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Rehabilitation Upper Limb. A part of the success!

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1 Rehabilitation Upper Limb

2 A part of the success!

3 Rehabilitation = General program Step 1 Inflammatory therapy +Early motion Step 2 Maintenance / strengthening (scapular stabilizers+ GHJ) Step 3 neuro-muscular control and plyometric exercises

4 Inflammatory Posture / positionning Avoidance of painful motion Cryotherapy Ultrasound/ TENS Advice for daily life activities= hygiene, dressing, eating…

5 Early motion Soon after surgery/accident Protect repaired damaged tissue Treatment Active or/and assisted motion for sound joint Passive joint mobilization with respect to pain ex: Pendulum exercise To avoid retraction, amyotrophy, complex pain syndrome

6 Rehabilitation Flexibility exercise for end of motion Scapular stabilizers Closed kinetic chain => open kinetic chain (rythmic exercises) Proprioceptive – neuro muscular control

7 1 sequence of therapy Inflammatory control + early motion Passive motion in all plan Active motion in all plan Proprioceptive neuro muscular control Plyometric

8 Recurrent shoulder dislocation

9 Shoulder’s muscles and bones

10 Shoulder joint

11 Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation 1 J0-J2 = antalgic (PCA-AINS) immobilisation + sling Elbow mobilization +hand J 2-J5 = (AINS + ICE) sling Passive abduction in scapular plane for hygiene = pendulum Isometric contraction ************* After 10 days = no pain

12 Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation 2 4 th to 6 th weeks Passive motion and assisted => 150degrees 6 th to 8 th weeks Active motion without rotation 8 to 12 th weeks Active motion with progressive resistance At 3 month complete flexion + intensive recovery At 6 month progressive sport activity No sport with contact within 1 year

13 Thanks you!

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