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1 ValoriDoc Women in the industry Sylvie Benezeth.

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1 1 ValoriDoc Women in the industry Sylvie Benezeth

2 2 ValoriDoc Industry in the broad sense ➢ manufacturing industry : making products and selling them (i.e. electronics, pharmacy, aeronautics, cars, …) ➢ specialized R&D firms, consulting engineering firms (Bechtel,...) ➢ consulting management firms (Mc Kinsey,...), ➢ software (cap gemini, microsoft, google, …) ➢ services (bank, insurance,...) It can be private sector (multinational groups) or public or semi- public (EDF, CEA, …)

3 3 ValoriDoc My background ➢ degree in Engineering (ECP, Paris, 1977) and MSc in Ocean Engineering (University of Rhode Island, USA, 1980) ➢ started as a consulting engineer at Sogreah in Grenoble (now Altedia) developing coastal hydraulics simulation programs and conducting applied studies for international projects ➢ moved with my family to Valence ==> business manager in an Automatism and Electronic systems manufacturing company ➢ technical director in a company manufacturing geothermal heat pumps ➢ participated in two start-up creation projects ➢ I now work as a consultant in contract engineering to help companies define and negotiate the operational parts of their contracts, especially for long-lasting projects ➢ I participate in the Valoridoc program offered to PhD students by the University of Grenoble (

4 4 ValoriDoc Five studies launched by GEF, a group of Women managers 2003 What career perspectives for women managers ? Survey of 54 big (french) companies 2005 Assessment of your career path Survey of 2700 women graduates 2007 Comparative perspectives of graduate career paths Survey of 2520 graduates (65% men, 35% women) 2009 How to increase the number of women in top management positions ? Interviews of 16 Top managers in big companies + survey of 5430 graduates 2012 What leaders, male or female, for tomorrow ? Interviews of 21 Top managers and entrepreneurs + survey of 4200 graduates details on

5 5 ValoriDoc Small facts, i.e. mobility (source : étude GEF juin 2003) When it is the good time to be identified as a "high potential", at the age of 31 to 35, 24% of women change companies but only 5% of the men do ! Whereas when changing company is a booster for your career, at the age of 36 to 40, 26% of men change companies but only 14% of the women do !

6 6 ValoriDoc Different priorities (source : étude GEF février 2005)

7 7 ValoriDoc Children ? impediment in the career of a graduate woman ? (source : étude GEF février 2007) Have small kids or being of childbearing age A greater desire to spend time with her children Some facts are sometimes cited as obstacles to women careers, being a graduate of one those "Grandes Ecoles", what do you think ?

8 8 ValoriDoc Have you noticed ? Answers from men and women (source : étude GEF février 2007) Have you noticed differences in professional careers of graduate men and women ? Do you think women careers encounter obstacles ?

9 9 ValoriDoc Women behave differently, but men don't realize it (source : étude GEF février 2007) Not as eager to ask for a pay raise or a promotion Putting themselves forward and promoting their actions is not a priority Different taste for power Spend less time in informal networking Some facts are sometimes cited as obstacles to women careers, being a graduate of one those "Grandes Ecoles", what do you think ?

10 10 ValoriDoc Some hints for the future

11 11 ValoriDoc Sources  My own experience ….  Five GEF studies available @  [TIC au féminin] in ENSIMAG magazine: i-mag n°45, July 2010 a book (which I have not read) written in 2012 by S. Bohnké : "Parcours de femmes dans les nouvelles technologies"

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