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Molding Dreams -----TEDERIC injection molding machine introduction.

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1 Molding Dreams -----TEDERIC injection molding machine introduction

2 物流 logistic 办公设备Office Equipment 汽车Automobile 建材Construction Materials
食品及药品包装Packing For Food&Medicine 家电House Appliance

3 TEDERIC IMM D-PET Series D-PVC Series D Series D-PPR Series
D-C Series D-M3C Series D-EH Series D-J1 Series D-J2 Series D-PET Series D-PVC Series D-PPR Series D-BMC Series ….. Series D Series TEDERIC IMM D-M Series D-D Series D-J Series D-H Series

4 Tederic IMM Structure Tederic IMM are divided into 3 categories from 3 aspects Different Clamping Unit Different Injection Unit Different Special Function

5 Different Clamping Unit
D series toggle clamping system D-H series two-platen clamping system D Series: Professional, Precise, Power-saving, Short cycle, Stable, Intelligent

6 Different Injection Unit
D Series D-M Series D-J Series

7 D: Parallel injection cylinders

8 Single injection cylinder
D-M: Single injection cylinder

9 Precise Hydraulic shut off nozzle
Single cylinder which is more stable and efficient D-J1: Double stage With low injection pressure Precise Hydraulic shut off nozzle

10 D-J2: Double stage With high injection pressure

11 D-D: Dual color D-C: Marble color Multi color D-DL series D-DH series
D-D series D-C series D-C series

12 Different special function
D-L Series D-ML Series D-F Series D-MF Series D-M3C Series D-PET Series D-PVC Series D-PPR Series D-BMC Series ……Series

13 D-L: multi loop PRODUCTS
Multi loop hydraulic system with function of charging and eject when molds open shorten much the cycle time

14 Single Injection Cylinder
D-F series :Fast Machine D-MF series :Single Injection Cylinder Fast Machine Accumulator Single Injection Cylinder

15 D-PET:for PET material
Professional PET screw and barrel

16 D-PVC:for PVC material
Bowing at barrel ensures exact temperature control Widen safety door

17 --------special design PPR screw
D-PPR: for PPR material special design PPR screw

18 D-M3C: Computer, Communications, Consumer

19 Machine model definition
Clamping style D: toggle unit H:hydraulic(two plate) Machine model definition Clamping unit Hydraulic control style L:multi loop F:fast speed Driver system SV:servo motor V: variable pump VE:electric variable pump

20 Injection unit Injection style I:Double injection cylinder
M:Single injection cylinder C:Multi color J:Double stage E:Electric Injection unit Injection unit 1100:International size P220:Two stage machine (J series plunger diameter) 510/300:multi color machine international size Material feature PS: for Ps material and so on PVC:for PVC material PET:for PET material S:for thermosetting BMC:for BMC material RR:for rubber material


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