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Fairview Elementary School, Stockbridge, GA. History of Fairview Elementary  Fairview Elementary School was established in 1929, when several schools.

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1 Fairview Elementary School, Stockbridge, GA

2 History of Fairview Elementary  Fairview Elementary School was established in 1929, when several schools in the area merged to form one school. The school is the oldest continuously operated public school in Henry County, Georgia. The original Fairview had three rooms, which branched off from a round auditorium in the middle.  Fairview was chosen as the name because you could see a “fair view” of all its surroundings.  It served as the hub of the Stockbridge community for many years. Before the development of the Henry County Recreational Center, it served as the host facility for northern Henry recreational activities, political forums, and town hall meetings.

3 Fairview Elementary Mission Statement  Fairview Elementary is committed to providing an engaging environment, where students achieve academic excellence, with the support of all stakeholders

4 Conceptual Framework Focus  F1: Standards-Based Instruction- Demonstrate consistently the content knowledge, standards, essential questions for the optimal development of all students.  F2: Higher-Order Thinking- Demonstrate knowledge through questions that embrace complex thought.  F3: Differentiation of Educational Instruction – Demonstrate how to teach academic instruction using effective differentiation of instruction.

5 Conceptual Framework Expectation  E1: Building Relationships – Through conferencing and communication build relationship with students, parents, and all stakeholders to ensure quality instruction and assessment of learning.  E2: Diversity Sensitivity- Demonstrate respect for all learners and cultures and see learning potentials in all students.  E3: Advocacy: View education as an important process in which all stakeholders are dedicated to improving the educational experience for all students.

6 Conceptual Framework: Skill  S1: Communication- Demonstrate effective verbal and nonverbal communication to facilitate learning with students, understanding with parents, and documentation of student progress.  S2: Technology: Incorporate technology applications to promote learning to reach a variety of learners and to ensure educational equity for our students.  S3: Assessment: Use formal and informal assessments to evaluate and assess teaching and learning.

7 Faculty and Staff  Certified Full Time Staff Members: 39  Classified Staff Members: 19  School Counselor (1)  EIP Teachers (2)  Title I Funded Instructional Leaders: Math Coach and Reading Coach  Title I Funded Teacher (1)  Title I Funded Parent Involvement Person  Pre-K Program ( 1 Teacher/ 1 Para)  1 full-time Gifted Teachers  9 TAG ( Talented and Gifted Classrooms)  Art and Music Alternating Weeks, P.E  Clinic Aide  Computer Instructional Tech

8 Academic Celebrations  Continue to outscore the district in students exceeding the district’s math scores.  Exceeding the district in student writing score.  Exceeding the district in First In Math  Exceeding the district in Stock Market Competition  Exceeding other cluster schools in Math Competitions

9 Celebrations  Top Quality Instructors dedicated to student success.  Consistent Focus on data driven Common Core Instruction.  Embrace and Celebrate Diversity of all cultures. Very inclusive environment.  Minimum negative behaviors  Celebrating Student Successes  Consistent writing to increase student ability to write.  School-Wide Cumulative Common Formative Assessments  Weekly Teacher Driven consistent formative assessments  Additional enrichment activities. ( No down time)  Concept of Charter school use of enrichment through club meetings, exposure to different class structures, “out of the box thinking”

10 Academic Challenges  Increasing Science and Social Studies Scores across the board.  Increasing State Mandated Test Scores in 3 rd grade in all subjects  Increasing test scores of specific subgroups. In Math and Reading

11 Overall Challenges for Fairview  Attendance  Late arrivals/ Early Departures  Exploding Growth creates shifts in class structure  Frequent transition and movement of segments of student population.  Introduction of TAG. ( Talented and Gifted Classes)

12 SCHOOL PROFILE DATA 2007- 2008 2008-20092009- 2010 2011- 2012 2012- 2013 2013-20142014-2015 Number of Students 766747700630627621650 Economically Disadvantaged 56.1%48.0%65.7%63.0%68%72%70% Students with Disabilities 7.0%8.0%9.0%7.0%4.7%6.76%9.0% English Language Learners 0.0%6.0%5.0% 6.0%7.0%8.0%

13 CCRPI Score ( College, Career, Readiness performance indicators) – 2012 vs.2013 Henry County District Overall Elementary – High School 2012 Henry County District Overall Elementary – High School 2013 Fairview Elementary 2012 Fairview Elementary 2013 Overall Score87.978.179.275.2 Achievement Points60.148.752.246 Progress Points10.216.311.717.9 Challenge Points ( Special Education Population) Achievement Gap Points12.0710.57

14 Let’s Review Data in Language Arts Source – Language Arts Data Percentage- Met and Exceed 2014 Fairview Elem89% 2014 Henry County Overall95% 2014 State of GA Overall92% 2013 Fairview Elem93% 2013 Henry County Overall96% 2013 State of GA Overall92%

