remembering that knowledge and information exist at all levels and should be shared with all who can use it.

13 7–13 Characteristics of Types of Acquisitions

14 7–14 Integration: Cultures of Blended Firms  A blended firm’s culture usually takes on one of four forms: Separate cultures: form when a firm is large enough to be a division or SBU within the integrated firm. Dominant culture: two entities merge and one has a very strong culture or is much larger than the other. New culture: there is enough common ground that a new blended culture emerges.

15 7–15 Implementation: Leadership Ensuring activities occur in a timely manner Integrating policies and procedures Developing a strategy for critical activities Leadership Responsibilities

16 Integrating Policies and Procedures Example : Sales tools in NSN

17 Critical Activities for Prioritization  Service / Product continuity  Cost Structure  Internal administrative service  Information systems alternatives

18 7–18 Implementation: Execution Developing Synergies Training and Development Blending Individuals Execution (people-related issues)

19 7–19 Implementation: Alignment Strategic Goals PeoplePeople SystemsSystems OperationsOperations AlignmentAlignment

20 Final Project  Buatlah sebuah ide inovasi di industri tertentu.  Berikan alasan mengapa Anda tertarik memasuki industri tersebut. (gunakan analisis five forces porter)  Buatlah nama perusahaan Anda, dan jelaskan visi dan misinya.  Jelaskan business model perusahaan Anda (jelaskan inovasi yang dilakukan).  Uraikan strategi marketing : target customer, customer value, 4P  Uraikan strategi operasional : proses produksi, apakah inovasi akan dilakukan secara internal / akuisisi  Uraikan strategi HRM : kebutuhan karyawan, pembagian departemen

21 End of Chapter 7

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