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2 Where is it? The archaeological site is located at the north-west of Rome, not far from Fiumicino POSITION: The villa takes advantage of the top of a tuff hill called QUARTO DELLE COLONNE and overlooks: - on one side the modern Aurelia street, SS1 - on the other side the Fosso della Bottaccia - on the south the old road to Fregene

The excavation in Castel di Guido began in 1976 when, in collaboration with Dr. Moccheggini Carpano, the Settore Latino of GAR was called to work in some quarters of the Villa which were considered of particular interest and in good state of preservation

4 They worked in the large Oecus and in the Triclinia
The most interesting finding was a fresco in the OECUS, recovered by volunteers and restored by the Superintendence. The paintings are now exposed at the National Roman Museum, in Palazzo Massimo in Rome

5 Some pictures of the excavation of 1976

6 In 2000 the Soprintendenza per i beni archeologici di Roma signed a contract with the GAR (Archaeological Roman Group) for the prosecution of the excavations and the valorization and use of the area. The Settore Aurelio of GAR from 2000 to 2009 continued his great work of research and educational activities, joining the excavation and documentation with the guided tours and laboratories for kids

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