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Serials/Integrating Resources Charlene Chou March 18 th, 2013 1.

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1 Serials/Integrating Resources Charlene Chou March 18 th, 2013 1

2 Agenda What’s new? – RDA vs. CONSER Case studies – Print serials Conferences Title change – E-serial – Integrating resource Discussion 2

3 CONSER policy What’s new? – RDA vs. CONSER Identifying manifestations & items – Parallel title, Statement of responsibility, Copyright date, Extent, Date of viewing note Identifying works and expressions – Preferred title for different expression is required; a uniform title is not required for different manifestations, e.g. online vs. print version CONSER Standard Record RDA Core Elements TF Report 1.Recording the authorized access points for a translation (1xx/240 vs. 7xx) 2.Making additions to access points to distinguish works whose titles will otherwise identical (130/240) 3.Recording dates of publication (260 $c) 4.Recording statements of responsibility relating to the title proper (245 $c) Note: the first three are different from the previous CSR guidelines but now in line with RDA Provider-neutral record – new code: 040 ## … $e pn to be implemented 3

4 RDA vs. CONSER 4 Works/Expressions/ Manifestations/Ite ms RDA and/or LC-PCC PS CONSER Other title information (MARC 245 $b) Not RDA core (2.3.4) but core for LC (LC-PCC PS) Not CONSER core but provide if helpful for the user Statement of responsibility (245 $c) RDA core (2.4.2)Not CONSER core Provide it if important for identification Copyright date (264 4) RDA core (2.11) LC-PCC PS (not required for serials/IR) Not CONSER core Extent (300) RDA core (3.4)Required only for tangible non-print formats (discs); if complete and the total extent is known; dead serials Preferred title (130, 245, 240) RDA core (6.2)Required to differentiate from another W/E, but not for manifestation (e.g. online vs. print) Relationship designators (7xx linking entry) RDA J2.6: continues or continued by (work) RDA27.1.1.3: “Also issued as:” RDA26.1.1.3: “Issued also in Portuguese as:” 776 08 $i Print version: 776 08 $i Online version: 780 00 & 785 00 (no $i) 775 08 $i English edition:

5 Sources of Information RDA - Sources of Information Take parallel titles from any source within the resource. 245 00 $a Shi chao = $b Poetry waves. 246 31 $a Poetry waves 500 English title from cover. (RDA2.20.2.3—Cataloger’s judgment) [vs. AACR2, 12.0B3 & LCRI, 21.30J] CONSER RDA Checklist CONSER catalogers transcribe parallel titles in MARC 246 with indicators 11 (RDA2.3.3) CONSER –RDA-Bridge training (RDA2.3.3.2) 245 00 $a Shi chao 246 11 $a Poetry waves But, you also can do: 246 1# $i Issues for … have English title: $a [later parallel title] 5

6 E-serial’s “viewing” note Separate “view-on” note? (RDA – For online resources, make a separate note indicating the date the resource was viewed (see ) RDA Date of Viewing of an Online Resource. For online resources, make a note identifying the date on which the resource was viewed for description. CONSER policy (still uses DBO & LIC with date of viewing in one note) – 588 ## Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 1 (2010); title from journal home page (ACS website, viewed Feb. 4, 2010). – 588 ## Latest issue consulted: Vol. 1, no. 1 (2010) (ACS website, viewed Feb. 4, 2010). 6

7 Print serial: ongoing conference, part 1 (to discuss) 7

8 Print serial: ongoing conference, part 2 8

9 Print serial, part 1 (to discuss) 9

10 Print serial, part 2 (to discuss) 10

11 Title change: earlier title 11

12 Title change: later title 12

13 Title change: later title, part 2 13

14 Example: e-journal 14

15 Example: e-journal, part 2 15

16 Example: integrating resources—databases 16

17 Example: integrating resources—databases, part 2 17

18 Discussion A new description vs. a new work – Carrier type For example, a computer disc Change from CD-ROM to DVD-ROM A new record? – Media type – Mode of issuance If a serial changes to a multipart monograph or an integrating resource, or vice versa RDA vs. Provider Neutral Record RDA vs. CONSER Checklist 18

19 References RDA documentation on CONSER Web site: CONSER RDA Cataloging Checklist CONSER RDA core elements CONSER MARC 21 to RDA core elements 19

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