15 Let’s Review Data in Math Source – Math DataPercentage- Met and Exceed 2014 Fairview Elem81% * However we exceed the district’s and state exceeding percentage. Fairview 41% 2014 Henry County Overall86% * Exceed 36% 2014 State of GA Overall84% * Exceed 38% 2013 Fairview Elem85% * Exceed the district and state exceeding percentage. Fairview 42% 2013 Henry County Overall88% * Exceed 36% 2013 State of GA Overall85% *38% Exceed

16 Let’s Review Data in Reading Source – Reading DataPercentage- Met and Exceed 2014 Fairview Elem91% 2014 Henry County Overall97% 2014 State of GA Overall95% 2013 Fairview Elem95% 2013 Henry County Overall97% 2013 State of GA Overall94%

17 Let’s Review Data in Science Source – Science DataPercentage- Met and Exceed 2014 Fairview Elem76% 2014 Henry County Overall83% 2014 State of GA Overall80% 2013 Fairview Elem80% 2013 Henry County Overall82% 2013 State of GA Overall79%

18 Let’s Review Data in Social Studies Source – Social Studies Data Percentage- Met and Exceed 2014 Fairview Elem80% 2014 Henry County Overall86% 2014 State of GA Overall82% 2013 Fairview Elem82% 2013 Henry County Overall86% 2013 State of GA Overall81%

19 School Funding vs. School Account vs. Title Funding vs. P.T.O. Funding

20 School Funding:  Money allocated by the state per pupil enrollment.  Your per pupil enrollment goes where you are suppose to go.  Money is used to purchase instructional items for students, support student achievement, maintain building, purchase school chairs, furniture, etc.  Tax dollars at work!.

21 School Account  Money the school works for in order to support students, teachers activities etc...  Money comes from fundraiser sales, school store, ice cream sales, donations, school sponsored events

22 Title I Funds  Money allocated by the Federal government with strict guide lines. The money is used to “level the playing field” for students.  Most of the money is usually absorbed in salaries. Remaining money must be used to help balance out the environment for students and give them an advantage.

23 P.T.O. Funds  Money taken in by the P.T.O. to support school centered activities to help increase parental and student involvement.  P.T.O. activities support school activities.

24 Title I Fund Allocations for 2014-2015  Total Allocation: $345,600.00  Per Pupil Allocation $800.00  Salaries for Math Coach, Literacy Coach, 1 Teacher, and 1 Parent Involvement Person: $278,466.37  Remaining Balance: 70,892.63  Minus 3,759.00 towards Parent Involvement  Balance Remaining:67,133.63

25 What Will Be Done With Remaining Funds:  Remaining Balance: $67,133.63  Salary for a Computer Instructional Coach: Meets needs to increase student focus of technology with emphasis on academics and higher order thinking and writing.  Purchase of additional laptops for classroom use to support recent school-wide technology upgrade.

26 How Do We Communicate to Our Parents and Community  Parent Involvement Room  Reach out to Non-English Speaking Parents.  Very Active P.T.O. with various activities through out the year.  Opportunities to volunteer  Lunch and Learns (Helpful Educational Tools, Hands-on Learning for Parents)  Evening Learning Sessions  Principal Letters  Parents receive both a monthly calendar of activities as well as flyers concerning each activity.  Use of Calling Post  Use of School Marquee  Active School Council- Meet 9 times a year  Parent Involvement Meetings  Remind 101  Infinite Campus – Calling Post, Grades, Reminders, Attendance  School Newsletter

27 Parent, Student and Community Involvement  Parent Involvement Room  Parent Sessions : Lunch and Learns, Evening Sessions  Active School Council  Veterans Day Activities  Donuts with Dads/ Muffins with Moms  Fairview Homecoming and Coronation  Mentorship Opportunity  Career Days  Cultural Enrichment Activities  Hands on Henry  Technology Night  Men of Fairview Day  Fall Carnival  Mother/ Son Activities  Drama Competitions  Recitation Competitions  4-H Competitions  Math Bowls, Spelling Bees

28 Parent, Student and Community Involvement  Mother/Daughter Activities  Father/Daughter Dance  Math Night  Talent Show  International Day  Social Studies Fair  Science Fair  African- American Quiz Bowl, Museum, Celebration  Annual Flag Football Competition  Annual Dad’s Basketball Competition  Track Team  Dance Team  School Chorus  Hispanic Chorus

29 School Club  Challenge 24  Reading Bowl  Student Council  Safety Patrol  Fairview Ambassador  Peer Mediators  School-wide Club Day  Good News Club  Jr. Beta Club  Stock Market Club

30 From Kindergarten to Graduation: Bridge Builders!!!

31 How Can You Help?  Get your child to school everyday if possible except when sick and on time.  Read with them, come to learning sessions.  How you learned in school is not what they are learning now.  If you know your child has struggles, have the mind set WE together, NOT us Alone!  Make sure they understand, it does “Take a Village” but each village has rules that they must follow and the rules may be different in each village!

32 “HOUSEKEEPING” Make sure we have a yellow card. List everyone and anyone you want to have contact with your child. Make sure your child’s teacher knows with a written note each time transportation changes. Bring ID each time you or anyone else checks out your child. No office check-outs between 2:00-2:35. Housekeeping

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